Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"He's Broken."

A fair warning in advance to my male readers: The following is probably more of a ladies' kind of thing...but if you wanna chime in, it's all good.

After cruising around various Heroes forums and communities, I cannot help but ponder...

Am I the only one who does not find Sylar "hot"?

For those of you who do not watch Heroes, click here.

Apparently, the thug look is what *really* appeals to quite a few women (presumably). Yes, I think Sylar looks like a thug, as he should, considering he's a SADISTIC villain...that capitalized word being another turn-off, among other things.

As for real life, even out of character, I don't think Zachary Quinto is all that and a bag of chips...but, to quoteth Dennis Miller, that's just my opinion.

On that note, an almost belated Happy Valentine's Day. :D

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