Saturday, May 06, 2006

Canes/Devils - Game One: Random Musings and Observations

- Holy crap...where were these Canes all season long?! Yes, when I say all season long, I'm including the first two thirds when the Canes were actually impressive. These Canes are better than those Canes, IMHO. And just think, Cole is still in the press box...

- So Marty Brodeur wrote some online article slamming the Canes? It must have been quite a doozy to send the Canes lighting up Brodey like they did.

- Nothing says "Happy Birthday!" to the said goaltender like having him start the series with a 6.00 GAA. *does a Muttley laugh*

- What is up with the AO-Hell Instant Messenger mascot-like animated dude throughout today's game on NBC? I could understand such a thing if the game was on the WB, but it was not... o_O Where's Peter Puck when you really need him/it?

- Surprisingly, the NBC coverage was pretty good to the Canes today. A bit more complimentary to the said team than I thought it would be...

- After first hearing about it waaaay back in 2002, I finally got to see the infamous Scott Stevens hit on my beloved Ronnie Francis...Oh. My. God. To say that was gruesome would be putting it mildly...even five years after it happened, I couldn't help but feel my heart crumble at the sight of Ronnie stumbling AND being in pain on the ice like he was. How on Earth can Stevens live with himself after causing injuries like that one?

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Blogger Michael said...

okay.. to keep the discussion going...

1.) Didn't I tell you that the key to victory was to shell Brodeur like that. The Penguins did it to him 2 times this year. And didn't I tell you that the Dev's would pull Marty if the score got out of hand?

2.) Some players like to play the "matador" style. It gets them up to the level of the hype and then the performance goes with it. Or at least, that's how it's supposed to work.

3.) I still have no empathy for Marty. He still gets to go home to that fiesty redhead wife of his. Actually, I think a Melrose cackle is more appropriate in this situation.

4 & 5) More ad revenue for the TV stations... the more coverage that the League gets.

6.) Now does that hit put the Cole debacle into perspective? It's a tempest in a teapot compared to what Rugged Ronnie suffered. Makes you wanna take a road trip to "the swamp" (that's Continental Airlines Arena in E. Rutherford, NJ for those of your readers who may not get that.) and take a torch to the #4 hanging in honor in the rafters.

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(yea.. it was on in the electronics section in WalMart. I can't get it outa my head now.)

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Blogger Chris said...

On the game: Brindy was like 78% in the faceoff circle. The entire team was winning faceoffs. If we keep dominating in the circle, we'll win.

On Stevens and Cole: Stevens hit on Francis, while violent and disturbing, was legal. Orpik's hit on Cole was not. By that standard, Brian Marchmant was a "great hitter" when he really was a cheapshot artist. Don't even compare the Francis hit to what happened to Cole.

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