Thursday, January 18, 2007

Odds and Sods

First, and least,
Mark Messier is getting yet another ego tune-up, this time courtesy of, who else? The Edmonton Oilers.

I say 'who else' 'cause remember, these are the same guys who have a locker room located in an uber-secret underground cavern that is not too different from the Bat-Cave, or so it appeared during last year's Cup Finals coverage on NBC. Not to mention that fancy-smancy opera singer AND flaming oil rig replica...

How much do I dislike The Mess? Let me count thy ways...actually, if you replace "Sam I Am" with Mess in at least two-thirds of that marvelous literary classic, Green Eggs and Ham, that sums up my feelings about the guy rather beautifully.

And not only would I not want to eat green eggs and ham with Marky-Mark, I wouldn't want to eat green eggs and ham, period. BUT, I bet The Mess would eat green eggs and ham if it meant getting his bald mug on a TON of Cold-FX billboards, magazine ads, and Internet ads; AND/OR his own international holiday. Just a hunch...

The Admirals of the American Hockey League are having a beach party AND beer belly contest.

Which Admirals, though? Well, not the Norfolk, VA I would have initially thought. Instead AND obviously at this point, it's the Admirals who hail from Laverne and Shirley's home sweet home.

Enough to make you let out a "BZUH?!". Thought it was.

What? That wasn't enough? Then how about that beer belly contest? Um, yeah...the only other time I have ever seen such a thing proudly advertised was WAY BACK when a show called America's Funniest People (For sure, I can't be the only one who remembers that...) was on the tube. The only difference between that and the Admirals' wittle stunt is that AMP's contest involved the bellies having "funny" faces painted on them. Either way, ugh...

Last, but not least, found another new blog for ye olde blogroll over the past day or so...

Hockey's Ladies of Greatness

Oh, and a post mentioning Mark Messier is just not complete without the following...

Sweet dreams. >:D
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