Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Not Another New Uniform Movie!

Yes, another update about Reebok's new defangled unis. And a very good one at that...

First off,
ESPECIALLY after my post about someone's cockamanie idea for the Canes' new duds, the Raleigh News and Observer and Jim Rutherford state that such will not be the case...

"Some clubs are looking at it as an opportunity for a redesign or identity change," Jennings said. "The Original Six teams have an identity and a tradition, and we don't want to tinker with that."
The Hurricanes aren't one of them, general manager Jim Rutherford said. They objected strongly to the original, tucked-in concept because it would have taken away the hurricane-flag motif along the bottom of their jersey, but think their look will transition easily to the new style.

"Our jerseys may look a little different because they're more streamlined," Rutherford said. "But for the most part they won't change that much."

But the launch of the new uniforms will delay the introduction of a third, alternate Carolina jersey -- black, with the secondary flag logo replacing the swirling-storm logo. The Canes were hoping to unveil those this fall, but Rutherford said they'll be pushed back to fall 2008 at the earliest.

While they still leave up in the air how the Canes' new clothes will look, such comments from J.R. *do* make me feel better.

As for the third jersey being delayed, I always could give or take the Canes' having a third. I'm completely fine with just the red and white jerseys.

Also worth mentioning is that fact that the new look has its own website, like just about everything and everyone else these days...


Check out the 360 view of Sid the Kid...it further demonstrates what I was saying about this new look being possibly nothing more than a high-tech version of what the NHLers are already wearing.

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Edit as of 3:40 PM: Here are two more demonstrating the new threads...

Justin Williams:

And Zdeno Chara:

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