Thursday, April 26, 2007

No, I'm Not Dead...

But I've been quite busy lately...

Thursday and Friday: Got my hair done at the salon and did a special Clinique spa and makeover at the nearby mall, respectively.

Saturday: Had a Subway lunch that could not be beat and did some hiking over at
Pipestem State Park.

Sunday: Did some cleaning tasks that were much needed to be done.

Tuesday: Took my dog and cat to the vet and then did my weightbearing exercise for the week, thanks to Mountaineer Lanes' 99 cent rate every Tuesday. Also installed
my new stereo...more on that when I get a chance to write about more.

Today: Helped my mom out with Curves' Bring A Friend day, and got to take in the Curves experience. I actually enjoyed it...but at thirty dollars a month (not including the sign-up fee!!), I think my stationary bike, walking/hiking, and bowling are sufficient enough. Also did some grocery shopping.

This weekend: Got company coming, and have to get ready for them...also get to look forward to playing bartender.

On the Canes fandom front...I got to see a little bit of Coach Laviolette trying his mouth at being an analyst in the VS. studio tonight. I was lucky enough to view the time of the night when he was feeling more comfortable and confident...according to some
Score Boarders, he started out being a bit nervous. Overall, he was doing a great job for his first time...though, it was a little odd seeing Lavs singing the praises of the Sluggies... o_O Of course, guess it's kind of hard to not do that, considering how they wiped the Rangers tonight...

Current Music: "My Favorite Things" by John Coltrane

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