Friday, September 23, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #3, Volume One

The Canes had games? Oh yeah, they did tonight and last night. I'd say they looked good if I actually saw the games and not just the boxscores. But anyhoo, they did beat the Thrashers (who now have Peter Bondra in addition to Bobby Holik) and the Stanley Cup Champion Lightning, the latter quite obviously not an easy task, even if all of the vets weren't playing.

This just in as of my writing this: The Canes have apparently made their first cuts.

And, *gasp!*, Pavel Brendl is one of those cuts!!

Really, was that any shock? Especially after what I said here...

"But PAVEL BRENDL?! The dude who's earned the nickname Krispy Kreme for his being notoriously out of shape? Not to mention how he was given the boot by not one, not two, not three, nor four, but AT LEAST FIVE, if not MORE European teams this past "season"?!

If Pavel makes the team, I'm going to already have this season down as a bust. That is how much I don't think Brendl and his sorry a** belong on the Canes (or really, any NHL team for that matter)."

Thank you Canes for redeeming yourself and sending that guy to Lowell.

What else to talk about...oh yeah, what's up with all of the NHLers with groin injuries all of a sudden? They must be playing too much Legend of Zelda or at least listening to this...

And stop looking at me like that...if Tripp Tracy, of all people, can talk about Sean Hill's groin being named Ginger during the intermission of one of the 2003-04 Canes games, then I can most certainly talk about the reason behind the swarm of groin injuries lately. Don't believe me about Tripp and Hilly? Ask, no, beseetch someone for a copy of the November 1st, 2003 Canes game @ Tampa Bay, and you'll see that I am honestly to goodness not kidding.

Speaking of stuff I wish I was kidding about...have any of y'all seen the new "My NHL" ad campaign? It made its debut yesterday...

Basically, everything that can be said has already been said at that link. But, I have said it once and I am not afraid to say it again: The first ad in the series of five is *very reminiscent* of an ad for Tag or Axe men's body spray. The Axe and Tag campaigns are two advertisement deals that I have *really* come to hate...I am not, by any means, a prude. But, every time I see one of the Axe or Tag ads, usually during Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, I feel like I have to take a shower when all is said and done. So, I guess the ads are in a way working...but not really, since I'm not a man, nor do I have any urge to seek one wearing that Axe/Tag crap.

Anyhoo, it seems that the first of the "My NHL" ads being just like what I ranted about above is not really a coincidence...

"It's funny that you say that.

Conductor, the so-called Ad Agency who came up this campaign, does not appear to be an ad agency at all.

They appear to be a marketing/branding firm (formerly called "The Aspect Group" and bought out by an English company of some nature called LB Icon).

Now, The Aspect Group seems to be best known in the industry for a job they did marketing Axe Body Spray by creating a video or computer game called Mojo something as a promotion.

The only other place I can find Conductor or The Aspect Group in marketing capacity was for an award for a Nextel promotion; for that, they were working with an ad agency called Vox Advertising.

This to me indicates that they may not have an in-house advertising agency, so it begs the question...

Who DID develop this ad?? A marketing (not advertising) executive? The NHL? Bettman himself??"

Hmmmm...veeeery interesting.

As for the "My NHL" slogan...well, at least it's not "The New NHL: It's Groin Grabbingly Good!!"


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