Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Scott Walker Offered Three Years, Bret Hedican To Possibly Stay If Healthy

According to the Raleigh News and Observer...

"The Carolina Hurricanes were waiting for Bret Hedican to make a big decision. Turns out he already made it almost a year ago.

Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford said Monday that after the team reviewed its files, it discovered Hedican picked up his $2.4 million option for the 2007-08 season last year during the Stanley Cup finals.

"It's not that it slipped through," Rutherford said. "He had from that date until June 1 to exercise his option. He did it within two days after he could, while we were still playing."

Now the only questions are about his health. Hedican, 36, underwent hip surgery last summer and never fully recovered, missing a total of 16 games over the first four months of the season and the final 16 games of the season."


"While the Hurricanes will make most if not all of their player decisions during their meetings June 4-7, Rutherford said a three-year offer remains on the table for Scott Walker and he expected to meet with Rick Curran, the agent for Cam Ward and Glen Wesley, "within the next two weeks." Ward is a restricted free agent while Wesley is an unrestricted free agent."

As much as I like Heddy, I cannot help but be on the "Please retire now!" bandwagon regarding him. He was hurt and out a lot this past season...seemed like every other game or so Bret would be in the press box.

If Hedican can stay healthy this upcoming season, then I'm all for his coming back to the Canes. But, if it is going to be like last season, I'm not sure I want him taking up space on the blueline.


Outside of the Canes, there is other NHL news I cannot help but rejoice at...the Red Wings have gotten flushed out of the Playoffs by the Ducks!!

And what better way to celebrate than with our friend, the Toilet Duck!


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