Thursday, May 31, 2007


Like Wardo himself, this is big...very big.

Someone posted at the following epistle in the official Canes board thread about this wonderful news...

"Looks like the cornerstones are in place for more success."

While I agree with that to a certain extent, at the same time, I cannot help but channel my inner Nathan Lane from The Birdcage, and say "Nooooot necessarily.". Why? Well, as long as the Canes keep practically the exact same defense (and not to mention the same backup goalie, who, I'm afraid, the Canes are stuck with for at least another season*) from this past season, I wouldn't really expect 'more success'. Heck, as good as Cam Ward already is AND has further potential to be, I lost count of how many times the defense let him down last season. Why Jim Rutherford is so insistent on keeping that defense together thus far is WAY BEYOND me.

Of course, I also keep in mind that what also didn't help in the now previous season was the power play and lack of a shootout king, who the Canes lost in Matt Cullen. But, I think the defense played just as huge a role in the Canes not being able to defend their 2006 Stanley Cup Championship.

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* - If only we could get Martin Gerber back...he looks like he's over the fact that he is practically destined to be a backup goalie. Of course, in addition to his being a decent backup, getting back a playoffs rabbit's foot would be nice too.

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