Friday, May 25, 2007

Scott Walker Might Be Living Up To His Name

Oh Scotty, whether you can help it or not, you and your name, well, walked into that one. ;P

Seriously, unless he changes his mind, Walker is most likely walking away from the Canes to test the free agency waters...making most of the Caniac Nation scream "HELP!!".

I understand why the Nation is reacting the way they are...Walker was definitely one of the better players on the squad last season. He had his scoring streaks, and actually showed a bit of grit here and there on what many can agree was a soft team, save the presences of Scotty, Brindy, and Whitney.

BUT, and I've said this before here or elsewhere, Walker was not the most consistent player. As a matter of fact, his best time of the season was from the beginning through around December. And I know this because I remember the days where I was able to pick up Scotty off of the Free Agency in one or two of my Fantasy Leagues AND rejoiced because he was on fire and it was amazing that nobody else beat me to picking him up; and then turn around and dump his butt because before I knew it, Walks' constant scoring stopped. overall opinion is that if Walker can somehow get back to his beginning of last season form, then I'm with the many doing their best Mr. Bill impression if Scotty does not remain a Cane. BUT, if he retains his opposite form, then count me among the rare few who could care less if Walks, well, walks or not.

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