Friday, March 30, 2007

March 30th, 2007 - Canes vs. Lightning: Random Musings and Observations

- The only difference between this game and the past two "efforts" is that there was a *little more* effort tonight. BUT, not a whole lot more, especially in the third period.

- It never fails...the cards get laid out for the Canes to make some headway in the Eastern Conference playoff race, AND they end up proving they don't know when to hold'em, but they certainly know how to fold'em...

Tuesday @ the Leafs: Canes lose 6-1, while the Canadiens beating the Rangers (which really was more of a lose-lose game for the Canes...but at least one of the teams they are/were chasing didn't get two points), the Panthers defeating the Bolts, and the Devils eeking out over the Islanders opened the door for the Tropical Depressions.

Wednesday @ the Flyers: While the Cheesesteaks wiped out the Canes 5-1, the Panthers continued their winning streak over the Thrashers, which held them back so the Canes COULD have gotten closer behind them.

AND tonight vs. the Lightning: Instead of losing 4-2, if the Canes had won, they would have possibly found themselves in 8th place in the East, if not pretty darn close, thanks to the Senators winning over the Habs, and the Sabres slashing up the Fish Sticks, AND the Thrashers not even playing tonight!!

- Y'know the more I think about it, as disappointed as I am with the Canes' performance and not taken the chances practically given to them on a silver platter this week AND their possibly not making the playoffs 'cause of them, I cannot help but feel that they just plain don't deserve the playoffs this year anyway. Sure, the Canes have beaten their Sharks and Ducks. But, for every Sharks and Ducks a team defeats, they really, *really* need to blow their Flyers and Leafs, to name a couple of teams, out the wazoo. And the Canes have just not done that enough this season, IM(not-so)HO.

- Well, the Canes may not have gotten me a win...but they got me some exercise, thanks to a stationary bike I now have to ride while watching my Canes and Pens. :D

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