Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stormbringer's Weeks In Review: February 5th-18th, 2007

Actually, I already knew that the lead singer of Iron Maiden is also an airline pilot. Yes, really, I did...reason number umpity-ump you don't want to face me at Trivial Pursuit.

Ah...the power of cheese?

And is he somehow any relation to George Carlin?

Bet they'd leave him alone if he possessed the ability to have his skull be aflame...

Could it be that his singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You" all the bleeping time was what got him banned INSTEAD of his Mariah Carey fandom?

Does that mean their anthem will be "Eye of the Tiger"?

For those completely tired of watching paint, you can watch cheese age! Whoo-hoo!!

Further proof that we are getting too "PC" for our own good...and even more.

I hope those at Television Without Pity who get annoyed with the gift-wrapped car ads (Lexus *really* coming to mind.) don't get wind of this.

I was wondering when Sir Bo of Rat would make the headlines again...

It should be illegal to make a kid do that much homework. Seriously.

It's a mine...of PURE. GREEN!! (But seriously...what were they THINKING?!)*

Lends new meaning to the title of a certain Captain Beefheart album...**

Sometimes, the best news is what you seriously can't make up...or predict.

This reminds me of the Frasier episode where Frasier's dad, Martin, got forty extra bucks in addition to his $20 withdrawal from a teller machine... and that somehow evolved into an extra $10,000.

Uh...I thought the point of a "bed-in" was to be in bed all of the time until the protested event ended.

Um...Hollywood has never been *that* accurate. I mean, seriously, did anybody really think Cleopatra and Marc Antony bore an uncanny resemblance to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton?! Not to mention Julius Caesar looking an awful lot like Rex Harrison!! Gimme a break!

Y'know, "I did it 'cause I was drunk." could explain a lot of things...

Current Music: "Follow You, Follow Me" by Genesis

* - Reference to my most favorite episode from the Elizabethan Era season of Blackadder.

** - Lick My Decals, for the Rock and Roll ignorant amongst any of you. ;P

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