Friday, January 12, 2007

January 11th, 2007 - Canes vs. Panthers: Random Musings and Observations

- Games like this one can be tricky to write about...on one hand, I could lambast this Canes team on the gawdawful first two thirds they played last night. But on the other hand, I could practically worship this team over the FANTASTIC third period they somehow managed last night. That would have been a bet I would have lost big time.

That said, one could argue that with that last sentence, I was breaking my cardinal hockey fandom rule of a game ain't over until it's over. Bet'cha a lot of people who left the RBC during the second intermission wish they followed that rule...even with all of my complaining, (cat-calls) I wouldn't have left! I wouldn't have left! :P

And trust me people, with all of the Canes games I got to attend when I was a Raleigh native, I had ample opportunity to leave early, but I never did. And I never will, cross my heart and hope to die.

- After reading the game thread at The Score Boards, I guess I'm the only one...I just don't find the Florider* Puddytat announcers to be that bad. Yes, that includes Denis Potvin. Who I *did* find annoying during the First Round of the 2003 Stanley Cup Playoffs. But, I think a lot of that was because John Forslund was Potvin's play-by-play partner, and I somehow missed Tripp Tracy's inanity.

- Dennis Seidenberg has proven to be a lot better than I thought he'd be...and I was/am one of the rare few who thought he would be not too bad AND an overall slight improvement over Kevyn Adams.

- 'Cause Jes Golbez ranted about it regarding the Wild/Canucks game last night, I cannot help but bring up the aspect of stupid "anthems" being played at NHL games. AND, you know one of these had to have been played at last night's rumble with the Cats. So it shouldn't be completely off-topic...if it is, well, it's my blog, tough noogies. ;P

What he said: "Anyone who partakes in the “Day-O” chant. Yeah, there are people who actually dig that crap. Do us all a favour and commit suicide, would you please."

What she said: "How the absolute hell did "Day-O" become one of those "anthems" that you almost always hear at NHL games? I can understand "Who Let the Dogs Out", as stupid as it is. But "Day-O", "Thank God I'm A Country Boy", AND in *very rare* instances, the Spongebob Squarepants theme?!

Obviously, we've got bigger fish to fry than the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. o_O"

Really AND truly, the Spongebob Squarepants theme has gotten quite a bit of leverage in sportsdom the last few years. The first time I ever heard it at a sporting event was at the only Durham Bulls game I've ever attended, in June of 2004. And boy, it was hot crap then...everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY joined in the sing-along to it. I'll admit that I joined in because...

1. I did not want to come across as a fuddy-duddy.


2. I don't know if it was the vapors from the beer and Red Man, or what, but I did not realize that I was contributing to the rise of a phenomenon that wasn't for the better.

Seriously, at the time, I didn't think that I would hear a cartoon theme, that makes the presence of Tripp Tracy seem intellectual, be played at NHL games. But, thanks to the Wonderful World of Center Ice, I have heard about "who lives in a pineapple under the sea" during at least two or three, if not four NHL games this season. And probably a few times last season too. I never thought I'd say this, but such stuff makes me practically clamour for "Cotton-Eyed Joe", "Thank God I'm A Country Boy", "Day-O", and even the Vengaboys!!

Well, so much for not coming across as a fuddy-duddy... :P

Current Music: "What I Am Is What I Am" by Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians

* - There's more to speaking Southern than saying "y'all" and "Git R Done" really master such an art, replace the "a" with "er" in words and names ending with "a". Examples: "Florider" (as you may have heard in the Florida's Natural orange juice TV ads), "Caroliner", "Atlanter", "Ottawer", "Bates Battaglier", etceterer.

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