Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What A Mess!

Between the majority of the potential lineups AND the following revelation, I cannot help but swear that the hockey gods really have it in for yours truly with this year's fight for Lord Stanley...

"A few folks have also asked whether Peter Laviolette or John Forslund will be involved in the coverage of the Conference Finals on Versus in the coming weeks. As far as I know, Laviolette will not be, as NHL favorite son Mark Messier joins the Versus studio cast. There is a chance that Forslund may get to broadcast at least one game of the Western Conference Final between Anaheim and Detroit, but we are still waiting for confirmation one way or another on that. I do know that the Versus brass has been very pleased with the work of both men during their Stanley Cup coverage."


While I cannot say it is quite well known/notorious, I do have quite the dislike for The Mess, as I've come to call him. And while there are a bunch of things I could write in regards to his "analysis" having a presence on Versus over Laviolette's (who wowed the boys in the studio, in what little I saw of good ol' Pete's stint), I think I'll just let PackNCanes at the Score Boards do the talking...

"Oh good, His Regal Splendor Emperor Mark I will be gracing my airwaves again.

I sincerely hope he hands out a Mark Messier Leadership Award for each shift. And that he stops the game after each shift to do so. While they're at it, considering the events of the past week, why not have Messier resurrect Barbaro? That'd drive the ratings through the roof."

At the risk of sounding incredibly insensitive about (channels her inner John Cleese) the ex-horse, has a racehorse and his/her injury ever gotten as much coverage as Barbaro?! The way the media has been acting, it's like he is the first ever racehorse to have a critical injury...which is highly ridiculous, considering that, quite unfortunately, critical injuries happen to horses all the time at races. Such is AND has always been one of the hazards of the sport.

All that said, the fact that there has been more than necessary coverage about Barbaro is quite telltale about what a softie country we have become...if you ask me, anyway.

Going back to The Mess, let's not even get into that friggin' Leadership Award again...other than I don't know what makes that "award" more of a joke: Messier's name literally being all over it OR the fact that it's first recipient ever was Brendan Shanahan. Yes siree Bob, whenever I think of leadership, I think of the dude who practically whined his way out of Hartford and into Detroit...oh yeah. *rolls her eyes*

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