Thursday, May 24, 2007

Glen Wesley Keeps A Tickin'...

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Just like Hedican, Wes has always been one of my most favorites ever since I got into the Canes in 2002. BUT, just like I was when it was announced that Hedican is possibly coming back to the Canes, I am a bit leery at Wes returning when he was not the greatest defenseman we had this past season. Neither was Heddy…it was not long ago that Bret was one of the fastest skaters, if not THE fastest skater on the team (once Kapanen went to the Flyers). I did not see that particular Bret Hedican this past season…nor did I see the Cup winning Glen Wesley either.

Again, I *really* like Heddy and Wes, and if they wanna be Canes for one more year…bully for them, I guess. But, it’s not gonna stop me from thinking that there are much better defensive options than them. Afterall, and I know I’m more than likely going to get jumped on for this, if David Tanabe is your overall best d-man for the season, then something is wrong, regardless of how much Nobber may have improved.

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