Thursday, May 03, 2007

R.I.P. Steve Chiasson, April 17th, 1967-May 3rd, 1999

Today is the eighth anniversary of the death of Canes defenseman, Steve Chiasson, whose final moments are described quite well by
Greensboro Hurricanes...

"It was eight years ago today that Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Steve Chiasson died in a single-car accident after leaving a post-season party thrown by teammate Gary Roberts. His blood-alcohol level was .27, more than three times the North Carolina legal limit of .08.

The Hurricanes had lost Game 6 of their opening round series to the Boston Bruins that evening at the Fleet Center and were eliminated 4 games to 2.

Kevin Dineen, the former team captain, said he was with Chiasson in the garage and had gone back inside to find someone to take him home. When he got back, Chiasson was already gone.

The Hurricanes have not issued Chiasson’s number 3 to anyone since his death."

Unfortunately, I was not a Hurricanes/hockey fan at the time, but I do remember reading/hearing about the accident, AND ESPECIALLY seeing the flags attached to the fence around the gaping hole where the accident occurred at the water treatment plant on Falls of the Neuse Road. Unlike my parents (who had the audacity to make snide comments about the fact that Chiasson was a "damn yankee" AND a hockey player whenever we passed by the accident site...amazing what time AND ESPECIALLY a daughter's ever-growing fandom can do to change such crass attitudes), seeing the site touched me. And the memories of such still work their magic on moi today, especially the more I read about what a good guy Chiasson was on the team, both on and off the ice.

In honor of #3 today, I am wearing my "Blueline Defense Dept." shirt...since ol' Steve was a blueliner. And I don't think anything can sum up his and the Canes' tragedy anymore than PhilEsposito...

"A somber memory and a sad exclamation point on the end of season. Chaisson was one my favorites and certainly the heart of the D on that team. This was a tragedy at so many levels. One can only hope that when a high profile person fails so unnecessarily that others will take notice and modify their own behavior and save lives. That can be the only positive thing to come out of situations like these."

Coincidentally enough, a tragedy has befallen a fair member of the Caniac Nation, a man known as Pucking Lamplighter/Jim at the Score Boards Canes MB...

"Jim and Anne were involved in an automobile accident on April 21st. They were broadsided on the driver's side by a drunk driver. Anne had some minor injuries but Jim took the brunt of the impact. He sustained a serious head injury along with a fractured pelvis and a broken rib. It's going to be a long road to recovery"

From the "Jim Cornwall Recovery Fund" to
the efforts of Judge Wapner at the said message board, arrangements are being made for Jim to receive all sorts of aid, prayers, and encouragement possible. And you can it through sending money to the Jim Cornwall Recovery Fund, OR to Judge Wapner for his "keep his collection" auction (just respond to this thread and stay tuned on where to send the money), and/or if you live near Hillsborough, helping out with Jim's business or cooking a meal for his poor wife.

In closing, I feel it is best to remember the following...

"For all those born beneath an angry star, lest we forget how fragile we are..." - Sting

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