Friday, February 09, 2007

Josef Vasicek Is Going Back To Raleigh, To Raleigh...

...I really think so.

And the 2002-03 Canes Reunion Saga STILL continues. *sighs*

As Dave Barry would say, have aliens from the planet Twinkie invaded Jim Rutherford's head?! Belanger for Big Joe?! Belanger is certainly a faster skater than the Condor. I thought we shipped off Josef for the very fact that he didn't really fit in with Laviolette's (usually) speedy system of play. o_O

So, who are we going after next? Jaroslav Svoboda? Sami Kapanen? long as it's not Peter Forsberg. And that's the only decent thing I can say about this overall trend.

Also, Ryan Bayda has been called up from Albany to the big club. Unless we hear otherwise, this appears to not bode well for either Erik Cole and/or Scott Walker, who got hurt in last night's Bruins affair, and are said to potentially have minor injuries.

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