Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #7, Volume One

Once upon a time, in a far, far, far away land known as Raleigh, there was a hockey team called the Carolina Hurricanes. Now, there came a time when they had to leave Raleigh, and travel to distant and exotic lands such as New Jersey, where they defeated the dastardly Devils that thrive in its swamps. While the numbers of 6-1 were quite sufficient in that glorious victory, just as the Hurricanes were getting ready to travel to the realm of Toronto, the heavens thundered, and a voice boomed.

"14 goals in two games?! That's too many!! I decree that as of the upcoming battle, you will only score four goals...for however long as I please!!"

And well, laugh as much as you like, but apparently, the hockey gods have stayed true to the above harbinging message. Four goals at Toronto, which was just not enough (and resulted in an OT loss to the Leafs...better that than a shootout). AND, four goals at Washington, which resulted in a win, greatly helped by Martin Gerber's first shutout as a Cane.

So, now for the sixty-four thousand dollar question: How many goals will the Canes score against the Ottawa Senators Monday night? Me thinks it's gonna need to be more than four if the Canes want to have any sort of hope in wanting to hand those Spartacus wannabes their first loss of the season.

And my current reason for disliking the Sens? Two words: Dominik Hasek. I don't care if the Senators have Wade Redden, Jason Spezza, Martin Havlat, or Daniel Alfredsson (who may not be that great looking, but he's quite the awesome fantasy winger as of late); Hasek is *really* annoying me with this great comeback he's having. How can any Canes fan be a closet Sens fan with that former Dead Wing and overall pest on the roster? But, whenever that starts to annoy me, there are three things that can bring a smile to my face...the possibility of the Canes upping Hasek's GAA (again, I suspect that's going to take more than four goals) Monday night, Hasek's picture on Electronic Arts' NHL 2002 (if you've ever seen that, Hasek looks like the geek in a high school yearbook...I swear, if an NHL version of Sixteen Candles was ever made for some weird-butt reason, Hasek would be my pick for Farmer Ted based on that picture alone. ), and of course, the infamous picture of Ron Francis' 2002 Stanley Cup Final Game One GWG. That reminds me, I *really* need to pick up a photo of that latter mountainside Francis temple will be incomplete without it.


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