Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hibachis and Dragons

*imitates a certain Shakespearian actor wannabe brought to you by Starburst*

Japanese food! Japanese food! I'm a crazy geek who loves Japanese food!


THAT, my friends, totally sums up how I feel after a meal at Kimono. Yes, I got to eat at Kimono tonight, and it RAWKED my socks.

It was so freakin' good that I'm left thinking "Kanki? What Kanki?". Really and seriously...Kimono was not just better than Kanki, it completely obliterated it. Just let me name thy ways it did/does so...

- They offer HOT GREEN TEA. Yes, HOT GREEN TEA. The closest thing to tea Kanki ever offered, at least when my family and I were frequenters there, was the standard fare iced tea.

- Kimono's menu's variety is phenomenal...from the top of my head, the meats are: Steak (which looked to be Ribeye), Filet Mignon, Chicken, Shrimp, Scallops, and Salmon. Yes, SALMON. I know Kanki never had Salmon (just the boring trinity of steak, chicken, and shrimp), and I cannot recall Teppenyaki and Benihana in Orlando, FL ever having Salmon. As a matter of fact, one of those places is the only other Japanese eatery I know of that serves/ed Scallops.

In addition to the meat, you can not only get it prepared in the standard tempura and hibachi styles, but also teriyaki (done on the hibachi)!!

- The food is just SO. FREAKIN'. MUCH. BETTER. THAN. KANKI. PERIOD. As I was eating my more-than-just-scrumptious Filet Mignon, Scallops, and Fried Rice (along with two shrimp, courtesy of the chef being generous), it dawned on me that the said food is not as "greasy" like Kanki's now seemed to be. One thing I noticed is that they don't used globs upon globs of butter at Kimono like they do/did at Kanki...leading me to believe that just because it may be up Paula Deen's alley doesn't mean it will actually make for better food.

So overall...I think I am in love with Kimono, to the point that it just might be my most favorite restaurant in the Bluefield/Princeton area, even more-so than
Macado's. It far surpassed my expectations. And who da thunk that little old Princeton, WV would get such a dynamite restaurant?! Incredible.

You know that saying about the best things in life are free? Well, for those of you who make gaming practically their life, it don't get better than free online RPGs...such as
Adventure Quest and DragonFable. I'll probably end up paying the $20 fee somewhere down the road (I already like the AQ game enough that I am willing to do that), but for now, I find the free portion fine...I'm up to Level 20 and STILL have a ways to go to be battle-ready and off on the missions they provide. I love a challenge...

Current Music: "Sunshine Moonlight" - Sailor Moon

* - Thank goodness everything cannot be put into four syllables...advertising/marketing is already going to hell enough as it is. o_O

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