Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #2, Volume One

I'm finally back home in Bluefield, VA/WV...got back in around 11:15 last night. Even yesterday, after the Caniac Carnival, there was no rest for the wicked, for I had to help my brother and dad clean out what little was left in the old house in Wake Forest.

But, you could care less about that, I'm sure...so with further ado, here's what I did at the Carnival (and before)...

- Got a copy of the Raleigh News and Observer Sports page covering my Ronnie Francis' retirement from a friend. (BTW, if any of you have an extra N&O about Ron's retirement, please respond here!)

- Managed to grab some various goodies for my general Canes collection (among them the 2005-06 pocket schedule and mini-plans featuring Brindy).

- Got Gregg Forwerck, the Canes' photographer's attention, and got him to take a couple of shots of me, one of which will hopefully appear on the Canes' official website. We also chatted a little, and Gregg told me that the picture he took of me at the
October 28th, 2003 game vs. San Jose comes up every time he Googles his name. :D

- Found out that the worker friend I would visit at the Triangle Town Center location of The Eye every Friday night still has her job! :)

- Much to my relief, found the card and collectible tables in a niche, where I grabbed the following for my Francis collection at 50% off!!

1994-95 Stadium Club Super Teams (Topps) - #18

1995-96 Score Black Ice Artist’s Proofs (Pinnacle) - #187

1995-96 Ultra Extra Attackers (Fleer) - #6

1998-99 SP Authentic Power Shift (Upper Deck) - #14 (#321/500)

1999-2000 Be A Player Memorabilia Silver - #10 (#525/1000)

1999-2000 Revolution Ice Blue (Pacific) - #27 (#61/99)

2002-03 Upper Deck Artistic Impressions Retrospectives Silver – R15 (#88/99)

2002-03 Upper Deck Exclusives - #276 (#35/75)

Also got a Game Day Card featuring Francis from the *very first game* of the Canes' 2002 Stanley Cup Playoff run!!

- Went by the Katrina donations stand outside, and in addition to donating a few bucks, got the last 2005-06 Canes schedule poster left!!

- Unfortunately, I lost the 2004 NHL Draft pin I got from Mean Gene, a member of the Storm Squad, at that very event. But, when I look back on all that happened before I lost the pin, I suppose giving up the pin was, in a way, equivalent exchange for my luck and fun. Wouldn't Edward and Alphonse Elric be proud...*

- If only the said luck and fun had spread to the Canes' game vs. the Florida Panthers I proceeded to watch. I didn't think the game was horrible like some had made it out to be...no, the Canes weren't great, but they were not bad either. And for cripes' sake, it's only pre-season!

And that's it...*giggles* Except, I shall make a public proposal to my favorite hockey team...oh Canes, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz?

Just kidding. Actually Canes, I think you ought to play the following songs at games, in general AND...

When the team scores.


When the opposing team scores.


Just kidding again. But y'know what is scary? What I suggested is far better than all of the try-out hosts AND new play-by-play announcer.

* - That reminds me, there's an ad for an air conditioning outfit here in VA/WV where a boy sounds *just like* Alphonse Elric!! I kid you not...


Blogger d-lee said...

I'm sure you already knew this, but you're also in a picture of Big Joe that I just posted on my blog. Isn't that you in the upper right hand corner? I got that from the Canes gallery, Vasicek subgallery.

1:50 AM  
Blogger Stormbringer said...

Oh yes, I knew about that. :)

I didn't know about that particular picture until a month or two after the fact. But, once I did know, I alerted my friend, who's to my right in that picture, about it. :D

1:59 AM  

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