Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Babchuk Didn't Do As He Was Told

Anton Babchuk was supposed to be sent down to the Albany River Rats...but, has so far refused to join the AHL team.

As one of the rare few who's never exactly been wooed by this guy, this gives me all the more reason to say "trade his a**". Yes, he has a powerful slapshot...but if you ask me, that seems to be the only thing he's actually worked on. Anton certainly has not worked on his attitude, as this appears to strongly indicate.

The real tell-tale aspect of this situation will be if Anton doesn't show up for Friday's bout between the Rats and Admirals in Norfolk, VA. Something that I think is a high possibility, especially now that Babchuk has been suspended by Jim Rutherford and the Canes.

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Edit as of 12:40 PM: It has dawned on me over the last thirty minutes or so that blaming Babchuk for the said turn of events may be a premature thing to do...especially after reading the following from ChickenParm in the above linked Score Boards thread...

"He may very well have just gone from getting more playing time because of a trade to being shipped out as a part of one. This is very bad form on the part of Babchuk... but I'm also going to express the caveat that I hope management was clear about why the move was being made and what the possibilities were for the next few weeks. If that happened and Babchuk understood (I don't know if there's a language barrier there at all), then count me in on the dogpiling."

Edit as of 1:42 PM: Parmers also points out something quite interesting about Chukker and his 'tude:

"Remember also that Babchuk has a bit of a history with a temper... 2 years ago, he hurled a water bottle at a kid after being heckled in Norfolk."

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