Monday, January 15, 2007

New Blog Acknowledgements

As much as I dig "old-school" hockey and the overall history of the sport, I cannot believe I haven't happened upon the following blog sooner than now...

Joe Pelletier's Legends of Hockey Network

For those of you having a drinking game based on this here place, take a big gulp that makes what a 7-11 store offers like nothing: That place makes me wish that a certain former WhalerCane and Penguin would get inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame sooner...just so he'd get a profile at the above linked place. :D

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Edit as of January 16th, 7:20 PM: And for you baseball's a blog focusing on stats...

On the Forecheck

I'm actually am only half kidding with that's my observation that those who LOVE stats tend to love baseball too. It certainly would explain why 99% of Trivial Pursuit's Sports and Leisure questions are about "America's Pastime". I don't know what gets on my nerves more...that, or in my more recent editions of TP, all of the freakin' Friends questions.

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