Sunday, July 08, 2007


I happened upon this tonight while keeping an eye on my DVD files' processing*...and if you ask me, Red Stripe** is *really* missing the boat on how they could have AND should have marketed that site: An instant sporting event sign generator.

Seriously, what ever-lovin' sports fan could say no to a sign that boos their least favorite team, certain personnel within the team and/or league, certain sports networks, etcetera; AND says hooray to the nectar of the sports gods? Not to mention that such a sign would beat the all-too typical "Go Team!" or "______ is HOT!!" signs.

Current Music: "A Message To Rudy" by The Specials

* - Yes, I am STILL working on that DVD trade project...but I think I am FINALLY close to having a desirable product. The trick is getting the setup on my computer *just right*, and that includes finding (and possibly buying) the right software and all, so kinks of all sorts can be worked out. So to anyone waiting on a copy AND reading this...don't worry, I certainly have not forgotten about you.

** - If Red Stripe sounds familiar, they are the fine beer outfit behind such ads like this and that (my personal can find a TON more on YouTube).

BTW, a question to any beerheads reading this place: Is Red Stripe any good? I cannot help but ask because I have read quite a few comments at various places saying that it is a pretty decent brew. But, I would love to hear from at least one or two who have actually had at least a sip or two of the stuff before I go out and grab a six pack...if I can find one around here, that is.

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