Thursday, June 07, 2007

Big Joe Goes

A week or two ago, I had mentioned over in the 850 The Buzz blog that I was way more than willing to bet that the Canes would keep Josef Vasicek because of his "untapped potential", among other things. Folks, as of yesterday, I would have lost such a bet.

And that would have been one of the rare few times where I would not have minded doing such a thing. I said what I did because of having the fear that the Canes would keep Josef due to the occasional blather about all the "untapped potential" he supposedly has. The only "untapped potential" I remember from the dude is his sweet pass to Martin Gelinas to win the 2002 Eastern Conference Finals. Five years is a long time to keep someone who doesn't do diddly around...even if part of those five years was spent in Nashville...

That said, why Jim Rutherford decided to bring the guy back this past season will always be quite a perplexer...on up there with the forming of Stonehenge, that face on Mars, and whatever the heck happened to Chuck Cunningham...

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