Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February 20th, 2007 - Canes vs. Thrashers: Random Musings and Observations

Before I proceed with my RM&O about last night's game...lemme put on my music critic hat:

I just listened to Kelly Osbourne's "Shut Up", courtesy of a friend who was very kind enough to send it to me. He also helped me find out about Ms. Osbourne's "One Word" about a couple of weeks or so ago, which I ended up liking A LOT MORE than I thought I would. But, "Shut Up"...I honestly don't know what to make of it. Especially given how much potential Kelly showed she has through "One Word".

The glaring difference I notice between the two songs is that "One Word" is highly reminscent of Kelly's dad's stuff in that it takes itself seriously in a way that makes it fun to listen and rock out to. "Shut Up", on the other hand, makes me think of The Naked Brothers Band with special guest singer Kelly Osbourne. And yes, there *really* is a Naked Brothers you *really* think I'd make that up? I'm honestly surprised that such a band name hasn't come along sooner...along with the marketing plan to slap 'naked' somewhere in a name.

(takes off her music critic hat and tosses it ala Mary Tyler Moore, except not trying to catch it)

That said, if the Canes cannot find a way to play better in front of a Raleigh, NC crowd, they'll need to find a way to cram "The Naked Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Team" on those dinky TicketMaster tickets, and in a rather quick manner.

- If I could pick one Cane to overall illustrate last night's affair with the invaders from Blueland (STILL think that's a stupid ad campaign, ESPECIALLY as an UNC Tar Heel supporter), it would have to be Cam Ward. Just like the Canes, Cam put up a pretty darned good game throughout the first and second periods. But then, also just like his red, white, and black brethren, Wardo managed to fall apart in the third period...particularly in the last three minutes of the entire game, where he allowed the two goals that broke the 1-1 tie AND put the nail in the Canes' coffin.

- Even though they played ok the majority of the game, I would still use 'mediocre' to overall describe this season's Canes. And I have no qualms in using that word to describe the Canes that took to the ice last night...ESPECIALLY considering that they faced Johan Hedberg instead of Kari "Final Fantasy/Kill Bill Dork" Lehtonen.

- Speaking of goalie mask art, in my feeble attempt to end this on a semi-good note, Cam Ward's new mask's art has yet to have been mentioned here...until now.

At that link, note the HUGE difference between Cam's current mask AND his past one...I don't think I or anyone else will ever figure out what ever compelled the boy to get Nickelcrap advertised on that past mask, outside of the Sherwood Park, Alberta connection.

And yes, as people have suggested at The Score Boards, that old mask looked like a skunk on Wardo's head from far away.

That new small step for the Caniac Nation, one giant leap for good taste.

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