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February 8th, 2007 - Canes @ Bruins: Random Musings and Observations

- Scary to think that if it had not been for just Scott Walker's throwdown and Ray Whitney's natural hat trick in under two minutes*, the Canes might have fallen to the (pathetic) Teddybears once again. Before those two special events, the Canes were looking like they had reverted back to their good ol' mediocre selves once again.

- FSN South's new Hurricanes Live! thirty minute pregame show made its grand debut last night. Overall, I thought they did a pretty good job...even though John Forslund appeared to be channeling the spirit of Allen Ludden with his new spectacles. o_O

- Remember how I said the NESN guys are not all that bad afterall? Ha. Ha. HA. Between this game and the last game vs. the Poohins, I have heard more Whalers/Hartford and college basketball cracks about the Canes than I have read from still bitter Hartforders online.

Heck, last night, in the first five minutes of the game, the NESN guys immediately resorted to incredibly stupid and quite possibly offensive jokes about Bret Hedican and his highly famous figure skating wife, Kristi Yamaguchi. As the NESN "announcers" did such crap, they were sounding and laughing like thoroughly drunk ninnies, and I let out a "BZUH?!".

The only difference between those dorks and two slobs making fun of Sean Hill's wife, whom I had the misfortune of being behind me at the March 2nd, 2004 Canes game vs. Columbus, is that the NESN guys had to keep the Yamaguchi "jokes" "PG", 'cause afterall, they were on the tee-vee. *rolls her eyes*

- Speaking of drunk ninnies, if I did not know better, I'd swear some Buffalo fans did not take that left turn at Albuquerque and were in attendance at the TD BankNorth Garden (what an awful, AWFUL arena name...even though FleetCenter was a corporate-as-all-get-out name too, at least it was more catchy and rolled off the tongue a lot better than the current monstrosity)
according to one Ronnie Franchise at the Score Boards Canes MB...

"Fuller than it was the last couple times I was there, but still well shy of a sellout. Like I predicted yesterday, the Massholes stayed home and it was allllllll college kids for student night. Which meant a crowd completely disinterested in the game or any firm rooting interest. Students arriving in packs up to an hour into the game already pre-drunk, most of them with dates in-tow. And most of them turned around looking and shouting at their friends in other sections for blocs on end without even glancing at the ice, or taking pictures of each other with their camera phones. And their @#$% cell I care about who broke up or hooked up with so and so and who's having a party tomorrow night. And I especially don't like it when the fast-talker in the BC sweatshirt behind me spits beer droplets all over the place (and on my head) while he's jabbering with his friend back on campus about snowboarding this weekend and about how his "killer" 8-hour-a-week part-time job doesn't allow him to go out enough. I may have also been the only guy in my section wearing an authentic jersey, with cap turned forward instead of backward, sitting quietly with laser-like focus on the know, like a real fan. Not to mention I wasn't sporting the same spiky chia-pet facial hair as the other 37 guys in my section who had the same generic man-child goatee with turned-back baseball cap. And I didn't drag a date wearing three gallons of perfume, makeup, and hairspray out to the game...since nobody cares what you look like if you're spending the whole time staring at the ice like you're supposed to. Would you morons do this if Valentine's Day were a student night, too? And I definitely didn't scream at the Mighty Mites "Hey, kid, I your mom last night, and she was "...and certainly not as the only interest taken all night in what was going on on the ice.

Gah! I'm still a couple years from 30 and I've already moved to "Get off my damn lawn" phase with today's youth. I feel so old. The ignoramus behind me (beer-spitter's friend) was trying to impress his date with his extensive hockey acumen by shouting "Fight!" every time there was an offsides whistle, thinking he could will something into erupting (he of course dissapeared for like an hour when the ACTUAL fight happened, and had no idea it had taken place when he came back). "Dude, last time I was here I saw the Islanders...and there was this wicked brawl with 20 guys pairing off at once...say, is Thornton still on the team? No? When did that happen?" His girlfriend, who did know some hockey, was then telling him about a friend she had who played a season in Canadian juniors, and was talking about the real fighting that goes on there. Not to be upstaged by a girl, Know-It-All cut her off and said..."You mean, like the Providence Bruins junior, those guys fight all the time 'cause they're so pissed they got rejected by the NHL.


Yes, a bit long and wordy (is that anything like white and nerdy? sure sounds similar, which just dawned on me o_O)...but quite wonderful how it brings up how stupid A LOT of my peers and younger people are. *sighs and rolls her eyes*

- Uno Chicago Pizzaria and Grill looks a darn great place to eat...even if their one commercial almost made me check the DirecTV program guide to make sure the Canes weren't taking on the Blackhawks instead of the Bruins.

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* - For those of you who don't read message boards and/or media guides/yearbooks, Ray Whitney's natural hat trick was not a record breaker for the fastest natural hat trick in NHL history...that honor going to a former Chicago Blackhawk named Bill Mosienko, who potted three goals in twenty-one seconds on March 23rd, 1952. *does her best Ben Stein* Wow.

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