Monday, June 26, 2006

The Amazing Alex Ovechkin

What can this kid not do?

So far, he's been picked numero uno at his respective NHL Draft, has been willing to learn English, has won the Calder, has proven to be a good speechmaker, AND has shown a knack for being a future PR person via his being the official Draftee greeter for the Capitals at this year's NHL Draft.

And in just (what will be) his second season in the NHL, Ovey already finds himself as the cover boy for the latest installment of Electronic Arts' NHL video/computer game franchise. This, coupled with what has been quite a career start for the guy, will make the "EA Cover Curse" that much more interesting to are the past curse combatants and their results.

So far, as the linked article notes, the only NHL star to suffer from the said "curse" has been Dany Heatley, who appeared on the cover for EA's NHL 2004. I don't think it needs to be said what happened to Heatley...

Thankfully, with the exception of Heatley, the "curse" has yet to affect any other NHLers. That said, I won't be worrying too much...that is, until Ovey or someone makes an endorsement deal with Campbell's Soups, or the Canes appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

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Edit as of 4:39 PM: And now Ovey's up for two more than a bunch of other nominees.

Edit as of 10:10 PM: Fellow Caps fan and author of the above linked post, JP, made me aware of the following post regarding the EA NHL video game curse...

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