Monday, March 12, 2007

AHHHHHHH!! The Puckbunnies Are Taking Over!!

I wish I was joking with that statement...but I am not. O_O

There are two things that one or both of those girls better be glad about...

1. That I wasn't there to overhear their "conversation" and throw up on them as a result of that.


2. That I wasn't on the group that allowed that "Kitty Purdue" bimbo access to the rinkside AND airwaves. I'll put it this way: If it was The Gong Show, I would have gonged Miss "Kitty" after one or two sentences left her ditzoid mouth. AND in addition to that, I probably would have gone all Jaye P. Morgan on her boney a** too.

The scary thing? I could see such a woman in the sports broadcasting world here in the US of A. BUT, IN CANADA?! I'm still reeling in shock at how she talked about one of their most sacred sports, IF NOT their most sacred sport like she did. Not to mention offering a sixteen-year-old beer on regional/national television.

Then again, considering that Pamela Anderson got discovered at a Canadian Football League game, by merely being on the jumbotron/scoreboard/whatever, maybe I shouldn't be all that shocked. o_O

Anyways, if there wasn't an angry mob awaiting Ms. Purdue outside of the arena after the game, there very well should have been.

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