Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cake Or Death?

That pretty much sums up how I feel about the upcoming NHL Conference Finals...with the Ducks being 'Cake' and those other three teams being 'Death'. Knowing my darned luck, the Cake will run out before it comes around to me, I.E. makes the Stanley Cup Finals. And folks, if it comes down to Detroit/Buffalo or Ottawa (no lesser of two evils on my side of the continent and NHL..sorry), chances are that I will not lay an eye upon a single game of this season's SC Finals for the very first time in my five year NHL fandom career. Sorry, but I *really* do dislike those three teams *that much*.

But, it won't be like I will not have anything to do...especially with my ever-growing Adventure Quest addiction. Of course, you'd be addicted too if you were doing as well at the game as I am doing. And if you're wondering what the heck all those items I currently possess are...well, read a book.

BTW, is it just me (and Best Week Ever), or does this highly-anticipated-for-over-ten-years Guns 'N' Roses release, "Chinese Democracy", sound like a horrible Godsmack tribute band? o_O

And I'm saying that based on the one Godsmack song I heard on MTV2 one day and kinda liked when I was in late middle school/early high school. Looking back on that, the only conclusion I can draw was that I'd had a *really* rotten day at school that day, and that song (I wanna say it was called "Leave Me Alone", but don't hold me up to that) summed up my mood perfectly.

Current Music: "The Pilgrim" by Wishbone Ash

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