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January 2nd, 2007 - Canes @ Penguins: Random Musings and Observations

- Ok...I don't know what is more screwy: The Canes' play as of late (especially keeping in mind that this was a team that somehow beat Anaheim...something that's proving to be more and more of a fluke, even after just two more games) OR this whole "Vote For Rory (Fitzpatrick)" (into the All-Star Game/Event) campaign.

What? You're one of the extreme remote few who has not heard about the "Vote For Rory" campaign?! Well, well, well...lemme enlighten you with a wittle something I posted at the Score Boards:

In what I've read/heard about the Rory Fitzpatrick joke, AND it was/is meant to be a joke, it was started by a dude over at a place called And if you know anything about like I do, they royally go for "funny stuff" such as a guy like Rory getting into the NHL All-Star Game/Event, despite having almost zip points.

I don't know how to feel about the "joke" overall...on one hand, I like the idea of something showing up the NHL All-Star Game/Event for what it really is: A "contest" based on supposed fan popularity as opposed to talent and/or production for that season. But, on the other hand, I too don't like seeing a more deserving player getting pushed out by someone that started out as a mere message board gag.

And yes, whether some of you like to read it or not, the NHL All-Star Game/Event *IS* a popularity contest AND has been such since at least the beginning of Bettman's reign, if not before it.

- Considering the circumstances AND score of last night's affair, I'm glad that I happen to be a fan of the Penguins in addition to the Canes.

- When it was constantly mentioned that Brindy was losing his face-offs, I knew the Canes were in deep doo-doo.

- Cam Ward was the only reason the score was a semi-respectable 3-0, and not any more worst than it could have been.

- Just like the Bruins and NESN, I am jealous of the fact that the Pens have at least one or two player interaction TV shows on FSN Pitt. Something the Canes (and FSN South) desperately need outside of the in-game least IM(not-so)HO.

- Say what you want about Sid the Kid...but dudeman's already growing up. Sixty points already?! Hot. Damn.

- Eric Staal's younger brother ain't looking too shabby himself, either. Also dug the coverage AND actual attention FSN Pitt gave both siblings.

- As if any of you needed more proof of how easily amused I tend to be: Last night, FSN Pitt had Ryan Malone "mic'ed up"...and these were his golden words...

(Remember, the following was repeated two or three times to a neighboring teammate on the bench.)

"I think this mic is on."

Seriously, who the heck thought it was a great idea to "mic up the players"? When it's not stupid comments like what Malone uttered, it is the typical (I.E. boring) stuff that can actually be allowed on semi-national TV.

I get the feeling that such mess is one of those things we can thank ESPeeN and their coverage of the NBA and/or NFL for. What's next? "Below the Ice" cameras?

This should have been cited in the "What Were They Thinking?!" book about the 100 most dumb TV ideas, which I just finished last night. My only disappointment with it? Jerry Springer didn't make numero uno like he and his pathetic (putting it very, VERY MILDLY) show should have. But, at least the idea of halftime shows, intermissions, stadium names, football bowls, etc. being sponsored did.

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Edited to add: Oh, and a "Thank you!" to Igloo Dreams for acknowledging my blog AND my newfound Nintendo Wii fandom.

But, to somewhat quote Columbo, just one thing: The next time you acknowledge this here site, please remember that I am a "she", not a "he". Thank ya very much. ;)

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