Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January 9th, 2007 - Canes @ Leafs: Random Musings and Observations

- Whether it is CBC, Rogers Sportsnet, or TSN, the latter being received last night, I LOVE Canadian feeds. And it can never be repeated enough: I really, REALLY wish there was a way to get such feeds 24/7 instead of just during games featured via Center Ice. As entertaining and interesting as Canadian shows seem from just the (WONDERFUL) ads alone, I just don't see how a "CBC America" wouldn't work here in the States. If pulled off right, I know I'd watch such a channel more than BBC America...which, really has been going downhill the last couple of years. They need to bring back that AWESOME remake of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), dagummit.

- While we're on the subject, Canadian ads absolutely rock too. Particularly the Pro Line ads (
this one I saw a few months ago)...unfortunately, I couldn't find the one I saw last night about the hockey team forced to wear very, VERY OLD throwback uniforms AND gear. But, when it finally gets posted to YouTube or Google, you can bet your sweet bippy it will get mentioned again here.

Another ad I saw last night AND LOVED that's not on YouTube or Google, unfortunately: Sidney Crosby's Timbits Hockey ad. Folks, it takes a lot to make me go "Awwwwwww!!" like a teenybopper...and that commercial did it. THAT is how precious the promo is. Again, like the Pro Line hockey ad, the Timbits commercial will get mentioned again here when a video is up somewhere. But, in the meantime, you can read about Cros' Timbits endorsing
here, there, and in between.

- Not only did the Canes' visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame yesterday apparently pump them up enough to win over the Leafs last night, it reminded me of how much I *really* wish to be in attendance for a certain absolute favorite ever former player of mine's Hall of Fame induction, quite possibly this year, IIRC. But, thanks to passports being a royal pain to get now, among other things, one of my dream trips there is looking to be a bit out of reach. *sighs*

- Admittingly, I did not watch at least half of the game because of the "grand" return of House MD...grand being used loosely 'cause of House's going back into Limbo for three weeks because of the WAY OVERBLOWN Star Search a.k.a. American Idol a.k.a. what should have been only fifteen minutes of fame for Simon Cowell and his (former) honey. I would include Randy Jackson in there...but after reading
his Wikipedia entry, I think he is way too talented to have somehow gotten involved with such a music corrupting machine, especially considering who he's done session work for.

Very needless to say, if there is anything I actually don't miss about living in Raleigh, it's how you could/can never escape the frickin' Clay Aiken hype, even after at least two years (at the time I moved) since he placed second on AI. Not helped by the fact that WRAL thinks anything involving AI is actually news. Did Star Search ever get acknowledged by news outlets during its heyday?! I could be offbase here, but I honestly don't think it did. Simply ridiculous.

Speaking of stuff being that...I *am* glad that House MD finally wrapped up the highly annoying Officer Tritter storyline. As much as I dig David Morse and his acting, that is officially the role of his I highly dislike the most. Good riddence.

- I hope the Penguins really, REALLY wear out the Kitties down in Florida tonight...not only for the Guins' chances of finally snatching a win, but also the Canes' getting to continue their win streak tomorrow night.

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