Saturday, April 14, 2007

Canes Re-Sign Ray Whitney

We interrupt a huge-a** addiction to Adventure Quest to bring you some berry, berry good news...

Turning an uneventful week* into quite an eventful one on the Canes news front, Ray Whitney got re-signed by ze Canes and "G.I. Jimbo"** Rutherford yesterday.

Unlike some fans, I am not at all surprised by Whitney's being re-signed, despite his being an Unrestricted Free Agent, had JR not signed him before July 1st. And it should be no surprise, considering that "The Wizard" was one of the only Canes to have a dynamite season (the other one being Rod Brind'Amour).

If there should be any surprise, it should be at the fact that Jimmy re-signed a major player before June. If that's not a record of some kind, I will eat a Canes cap.

Current "Music": Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel

* - Yeah, yeah, I know that the Stanley Cup Playoffs started and all that, and I'm following them. But, knowing how quite a few of you don't exactly care for the Pittsburgh Penguins, I thought I'd spare you from my fandom of them, save for the occasional and hopeful burst of celebration.

Should the Penguins falter in their quest for Lord Stanley, then GO PREDS!!

** - My loving nickname for the Canes' general manager...hailing from an episode of Rocko's Modern Life.

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