Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kaiton, Forslund, Tripp & Tracy. Ltd.

From the No Surprise Department (at least to moi) comes the news of Chuck Kaiton, John Forslund, and Tripp Tracy having been re-signed for their respective announcing jobs, as of last night.

Actually, if there is any sort of surprise in that news, it's the fact that Tripp Tracy is somehow sticking around. I was amazed upon reading that myself, though I was/still am also glad too 'cause I would miss having ol' Tripper around to rib on. Even though, unfortunately, he wasn't as much fun to rib on last season with all of his notorious food and groin talk having been toned down. Me thinks Mr. Forslund or someone else from FSN South had a talk with the Trippster about that...why it took at least five or more years for that talk to happen, we'll probably never know.

But anyways, I much rather have Tripp Tracy than Terry Crisp...while I highly respect Crisp for the fact that he coached Ronnie Francis as a Soo Greyhound, I don't think there is a more boring color announcer out there. But, you dear readers of mine are more than free to enlighten me...

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