Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Wonder If It Will Be Sponsored By Chipotle...

Y'know...I never thought I'd see something that would top
Raleigh's Time and Light Tower* on the Ugliest City Landmark list, if there were ever to be such a thing. Well, that is no more, I'm afraid...I present to those of you who dare to click on the link, the proposed new entry for Chicago's skyline. (PG-13/TMI warning for some of the comments posted in response.)

Believe me, I made *very sure* it wasn't April Fools Day AND that it was not someone's twisted idea of a Photoshop joke...that sucker is for real. O_O

What made them think having the tower be round and swirly was a good idea?! Heck, what was wrong with

I'd be even more offended if I lived in and/or was from Chicago.

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* - In all honesty, the Time and Light Tower wouldn't look *that* bad if it was placed in a more open area, and not the one of the worst areas of Capital Boulevard AND Raleigh in general.

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