Monday, April 30, 2007

Answering the Call

I.E. Yours truly somewhat goes Patti Smith on the Caniac Nation (or at least the members who happen to hang out at the Score Boards) at eleven.

I woke up to seeing the following posted at my most frequented Canes MB this morning...

OK, perhaps I'm missing something here--why does it seem that Debi and I are about the only ones here who wouldn't mind the Sens winning the Cup?

Did we suddenly develop a group hate-on for the Sens when I wasn't looking or something?

Naturally, everyone posted "Nope." and "Me too." or something of similar clique-like ilk...making me state that the following has been my opinion for sometime, without the need or want of being different from everyone else:

I don't want Ottawa winning the Cup.

And before I proceed with the following, I've met and I know nice Ottawa fans. But, I have my reasons and/or observations...

*insert canned Beatlemaniac and Elvis fan screams here* - In a phenomenon I have yet to be able to fully grasp in all five years thus far of being a Caniac/NHL fan/etcetera, the Ottawa Senators seem to be THE one opposing NHL team that bring out the inner puckbunny in the Caniac Nation. While I do have my tendencies in that vein (I *am* a female AND only human, afterall), I have just never found the Sens to be all that and a bag of a chips in those regards.

I can only imagine how much louder the swoons would get if Jose Theodore joined the Sens, be it as their star or just a mere backup (most likely behind Emery)... o_O

I Pity the Fools Who Pull For Dany Heatley - Well, maybe I'm being a little extreme in calling his fans "fools", but I just cannot pull for the dude who used to be such a thorn in the side of the Canes during his tenure with the Thrashers. Not to mention a certain accident I'm not supposed to mention again...and even though I know Heater highly regretted what he did, I still think he should have been penalized one way or another instead of simply being let go to play another day.

I Don't Like Daniel Alfredsson, Sam I Am - I won't go into elaborate detail on this...I just do not care for the guy. He tends to grate on my nerves as much as another so-called great captain in the Sabres' Daniel Briere. And just like the Sabres, the only thing Danny-Boy (Batman's butler-sson) is good for, besides crying a river at certain times, is Fantasy Hockey...

Actually, when one thinks about it, the Senators are basically Canada's Buffalo Sabres. Just without the mouthy coach and hoardes of drunks invading the opposing team's arena in addition to their own team's.

Anyways...with the Penguins out (no thanks to the mentioned, I *am* only human), I am very hardpressed to find someone I *really* want to pull for in this year's playoffs. Between Ottawa and New Jersey, and Buffalo and the Rangers*, there is really no lesser of four evils in the East...leaving the West to look to. And therefore, only two teams I can really care for...Anaheim and Vancouver. The Canucks I'm willing to back up a little more thanks to knowing at least one friend in British Columbia's hub. The Ducks are appealing too, especially with my fond memories of backing them up in 2003...if only they didn't have that pukey and minor league-ish logo and uniforms... *sighs*

Despite fashion taste differences, I still say that this should be the Ducks' anthem.

Current Music: "Gates of Babylon" by Rainbow

* - The only good thing about that particular playoff series is that it constantly makes me think of one of Billy Joel's finer songs in "New York State of Mind"...

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