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February 24th, 2006 - Canes @ Thrashers AND The State of the NHL: Random Musings and Observations

Including the "State of the NHL" 'cause I am well aware that I have yet to comment on certain going-ons in hockeydom this week...

- Tonight's Hurricanes Live was the best I've seen yet. NO Captain Obvious accompanying Jerome Jurenovich...yay!! CO's replacement was A WHOLE LOT BETTER, IMnot-soHO...not nearly as much repeating what had already been said, and more actual insight. Me likey!

- Speaking of Hurricanes Live, they not surprisingly kicked it off with a look into Jeremy Roenick's roommate's coming to Carolina. Anson Carter was interviewed by Tripp Tracy, and then they featured a brief word with Jim Rutherford about the trade. And while he didn't come out and say it, Jim has been clamouring for Carter since at least the 2002-03 season. So, Potsie's* becoming a Cane really did not surprise me the least. But, it is something I have been highly iffy about since yesterday, despite the price tag being only a fifth round pick, or as I like to call it, a big whoop pick, and nothing more.

Carter has always been a highly on and off player, usually more off than on. But, something one needs to keep in mind is that Anson was stuck on a sucky Columbus team this sucky that even Rick Nash is struggling. Why I still have Nash on my Fantasy team is way beyond me... But anyways, I somewhat cannot disagree with my man, Ronnie Francis, whose insight into the acquisition of Anson John and Tripp mentioned on Hurricanes Live tonight...according to Tripp, Ron said that Potsie is bound to be hungry for some points. And I certainly hope that Mr. Francis is correct, and I am a bit wrong in my thinking that Anson will have a couple of good games, but won't be anything special.

- I'm sure you have heard already, but just in case you have been living in a cave OR a caveman's crib, the Sabres and Senators had their own special uncertified edition of WWE Smackdown(TM) a couple of nights ago. And from I've read and heard, a HUGE hit on Drury, causing him to have a concussion, was what started the battle royale. We are talking so HUGE that it is being compared to the infamous Scott Stevens hits on Shane Willis AND ESPECIALLY Ron Francis during the 2001 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Three things I gotta get in about that linked thread:

1. Even though Ronnie is retired and everything now, thinking about and/or seeing the said Stevens hit will always feel like an icicle slicing through my heart. AND, the fact that John and Tripp supposedly praised Stevens for the infamous hit *really* burns my biscuits. "Supposedly" being the huge keyword here, 'cause I did not see the initial broadcast AND therefore never heard the John and Tripp Show's comments. BUT, if Bubba (of Canes Country) claimed he heard praise from the Canes announcers, then I cannot help but raise my eyebrow...

2. I wish that almost everyone would stop comparing the Neil/Drury mess to what happened between Trevor Letowski and Colby Armstrong. There was absolutely no intention in that AND Colby had enough class to apologize to Trevor and the Canes. But, I guess my take on that doesn't count since I am a flippin' Pens fan in addition to the Canes. (rolls her eyes)


3. Even though I cannot stand the Buffalo Sabres and their head coach with the passion of ten flaming suns, I wholeheartedly agree with the featured letter from the governor (I.E. owner) of the Swords. These parts I especially like...

"Hitting is a very important part of our game. You hit to break up a shot, you hit to disrupt a pass, you hit to battle for the puck and you hit to gain position for a defensive or offensive play. There are many times a player is vulnerable. And there are many times when a player can make a hit on a vulnerable player but chooses not to for fear of injuring an opponent for no practical advantage. It's called respect."

"Your office informed our team today that the hit on Chris Drury was a legal hit and that it fit within the standard of play acceptable to the NHL. We do not think this should be the standard and we do not think it helps our game or the league. There is nothing manly about hitting a player that can't see you. There is nothing entertaining about a big man hitting a smaller man in the head. There is nothing good to come of a policy that allows exciting skilled players to be targets for what I believe to be predatory play."

- John Grahame had another good game...maybe the Canes do have a decent number two goalie afterall. I was starting to get a little worried about the former Bolt. Now, if he would just do something about that darned NASCAR motif-ed mask/helmet of his (scroll down to the bottom of the page)...

- I still highly dislike Garnet Exelby.

- I still think Blueland is a dumb advertising campaign.

- I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob g'goo goo g'joob.

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* - After seeing someone else call Anson Carter "Potsie" over at the Score Boards Canes MB, I feel quite safe in doing the same. :D And for those of you who don't quite need to watch more TV. Nuff said.

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