Friday, January 19, 2007

January 18th, 2007 - Canes vs. Capitals: Random Musings and Observations

I'm going to take a cue from my Carolina Hurricanes, and be lazy in my putting this together. There are not one, but TWO comments at a couple of places I visit that *really* sum up last night's affair...the first one coming from
VinnieBagADonuts at The Score Boards:

"No single play, no matter how stupid, meant the difference between winning and losing last night.

Washington played better than we did, worked harder than we did, and got the deserved result. Honestly, I don't have any problems with Grahame's work. He may leave some rebounds, but he also makes some pretty remarkable first saves. He got beat on a fluke deflection by a defender, and two world-class bullets by Alex Semin. Can't really fault him for any of those.

I think the Canes' current problem really comes down to lack of urgency, and I think it traces to a Stanley Cup hangover. They really think they're better than they are. They think they can turn it on and off at will, and games like last Friday's six-goal third period aren't helping dispel that thinking.

Somebody's got to get across to the guys in that room that coasting through the regular season, winning games on talent alone, is going to earn them a quick exit in the playoffs. They can't just assume they'll start playing hard in the playoffs. They have to combine their talent with hard work STARTING NOW, or it will be a long summer.

I love the talent on this team. I love the skill. But the work ethic has been embarrassing. We're getting outworked on a nightly basis, and I'm tired of watching it."

And this one from moi, in response to
here...yes, I wasn't going to not completely get in any input. ;)

For sure, I could not be the only one waiting for Laviolette to say “Where’s the Tylenol?!” after he slammed the door. :D

Anyway, I know the Canes have a hard time when “Olie the Goalie” is in net, but geez. That, and really anything, is no freakin’ good reason to practically fall asleep on the ice. No wonder Lavy was/is so ticked…the Canes might as well have given him a “Jelly of the Month” Club invitation for a coach appreciation gift.

Heck, the only thing *real amazing* about this game? Apparently, the Caps' Chris Clark can blog AND score empty netters off Dennis Seidenberg at the same time. ;P

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