Sunday, June 25, 2006

Peter Laviolette, Jeff Daniels, and Kevin McCarthy Re-Signed

Between these and the Brindy re-signing, can we get a big fat "THANK YOU!!!" to JR?


I can't hear you.



Though, with all due respect to Mr. McCarthy, I cannot help but scratch my head at this...

"Kevin McCarthy promoted to Associate Head Coach"

Why? Even though the Canes won Lord Stanley AND with the exception of a few games here and there, their power play was crap during a lot of the season and playoffs. And guess who is in charge of the power play? (does her best angry sounding Inspector Clouseau) Kato...quite unfortunately, the Tripp Tracy article about how McCarthy got that name is gone from the Canes' official site, and has been for sometime. :(

All of that said, I'm surprised that J.D. did not land the Associate Head Coach job. But, I suppose that's 'cause he's not been an Assistant Coach as long as Kato...

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Edit as of 3:50 PM : link - courtesy of Red and Black Hockey.