Thursday, October 11, 2007

October 11th, 2007 - Canes @ Senators: Random Musings and Observations

- Holy crap...we DirecTV Center Icers got the John and Tripp Show tonight?! WOOT!!! As someone fully expecting to get TSN or Rogers Sportsnet, this already made my night. Not that TSN and Rogers are horrible, but I do prefer John and Tripp when it comes to Canes game coverage...I just cannot help but be a homer like that.

- As I said over at Canes Country, this game was, IMO, going to be very tell-tale of what's to come this season. Well, apart from the wittle comeback put on by the Sens in the last five or so minutes of the game, me likey what I saw...A LOT. Very, VERY 2005-06esque. And IIRC, the Canes ended up being the first team to defeat a very hot Ottawa team at the beginning of that season...

- The Senators' new clothes are buttugly. And that 'new logo' (it's really an update of the third jersey logo) gives me the creeps in that "I think it's staring at me!!" sort of way...not helped by how gigundo they made him on the ice compared to the old logo. o_O Maybe he can somehow get together with the Burger King king and the guy on the oatmeal box...

- Speaking of all things commercial, it took a little while, but I have finally found a couple of regular ads during FSN South Canes broadcasts to hate on...

1. That stupid, STUPID Hardee's ad with the surfer dude ogling the hula bobble-doll. Come to think of it, I don't think there is a Hardee's/Carl's Jr. commercial that I have really liked in the last couple of years. Maybe, MAYBE that one where they said they had milkshakes with that weirdo looking like he was going to tip a cow but ended up shaking it. But I think it was because that was how I found out about Sean Paul's "Get Busy" song.

2. I cannot believe I am getting ready to say this, but an ad for Canes game tickets. Specifically, the one with the two kids talking about being Caniacs. I know I am supposed to find them cute, but I really don't. And one minute is way too long for that ad...not to mention way too much time for my eyes to embrace that pink Canes jersey the girl is wearing. Even if I was her age, I still wouldn't wear that thing...but then again, I am a tomboy and have practically always been.

- Last, but certainly not least, while everyone played GREAT tonight, got to get in a special mention for Chad LaRose...certainly a whole lot outta Rosie tonight. If there is anyone who could be deemed the little engine that could for not only now, but really, the last couple of seasons, it's him.

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