Sunday, March 25, 2007

March 22nd and 24th, 2007 - Canes vs. Capitals and Sharks: Random Musings and Observations

- Remember where I said that game at the Devils was not exactly a turning point? Can I take that back? Please? Pretty please? With butter and maple syrup on top?

- Between these past three games and the Canes' overall play, the month of March has been like beisbol to the Canes. Despite the fact that in the games this RM&O is supposed to be focused on, the Canes haven't exactly SBLOUNSKCHED the Caps and Sharks like they did to the *does her best Putty from Seinfeld* DEVILS(!!). And if there's any other game where I wish they did that, it would tonight's affair vs. the Sharks...if you ask me, any team with Joe Thornton couldn't get SBLOUNSKCHED enough.

- And speaking of the Bad News (former) Bruin, why, OH WHY did Hurricanes Live do a freakin' feature about him? Just when I thought I would get away with not having to play Angry Carolina Hurricanes Nerd about FSN South sometimes giving a little too much attention to the opposing team this season, along came that crapola.

Anyway, you know why this month has been good to the boys in red and black? No, it's not Mike Commodore's enchanted afro...though, one could make the argument about the Canes' play picking up the more his carrot top grows. That said, I hope he doesn't have a girlfriend named Delilah...

But anyway, just a few days ago, I happened upon this tidbit over at Bubba's Canes Country...

"I was listening to a Justin Williams interview on 850TheBuzz yesterday afternoon and he sounded very upbeat. He said that the team still feels very confident in what they can accomplish and they are close to putting things together. Of course they are as disappointed and frustrated as everyone else is about the loses, but there are no more excuses. They need to start winning hockey games. He said that they got a visit from Ron Francis after the game Tuesday night and the “Franchise” told them that they are in a similar situation that he was in with Pittsburgh back in 1992, the year after they first won the Cup. The Penguins barely squeaked into the playoffs, but ended up winning the Cup again that year. Isn’t it great to have one of the best players to ever play the game come into your locker room for some inspiration? If that doesn’t get the boys worked up, nothing will!"

As I know I've said at least once, if not twice in this here blog: Ah...the power of Ron Francis.

- Something I did not realize until tonight...with the win over the Sharks AND the Thrashers losing to the Penguins (YAY PENS!!) earlier today/yesterday, the Canes are just a mere four points away from first in the Southeast Division AND the numero tres seed in ze Eastern Conference!! *does her best Ben Stein* Wow. O_O

If I was told a couple of months ago that the Canes were going to be in this position, at the risk of sounding like a horrible fan, I probably would have laughed off my butt. But, this is very much an instance of where I am glad to have been very wrong.

- Regarding other sports news...GO!! HEELS!! Both men and women happen to be playing tomorrow against Georgetown and George Washington, respectively, for a chance to be playing in the Final Four and Elite Eight.

As for my bracket...not only do I want the UNC men to win for the sake of being my favorite college and namesake, but also because thanks to Kansas getting knocked out by UCLA, the Heels find themselves being my bracket's wing and prayer.

Speaking of prayers...please direct them to the UNC's current Rameses performer, who is in critical condition after getting hit by a SUV near his hotel in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

And a HUGE THANK YOU to Sergio Garcia for proving to the world why you are EASILY my most disliked "professional" golfer.

"But it (the spit) did go in the middle (of the hole) and wasn't going to affect anyone else. If it did, I would have wiped it off."

Yeah. Right. *rolls her eyes*

Yes, I like golf...shut up.

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