Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Overclocked Remix of the Week

There's nothing like a little Monkey Brain Soup to calm those flaring allergies...
Google To Offer One Gigabyte of E-Mail

I'll be darned if that is not an April Fool's joke...
He May Be *Just* One Player

But dammit, I am absolutely sick of all the bullsh*t that has been generated by the very nice gesture on behalf of the Canes Booster Club. Y'know, I never thought I'd see the day when I would be royally p*ssed at both FanHome and But buddy, I am. Before I go any further, let me elaborate that I am not planning to leave the said forums. Just feel like it is better to do my venting here, because I know I am anyway, where certain people are using the "argument" that Danny Markov and Bob Boughner, two players who were BARELY Canes AND have ziltch records, should have gotten a farewell message. It's not just those two mentioned, but they're the examples that made me laugh and cry the most...

People, Ron Francis is not just ANY WhalerCane, he is practically the symbol of the franchise with SIXTEEN YEARS OF SERVICE and OVER thirteen, count'em, THIRTEEN FREAKIN' FRANCHISE RECORDS. *gasp* Hence his nickname Ronnie Franchise!! Not to mention all those NHL records, awards, and his getting ready to be in the Hall of Fame. Just because Ronnie is a Maple Leaf for JUST, oh, maybe TWO OR THREE MONTHS AT THE MOST means we have to throw away SIXTEEN YEARS, THIRTEEN RECORDS, AND EVERYTHING ELSE he did for the WhalerCanes, their communities, AND hockey?! Folks, if we dismiss everything Francis has done, the Canes would not have much of a legacy upon which to stand. With that said...


What the Canes Booster Club did was *just* an ad. Those of you who don't like T.O. and/or Ronnie's going there need to seriously get over it, leave the dude alone, and/or just, well, not care about what Ronnie does as a Leaf and anything related to that. I thought I read quite a few saying they were planning to do the third thing...funny that those same folks are the ones that say the Booster Club had no business doing the ad. (rolls her eyes)

Speaking of leaving R. Diddy alone...I've noticed quite a few are beseeching for a "Thank You" from the guy. Well, last I checked, when Glen Wesley did his "Thank You" to the Caniac Nation, it was unexpected AND NOT REDUNDANTLY BEGGED. Not to mention how nobody seemed to mind Wesley following a childhood dream and going for a Cup with a team he grew up cheering for in the Maple Leafs...sounds awful familiar, eh? Also, Wesley was out with an injury AND was fueled by his not sure he was returning as a Cane, giving him time AND reason to concoct that "Thank You" to Caniacs. Admittingly, I did say in a thread at that I was surprised by Ronnie and/or the Francis family having yet to thank the Caniac Nation. But now that I've given it more thought, Ronnie will thank the Caniac Nation when the time is most appropriate...WHEN HE RETIRES, hopefully as a WhalerCane. Right now, he's trying to remain focused for his game...

BTW, if I were Ronnie. I'm not sure I would want to thank "fans" saying jive like "If you ask me, the C on his jersey stood for 'crap'.". If you speak insults, you're going to get them back. So, those of you who are insulted by Ronnie's lack of response thus far...well, you asked for it.

Hell, I don't even know why I am ranting like this when I know good and well that the people who burn my biscuits aren't the majority. If the numerous Francis jerseys I've seen at the three Canes games I have attended since the trade (3/10 vs. Tampa Bay, 3/25 vs. Florida, and 3/30 vs. Boston...and I have seen more Francis jerseys at those games than most, if not ALL the games I've been to when Ronnie was a Cane) are any indication, Ronnie has just as much, if not more respect now than he did before the trade. It's just that the people wearing those jerseys are not posting online...automatically making them among the most intelligent of Caniacs.

Nothing sums it all up better than what a friend said to me when me, him, and another friend were on our way to the game against Boston, and were discussing everyone treating Ronnie like he had shot their dog...

"How can anyone not like Ron Francis? That is so, well, un-American..."
Sorry For Such A Late Entry...

....but the Canes' "effort" against the Bruins last night deserved a little wait for commentary. The Bruins won 3-2, with the Canes staging an ok comeback in the third period. But, this should have been at least tied thanks to the five-on-three the Canes forgot they had.

Reports for this and the game at Florida coming soon.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Ronnie Watch - March 29th, 2004: Leafs vs. Thrashers

The Leafs started out weak, falling 2-0 to the birdies, only to come charging back and win, 4-2. Ronnie assisted on the fourth Leafs goal.
Cat Scratch Fever

The Canes got a bad scratch fever in Florida tonight...3-1, Panthers.

Report coming soon.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Just For Men

Who do you think is sexier: Paris Hilton or Marge Simpson?
Getting Nosey

A doctor suggests doing just that...
While The Darkness Is One of the Better Groups In the Music World These Days...

...isn't having a street named after them a little much?
The Ronnie Watch - March 27th, 2004: Leafs vs. Senators

In a 2-2 draw that took Owen Nolan away from the Leafs for definitely the rest of the season AND possibly playoffs, Ronnie kicked a** and took names with a goal (the first Leafs one of the game) and an assist on a goal by Bryan McCabe.
Islanders Can't Survive A Hurricane!

As proven by tonight's affair, which was decided by a score of 3-2, obviously in a favor of the Canes.

Report is already up! :)

Saturday, March 27, 2004

That Bloody PETA

And I mean that literally.

Calling those idjits "corporate terrorists" doesn't cut it. How about just plain demented and well, chicken-headed?
We Love the 80's and You Will Too, Darnit!

Says Nintendo.

I already got a Game Boy Advance (and not sure I'm too fond of that NES GBA, despite its being a "retro" design and all), but I just might have to get Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, Pac-Man, and Super Mario Brothers. (sighs) If only they would have those on one cartridge...and they could too.
Now That's Cool

Very good to see that the Canes Booster Club is on the ball in giving Ronnie what he deserves.

Friday, March 26, 2004

The Ronnie Watch - March 25th, 2004: Leafs at Bruins

Change is Pat Quinn and Co. found out after switching Ronnie from wing to center (Why was he on wing to begin with? Never worked when Mo tried it). The Leafs shutout the Bruins, 3-0, with Ronnie getting the second goal.
Bad Ol' Puddytats

What a game and comeback...3-2, Canes over the Florida Panthers. Making the comeback even more impressive was that Luongo, one of the substances of the Canes' nightmares, was in net. Way to go on solving him and getting the win boys! :)

Report (along with the Philly one) coming soon.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Note to Erik Cole: Better Remember To Bring That Music

All exercise and no tunes can make people and their brain cells very cranky...wonder if the Canes were part of the research behind that. ;)
Overclocked Remix of the Week

This one sounds so much like Mike Oldfield, it's tubular.
At the Risk of Being Deemed Lazy

I got to go to a practice today (well, technically yesterday), and while it was fun and all...not a lot happened outside of the drills. So, here's my report.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Art or Not Art?

That is the question.

I don't know about you...but that looks NOTHING like the painting that is supposed to be recreated.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The Ronnie Watch - March 23rd, 2004: Leafs vs. Bolts

Now why couldn't Tampa Bay do THIS to the Islanders?! 7-2, Bolts over Leafs. Ronnie had two shots on goal.

Y'know, maybe this is the hockey gods' way of telling the Leafs that they need to have Stajan, the only other Leaf I *really* like besides Ronnie, playing more.
Flights of (Something Not) Fancy

The Canes' game against Philly tonight wasn't was actually pretty darn good until the third period, when Weekes had a brain fart that stunk up the building and cost the Canes a victory AND keeping up with the Islanders for a slim chance at the playoffs. Final score was 4-2.

Report coming soon. And the practice I'm getting to attend tomorrow may be veeeery interesting.

BTW, a Happy Birthday to Pavel Brendl! :)
Educational Purposes?!

Whatever. This is just plain sick.
Sure It Heightens the Senses

But what about the baby?
India or Latveria?

This is so Dr. Doom-ish, it's scary.

Monday, March 22, 2004

NCAA Hoops Weekend Update

Only the first two rounds, and the upsets are already piling up...

#12 Manhattan over #5 Florida - 75-60: No surprise here, considering that this season's Gators are the weakest in sometime. Their weakness possibly rivaling the 2002 Gators, who lost to the Creighton Blue Jays in the first round. The picks for this were split across the board, with those who picked Florida (like my brother) shaking their heads and those who took Manhattan (like me) bobbing their heads.

#10 Nevada over #7 Michigan State - 72-66: Just like the Gators, the Spartans are normally a b-ball powerhouse, but just didn't have the guns to get out of the first round. Also, while my brother acts like the following was remedied later in the season, I have to highly disagree with him...the Spartans' problem throughout the season was not having an honest to goodness point guard. The only reason Izzo's team got a number seven seed was because of the Big Ten being a veeeeery weak conference.

#12 Pacific over #5 Providence - 66-58: A shock that wasn't really a was only made a shock by people like me who, for no particularly good reason, had the Friars going to at least the Sweet Sixteen in their brackets. Providence basically followed up on and capped their season ending woes...a darn shame considering how good they were about a month ago.

#9 UAB over #8 Washington - 102-100: Not really an upset per se, but probably the best and most entertaining game of the tournament thus far. Not only was it obviously high scoring, but it was also very back and fourth and evenly officiated.

#10 Nevada over #2 Gonzaga - 91-72: Wow. Yet, not really all that surprising despite me and quite a few others having the Zags go to the Sweet Sixteen or Elite Eight. You'd think we would learn after two or three seasons of that tiny Washington state college's losing in the first or second round. The Bulldogs, as potentially great as we are always misled to believe, don't really get a real test until the Big Dance. With that said, I cannot help but feel that Gonzaga always manages to get highly rated because of having some kind of huge cult following, possibly fueled by the fact that one of the NBA's best point guards ever, John Stockton, came from there. Unless the Zags prove themselves with a truly tough schedule next season and/or beyond, I'm not falling for again having them only one or two games away from the Final Four.

#8 Alabama over #1 Stanford - 70-67: Another HUGE upset that is not all that surprising when you think about it. The Cardinal's (Yes, it's singular...not plural, like it SHOULD BE. Then again, what else do you expect from a college whose mascot looks like a Christmas tree constructed by first graders.) NCAA tradition is to get into the tournament with a rather high seed and lose early. As a matter of fact, Forrest Gump's alma mater's victory is all too reminiscent of the UNC Tar Heels' win over Stanford in 2000. While the Cardinal was numero uno both times, the Heels and Crimson Tide were both number eight.

#5 Syracuse over #4 Maryland - 72-70: Another upset that wasn't really an upset per se. Both 'Cuse and Maryland are potenially good teams that are really young with one or two veterans, and it came down to who was a little more hungry. I doubt the Orangemen will make it to the Final Four, but give them and the Turtles another year or so, and they'll be fearful once again.

#5 Illinois over #4 Cincinnati - 92-68: It's another #5 over #4, but dang, what a #5 over #4. And to think that I had the Illini losing to Murray State in the first round. At least that's not nearly as damaging to one's bracket (considering I had Murray State losing in the next round) as Cincy losing. Quite a few had the Bearcats going least one or two I know even had Bob Huggins' squad winning the whole kit and caboodle. Talk about cat scratch fever...

#6 Vanderbilt over #3 NC State - 75-73: This game was not nearly as close as the score indicates...State overall played a pretty crappy game. Not surprisingly, a ton of Pack fans are calling for Herb Sendek's head, despite having one of the best seasons in the last decade AND making the tourney for a second year in a row. To those Pack fans: I could be totally wrong about this, but as long as the Wolves keep having great seasons like the 2003-2004 one AND keep making the Big Dance, Herb ain't going anywhere. I may be a Tar Hole fan, but I was and am certainly not blind to what an overall good team the Pack were and are depending upon who stays.

(goes into Tar Hole mode) BUT, way to go Commodores for making me feel much better about my Heels losing...heh heh heh. >;)

#7 Xavier over #2 Mississippi State - 89-74: Did I say in an earlier entry to this blog that the Atlantic 10 is a weak conference? They may be overall compared to their glory years, but darn, are their two representatives making quite a showing! You of course got St. Joseph's having no problem defending their number one seed. And then you have Xavier not just beating the Mississippi State Bulldogs, but also blowing the pooches out! As huge as that is, it is nowhere near the following for the top upset of the weekend...

#9 UAB over #1 Kentucky - 76-75: What can be said about this one that hasn't already been said? Rather embarassing to be the darling of CBS and ESPN's Bracketology specials, predicted to be the National Champs or only losing to Dook or Pittsburgh, and then losing in the second round to an upstart Conference USA college. This was a game that the Wildcats shouldn't have lost either...something that helped the Cats have the great record they had and all were a bunch a games where they got the game-winning shot with a few seconds left. Obviously, as the score indicates, Tubby Smith's squad could not pull such a thing off where it counted the most, and got burned by the Blazers. Shame on you Kitties...if people and their brackets didn't catch cat scratch fever from the Bearcats, they certainly caught it from you.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

The Ronnie Watch - March 20th, 2004: Leafs vs. Avs

Extending their winning streak to two, Toronto pummelled Colorado, 5-2. Ronnie had an assist on a goal by Owen Nolan in the first period and one shot on goal in the third period.
Basketball Night In Carolina

Well, the UNC Tar Heels made it to the second round, blew the game against the Texas Longhorns, and busted my bracket, 78-75.

As disapponted as I am by the loss (If the Heels had played better defense, they would have had this sucker), I'll take losing to a decent club in the second round of the NCAA over an 8-20 season.

Hurricanes' Night In Canada

This is truly a season of breaking streaks for the Canes...winning for the first time in DC since 2001, winning at Tampa Bay for the first time since 2002, AND NOW winning in AND beating Ottawa for the first time since (I think) 2000.

WAY TO GO CANES!! :D And especially Irbe, who has been a key factor in breaking those losing streaks. (gives a thumbs up)

There's also another streak now consisting of eleven games with at least a point!

Report coming later tonight.
It Doesn't Get Better Than This

Potty mouths AND POTTY MOUTHS!
(sings to the tune of an infamous Queen song) Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle!

A man so loved his...

The Canes fall to the Pens, 4-3, in OT. Would go into further details, but there is a report up with those. :)

Friday, March 19, 2004

Eric Weinrich Preaches It

(gives the St. Louis Blue a thumbs up)
Your Own Personal Jesus

Someone you can help dress.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

The Ronnie Watch - March 18th, 2004: Leafs at Flyers

God, how I've been wanting to say this: Take THAT Guyute*! You and your team with cajones...3-2, Leafs. Ronnie had no points and no shots on goal.

* - Fellow ally who's also quite a fan of Philly.

BTW, there is an ok article up at the Leafs' official site about the Franchise playing for them...I say "ok" because of one wittle line that irks me.

"I'm going to fast-forward to May 23, 2002. There we were, Ron and me. Eastern Conference Finals. A gritty Toronto team, a little dinged up, but generally favoured over the upstart Carolina Hurricanes. (What? Carolina? They have a team now?)"

Yes they do, ding-dong..."Carolina's team" happens to be the Hartford Whalers that you thought were so trivial BECAUSE OF RONNIE'S PLAYING FOR THEM.

I seriously hate calling the author "ding-dong" because other than what is getting to be such a trite "joke"/comment from the Toronto AND Detroit faithful to name a few, the dude shows a genuine appreciation for Ronnie, AND the article is actually pretty good. Then again, being nuts for Francis and all, I am admittingly a little biased. ;)
Better Late Than Never

The Canes knocked off the Blackhawks, while the Islanders were knocked off by the Panthers. Congratulations to Brindy on his 900th NHL career point AND playing in his 1,100th NHL career game! :)

And for once, the report is already up! :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Overclocked Remix of the Week

It's time to get up and do the Chocarena!
St. Pat's Is Indeed A Magical Day

For I am happy to announce that I just got a job! :D Starting soon, I shall be working for Hallmark in Wake Forest and Wakefield! Obviously, I can't wait... :)
It's Captioning Time, Starring Darren Langdon and Tie Domi!

Providing the caption for this one is UNCCHCane @ FanHome...

"Dude, I'm telling you for the last time, it's Cheer with Color Guard. Smell it! I know my detergents, and that's Cheer with Color Guard. Now, if you'll give me my helmet back, I'll show you an easy way to get off that spot you were pointing out."
Rotten Sneaker Contest?

They'll come up with a contest for ANYTHING these days!
Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! :) As someone who is half-Irish (technically half Scots-Irish), I cannot help but be a tiny bit offended by this...

"I saw this in the "Lowes Foods" circular. They have a flap dedicated to St. Patrick's Day, where they list traditional Irish foods. Foods such as corned beef, potatos, cabbage, Guiness, and perhaps the most recongnized Irish food - Lucky Charms!"

NOTE TO LOWE'S FOODS: Just because its mascot is a leprechaun DOES NOT MEAN IT'S IRISH!

I know it's *just* a cereal...BUT STILL.
The Ronnie Watch - March 16th, 2004: Leafs vs. Bruins

Fresh off their first win with Francis, the Leafs fall to the Bruins, 2-1. Ronnie had no points, and only one shot on goal.
Five Hundred Years Down the Drain

If it was such a historic tree, how come it wasn't recognized?
One Small Step For Man

One giant leap for good taste.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Would You Like Fries

...and a little "New York, New York" with that?
Best Literal Headline of the Year!

Check it out. (PG-13 warning)

Monday, March 15, 2004

The Ronnie Watch: March 15th, 2004 - Leafs at Sabres

And Toronto's losing streak ever since the Franchise joined their ranks ends with a 6-5 win over Buffalo in OT. Ronnie had a shot on goal and an assist on a goal by Owen Nolan.
Canes - 4, Birds - 2

Unfortunately, that is not the final score of tonight's game, but the final standing of the series between the Canes and the Thrashers. The Thrash won tonight, 1-0 in OT, thanks to a "goal" by Heatley that was very reminiscent of Darcy Tucker's "goal" in the Canes' 2/19 loss to Toronto. >:(

On top of that, nice to know that quite a few, if not all of Kolvachuk's goals were more than likely scored with an illegal stick. >:(

Report, as well as the other three reports (I know I'm behind...please bear with me) coming tomorrow.
The Moral of the Day

Robots have feelings too.
The Definition of Having Too Much Time On Your Hands

is this.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

The FINAL ACC Tourney Update

Terps say "END OF THE LINE!" to Dook: 95-87 in OT!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TERPS!! :D Beating the 3, 2, and 1 seeds...not a shabby run at all.
Forget "We Are the World"

Ever wanted to hear your favorite songs sung by a ton of different artists and groups? Well, now you can thanks to this... :D

Unfortunately, certain words aren't available in the database at the moment. But, you can make requests...or, make good use of the beeps in place of the unavailable words. ;) Classic example of this being the Police's "Mother", a song that is so bad, it's good. Enter these lyrics, and see what I'm talking about... ;)
ACC Tourney Update #6

As of halftime, Maryland is up on Dook, 38-36. GO TERPS!!
They Call It Bunny Love

Poor kitty.
Speaking of Bad Music...

Not that I think "A Horse With No Name" is bad...while the lyrics aren't the greatest, I have heard worst songs. Like this one, kicking off the Miserable Melody of the Week.

VH1 Classic just had quite a flub...they were playing Megadeth's "Peace Sells". And at the part where Dave Mustaine starts chanting "Peeeeeace...peace sells!", it skips, making it sound like "Pee! Pee! Pee! Pee!". For those of you dismissing that as being juvenile and gets better. Keeping in mind that it's Metal Mania, the video they used to replace the faulty "Peace Sells" one was...(insert drumroll here)...America's "A Horse With No Name".

Well, *I* thought it was funny...

Saturday, March 13, 2004

The Ronnie Watch - March 13th, 2004: Leafs at Canadiens

In tonight's affair, Ronnie picked up an assist on a goal by Stajan, BUT the Leafs lost to the Habs, 4-3.

It's official: my mojo's rising. >:) And as long as Ronnie gets points in the process, that's cool. :D
Shocking the Lightning

The Canes performed that task with a score of 5-1! Among those who scored were Hilly, who got two goals; and Svoboda, who finally got his first goal of the season! Awesome, AWESOME job snapping a few streaks (TB's being undefeated by the Canes at home since January 2002 AND an unbeaten streak since February) guys! :)

Report (as well as the other two reports) coming soon.
ACC Tourney Update #5

First, the bad news: Dook beat, no, creamed Georgia Tech, 85-71. So much for the Jackets' magic from Cameron carrying over...

Now, the good news: Maryland beat State, 85-82. Whoo-hoo! :) Go Terps, please, OH PLEASE beat Dook tomorrow...
That's *A Man*, Baby!

Nuff said.
ACC Tourney Update #4

The Maryland Terrapins outlasted the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, 87-86. The Terps are going on to face the NC State Wolfpack...go Terps! And go Jackets later this point, I just want somebody to beat Dook. Their winning the ACC all the freakin' time is getting a wee bit tiresome...

Friday, March 12, 2004

Imagine Listening To Chuck Kaiton One Night...

...and all of a sudden, this comes on.
First, the Coffee Is Too Hot

Now, a chicken burger is too hot. What's next? Frosties being too cold?!
The Canes May Not Have Ronnie...

...but they most certainly have the Thrashers' number, beating them 4-2. Way to go Canes! :)

Report (as well as the one for the 3/10 Tampa Bay game) coming soon.
ACC Tourney Update #3

78-71, NC State...that tears it, whoever I cheer for today loses. This must be carry-over from my "Leafs cheering" mojo. Well, it won't matter with the upcoming Wake Forest/Maryland matchup, for I like both teams. :)
ACC Tourney Update #2

Well...bang goes another UNC/Dook matchup. 83-82, Georgia Tech.

First, my being stuck on the "quiet version" of (DNS problems...a little complicated to explain) all day long. Now my Heels lose by a mere point...what a wonderful day it has been. (sighs)

Anyway, up next for bids is the Florida State Seminoles vs. the NC State Wolfpack. Being a little bitter and sincerest apologies to quite a few of my Caniac friends, but go Noles. Tim Pickett hasn't failed to impress me in what little of the Noles' games I've seen...
ACC Tourney Update #1

Dook not surprisingly beats UVA, 84-74. They shall be who UNC will face, if the Heels can beat the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

What Time Is It?

It's Ninja Storytime! (PG-13/R warning for the language at the end.)

I can't decide which is more action-packed...that or River City Rumble. :D
The After Sex Sale

Just what I've always wanted...some red beaded heels worn by television's most oversexed character...
What Exactly Does A Wacko Jacko Eat?

Want to dine like the King of Pop? Just have KFC for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
The Woman Taking Clothes Off Show*

As if the news being presented was not interesting enough...

* - Reference to my most favorite episode ever of Green I wish they'd bring that back on TV Land, or better yet, release seasons of it on DVD.
St. Joseph's Not Looking So Saintly

Potential number one NCAA seed and former only undefeated team in the nation, the St. Joseph's Hawks, lost to the Xavier Musketeers, 87-67, in round one of the Atlantic Ten Tournament.

Many, including myself, have been questioning the Hawks' being numero uno. Yes, they're undefeated. But, with the exception of Xavier, Rhode Island, Gonzaga, and a couple of other colleges, the Hawks really haven't been challenged on their road to becoming undefeated in the regular season. The Atlantic Ten is overall pretty weenie now...even the Temple Owls and the University of Massachusetts Minutemen, who used to be quite the contenders, are not anywhere near just plain good. Not to mention how there are quite a few other small colleges that, while they're not undefeated, have decent enough records to merit their being in the polls according to St. Joe's being there.

Anyway, besides the loss to Xavier, I figured that St. Joe's true colors will show in the NCAA tournament...I will not be the least bit surprised to see the Hawks out in the first round. But now that I've said that, watch them go on a tear...

Thursday, March 11, 2004

The Ronnie Watch - March 11th, 2004: Leafs vs. Penguins

Ron Francis' first game with the Leafs ends up being a loss for the blue clad ones...3-2, Pittsburgh. Ronnie of course had some dazzling passes, but none were converted into goals, and number ten only got one shot on goal, which was in the third period.

BTW, it may be only one game...but my mojo seems to already be working. I figured and told a few friends that once I started "cheering for the Leafs" through Ronnie, the Leafs would lose. Will my mojo keep rising? Let's watch. >:)
Pittsburgh Rocks!

I always thought saying that about Cleveland is an overstatement...which was nowhere on the list. Even Raleigh rocks more than Drew Carey's burg, coming in at number four.
A Verdict All Can Agree On

The NHL has rightfully suspended the Vancouver Canucks' Todd Bertuzzi for the rest of the season AND playoffs.

And even better yet, Bertuzzi's eligibility for next season is still up in the air. I say suspend the guy for at least another season if not beyond...what he did to the Colorado Avalanche's Steve Moore was just too darn cruel and barbaric to merit any kind of future playing time.
Speaking of Refs

THIS would be something to see. >:D
If Russian Police Officers Can...

...why can't NHL refs?
Not Only In California

...will porn stars try their hand at politics.

Remember the article I posted about the woman who tried spending a fake million dollar bill? Well here she is...and if I didn't know better, I would swear it was Tie Domi with grown out hair.
Batman Pajamas

This makes Batman's costume sound like a mere pair of pajamas...
Two Things That Don't Mix

Alcohol and a copy of Problem Child 2.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Nothing's Shocking

...about the Lightning's 4-2 win over the Canes. BUT, the Canes played shockingly great against the NHL's top team, despite not having you-know-who AND O, and being down two goals in the first five minutes. If the Canes continue playing as good as they did tonight, the only thing in their way will be that razzin' frazzin' CBA.

Report coming tomorrow.
My Final Thoughts

...on the Ron Francis matter, and then I'll shut up:

- Ron's constantly saying he would stay here and that if it weren't for his having two Stanley Cups his bags would be packed, but then turning around and going for the third cup is indeed frustrating. And it's not just for the get the very impression from Jim Rutherford's press conference yesterday AND comments from players in today's N&O that it was just as, if not more shocking for them. And in that regard, it'll be interesting to see how the Canes will play against the Bolts tonight.

- While I'm still a little irritated with Ron and his frequently saying he would stay here, he does have a right to make last minute decisions. It's only human to do such a thing. And like it or not, I think it was a very classy move by JR to cater to what may or may not be Ronnie's final wishes for his career as a player.

- I also understand why Ronnie made the decision he did...the Canes most likely won't be going for the Cup this season. And more than likely next season, be it because of the CBA crap and/or the rebuilding phase the team is heading towards (and actually, already in). With the uncertainty of the state of hockey up in the air and all, can you *really* blame Ronnie for wanting to end his great career on a high note? I can't. Also, I don't see how that's Primeaudonna-ish, as a few at FanHome have rudely stated. It was not like Ronnie whined his way off the Canes and to the Leafs. He was just given an offer, and he took it. Me thinks this Primeaudonna talk wouldn't be if Ronnie had gone to a team other than the Leafs.

- I have said I would cheer just for Ronnie (along with Gary Roberts)...but the more I think about it, comments like the Primeaudonna BS are making me consider otherwise. And it's not just those comments...yesterday, I joked at LetsGoCanes about how Danny Markov's being a Flyer was the reason for his getting more game misconducts lately. Well, not surprisingly, a Caniac who's also a HUGE Philly fan piped up and said that at least he cheered for a team with cajones and team spirit and such. This came right before the Ronnie trade happened...could it be that the trade is fate's way of giving me a team with "cajones" to cheer for? I can't help but wonder and feel that way after all the hateful words I've read directed at Ronnie for just going to his favorite childhood team for just two or three months. So with that said, and at the risk of losing a few readers...


Get a grip. It's just three words and for two-three months. After all Ronnie has done for hockey AND the community here in Raleigh and NC, he only deserves what he wants for his playing career's end...along with the support of fans, regardless of their being for the Whalers/Canes, Pens, or Leafs. So please, let's quit comparing apples (Ronnie) and oranges (Primeau), and give Ronnie a well deserved sendoff and well-wishing for the Cup.

Edit: And for those of you who survived that...this and this are your rewards. Hopefully, they will make you feel mmm mmm better. ;)
Overclocked Remixes of the Week

Not one but two mixes to suit my feelings towards what happened with you-know-who...

First, best suiting my overall mixed feelings on the whole thing is this.

Then, best describing my feelings towards the former captain on his endeavors is the title of this.
Create A Masterpiece!

Try your hand at Mr. Picassohead.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Ok, This Frightens Me

First, look at this picture. Now, take a gander of this.

For sure, I can't be the only one to notice that Ronnie is wearing the SAME SHIRT in those pictures. Scary to think that that particular photo from Skate With the Canes predicted Hill's awesome offense (He immediately had a point streak after SWTC) AND Ronnie's being traded.

Let me again emphasize that I wish Ronnie the best as a Cane, Leaf, what-not. But I think I'll be having the Twilight Zone theme ringing in my ears and mind for a little while...
Good Bye Mr. Chips

Ron Francis is now a Toronto Maple Leaf. ;.(

Alright, now that I have cooled thoughts:

I am royally p*ssed but also understand at the same time. What pees me off? The tripe Ronnie said about already having two Cup rings and because of that, not having his bags packed and all. I hand it to my overall fave (Yes, believe it or not, Francis is still my favorite NHL player historically and overall), he had me and the Caniac Nation fooled. And in that regard, I cannot help but be a wittle angry with Ron.

BUT at the same time, I actually understand why Ronnie went to T.O.. And here's why...

1. Let's face it, if the Canes got the Cup in 2002, Ronnie would have retired, pure and simple. Having a lot of class and such *really* wouldn't stop many from wanting to end on a real happy note, obviously not even Ron. Even if it means playing for an often hated team like the Maple Leafs.

2. With that said, like them or not, the Leafs were Ronnie's favorite team growing up...along with the Bruins, because of Phil Esposito (who, as Ron mentioned in an interview, was his favorite player during his youth). Even though he's never really made it known until now, Ron apparently has had dreams of winning a Cup with and/or even just playing for his favorite team. And in all honesty, who wouldn't dream of playing for their favorite team?

3. Many are going to disagree and have already disagreed with me on this...but in a way, Ronnie has actually helped the Canes with his being moved. We got a fourth round pick for the 2005 draft, which IIRC, was what we somewhat got (obviously for a different draft) in exchange for Glen Wesley when we traded him to the Leafs last season. And THEN, I seem to also recall that there was talk of Wes considering retirement. When a player retires, what do we get? That's right, nothing. Speaking of retirement, who says Ronnie won't do that as a Cane? Just like there is no guarantee that Wes would remain a Leaf, there is no guarantee that Francis will remain a Leaf.

4. The fourth round pick screams "rent a player" to me. If Ronnie talked of going to the Leafs for more than a Cup run, I expect JR to have gone for more than just a fourth round pick. Again, this is so eerily similar to what happened to Wes, it's scary in what may hopefully turn out to be a good way.


5. Why did we do the "rent a player" thing with Wes last season? That's right. He was an Unrestricted Free Agent. And again, IIRC, he had a no trade clause that he waived. Just like you-know-who. I'll admit that I have done a good job hiding it...but I could not help but be a tiny bit concerned about Ronnie going to another team during the offseason with his being an UFA IF he decided to not retire. Sure he had a no trade clause, but he could have waived it off then like he did today.

Writing all of this has made me feel a little better...but I still can't help but still be sad and angry. I usually am very insensitive to trades, but Ronnie, well, means a lot to me and the Caniac Nation. Many are debating being a fan of the team after such a trade. There are some who are even debating being a fan of hockey, all because of Ron Francis and all he has done for the Canes, Pens, and their communities throughout his career. And folks, you know a player is quite special when fans of other teams, namely the Pens contingent, convert to being Caniacs because of him. Ronnie even has me being a Pens fan historically because of their having used to be the only other NHL team for which he played. Will I now become a Leafs fan because of Ron? Heck no. Will I still be a fan of the Canes. Yes, to the bloody, bitter end. Will Ron still and always be my favorite player? Believe it or not, yes. And in that regard, I wish him, not the Leafs, best in his quest for a third cup. I realize hockey is a team sport, but on a team with zero class, Ronnie is more than a perfect ten...whether or not that is the number he bears. Shame he won't be bearing that and/or especially a C...two things my own jersey shall keep bearing in honor of a good player and man, regardless of whose ranks he joins.

BTW, one of my LetsGoCanes allies, PhilEsposito, couldn't have put my actual feelings about the Leafs more concise...

"I hate the Leafs because of their fans, not their players, although a world without Domi would be a good thing."

Just also insert Belfour, Marchment, Mogilny, and Tucker in that comment about Domi, and that's perfect.
At Least Two Hours To Go...

...before the trade deadline is here. And among the rumors is Ronnie Franchise considering leaving the franchise for the (eek) Vancouver Canucks or the (bleeeech) Toronto Maple Leafs. My own take on such a rumor? Ain't gonna happen. I find it rather peculiar that the only thing in on such a rumor is the Canadian media (note the two teams mentioned...two teams who often hog the said media with ludicrous rumors), and there has not been any local mentioning of such rumblings. Not to mention how number ten has said a gazillion times (or in at least ten articles and three or four interviews this season) that he and his family have set their roots here in Raleigh, and the only way he would be packed and ready to go is if he didn't already have two Stanley Cup rings.

So dear Canucks and Maple Leafs: GIVE IT UP. And more than likely, that's not I'll conclude with these well said words from Svandijk1 in the linked thread at FanHome...

"What a joke. These teams have resorted to making public requests through the media to try and get him to waive his no-trade clause. It seems obvious to me they've had the door slammed in their face privately already and felt maybe a public request would turn up the pressure. Let it go guys. He's not leaving."

Edit: Well, paint me blue and call me a Laffs fan...
If I Had A Million Dollars... wouldn't be in the form of a fake souvenir bill.
Did I Say McDonald's Was More Health Conscious?

Leave it to the server of billions to make even salads unhealthy...
Lightning Strikes Twice

It's official: The Tampa Bay Lightning have won the Southeast Division this season. And if the season ended now, they would also have the President's Trophy. Congratulations to the Bolts AND a :p to Barry "Southleast Division" Melrose! :)

Now my Canes, PLEASE play spoiler tomorrow, and cut the said team's winning/point streak! >;)

Monday, March 08, 2004

I Heart John Buccigross

Anybody who has the guts to call the Original Six the "Original Sick" is COOL in my book.
A Mmm Mmm Good Game!

The Canes played such a thing, beating the Columbus Blue Jackets 4-1. Way to go boys! :) "Report" (as well as the one for vs. the New Jersey Devils) coming soon.

The above title could also apply to this.

Actual quote: "I did a very stupid thing."

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Too Many Bathrooms? You Can Never Have Too Many Bathrooms!

Apparently, China can never have too many bathrooms for a man to want to convert his apartment to a public restroom.
It's *Just* A Pair of Scissors!

For crying out loud...isn't THAT what you're supposed to have in a sewing class?!
Nice and Meaty

I don't know about the nice part, but I'm sure something smelled a bit meaty after this.
Mario and the Giant Peach

Some more crazy observations about our favorite video games involving that plumber from Brooklyn...

Saturday, March 06, 2004

(does her best Putty from "Seinfeld") 'Cause They're the Devils

Ugh. First, my Canes lose to the New Joysey Devils, 4-1. And then, my Tar Heels lose to the University of New Joysey in Durham Blue Devils, 65-70. Double ugh.

Report coming soon...
He's A Bodybuilder, An Actor, A Governor...

...and now a magazine editor!

Gotta hand it to Arnold...he's making doing more than two things at once look pretty easy.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Atlanta Gets Burned

...after they burned the Canes of a regulation win. Kudos and congratulations to Kevyn Adams on the game-winning goal that was also the fifth shorthanded goal of the season for Kevyn, making for a new franchise record!!

Report coming tonight.
Does Dunkin' Donuts Even Make A Devil's Food Donut?

I don't know what scares me more, someone actually having a tattoo of the Dunkin' Donuts guy, or the aforementioned character kind of looking like Chuck with the letter K...who will be honored at tomorrow night's Canes game against the New Jersey Devils, making me wanna go. :(
So That's Where Chocolate Milk Comes From!

And they enlist UPS to deliver it.
Weather You Can Swear By

Wonder if this meteorologist is any relation to George Carlin or Robin Williams...
Spam, Spam, Spam...

Doesn't the new Hawaii Collector's Edition make your mouth water?
A Case of the Munchies

You put a potential marijuana user in a closet with cookies, of course he's going to eat them!

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Say What?

Me wonders if the Bruins have a NHL standings board in their locker room... either they don't or Joe Thornton has a *real* short-term memory.
A Senior Moment

If that's just over the salad bar...I'd hate to see what kind of ruckus would be raised over dessert!
Nobody Can Escape the Long Arm of Taxation

Not even Geoffrey the Giraffe.
(does her best Vincent Price) And Here, The Prize, The Black Widow

Isn't she (and her creepy crawly friends) lovely?

Big time gross alert on this one...
Another Coach Mo Update

Not only is he analyzing, he is also writing!
Speaking of "Reality"...

...ESPN just won't get a clue. IIRC, their first attempt at "reality" was Beg, Borrow, and Deal, which I don't think lasted that long. Well, as you may have heard or will find out here, ESPN now has a second attempt at "reality" called Dream Job, which is basically a ripoff of The Apprentice...the only differences being the host AND prize. While The Apprentice's host and prize is Donald Trump (Well, working for him anyway), Dream Job's host is Stuart Scott and the prize is getting to be the next SportsCenter anchor. Actually, that *really* is not all that different from The Apprentice's prize. But anyway, it's not Dream Job's similarity to The Apprentice that bugs's ESPN's being so desperate for a new SportsCenter anchor, that they are resorting to an equivalent of MTV's vee-jay contests.

IMHO, one of the catalysts of MTV's overall downfall was the vee-jay contests...two of the vee-jays chosen through those in the late 90's were not bad. Ananda I liked when she hosted the Top Ten/Twentys and Twelve Angry Viewers. And Jesse Camp was cool in that he was practically the only person at MTV at the time who had a great sense of what was good music, at least when it came to old school Hard Rock/Metal. Unfortunately, no wonder he was hardly on there for a was rather amazing that he even won the contest, especially considering that Carson Daly (another catalyst in MTV's downfall, and a MAJOR one at that) was hosting it, I think. Come to think of it, Ananda didn't last too long either...

To get back on-topic...Dream Job is *really* showing that ESPN's path is not all that different from MTV. Just like MTV has strayed very far from their original subject matter and is desperately trying to find ways to somewhat be about music, ESPN is almost the same...the only difference being that ESPN is still focused on sports a little more than MTV is about music. A better comparison is ESPN to The Weather Channel...Weather Channel has been trying to present their subject matter in different lights with mixed results (So far, the only "original program" they still show is Storm Stories). Just like ESPN and their attempts at movies (A Season On the Brink and eventually, the Dale Eanhardt story), dramas (Playmakers), and "reality". It may be a little too late (especially for MTV), but the three aforementioned channels really need to heed the words of the cliche, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it.". TV could start getting better if ESPN would go back to just covering sports and not dramatizing them and/or overhyping certain players/teams; MTV would actually be about music, and the Weather Channel would just go back to being 24 hour nation/worldwide weather coverage.

Another note to ESPN: Having trouble getting new SportsCenter anchors? Here's a suggestion, get rid of Stuart "Boo-yah!" Scott. I'm definitely not in the minority on this...even Mean Gene of the Canes' Storm Squad agrees with me...

"Who is the one person you would most like to see checked into the boards? Stuart Scott"
German "Reality" TV Update

or "Everything But the Rats".
The Boston Capitals?

With Gonchar, and now Nylander, we might as well start calling the Bruins that...
Tiger In the Spotlight

Now THAT'S a tee-off!

And while we're on the subject of all things golf...THIS is pretty darn incredible too.
Night of the Upsets

Congratulations to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets on upsetting Dook AND ending their 41 game strong home winning streak, the longest in the nation. Also, congrats to the Maryland Terrapins on defeating NC State at the RBC Center AND on Senior Night. While Tech's winning makes the Jackets tied with UNC for fourth place, and State's losing allows for Dook to take the ACC season title, this Tar Heel is still delighted... :)

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

If You Looked Up "Leaf Fans" In Your Funk and Wagnalls...

...this would be the definition.
Overclocked Remix of the Week

After last night's Canes game...this cannot help but fit my mood then cheer me up in a course of six minutes.
Tired of the Same Old Baby Names?

Go the corporate route.

There was another article on this subject not too long ago...according to it, some dude named their baby ESPN. As Dave Barry would say, I am not making that up!
Ooooh...Duh Dollar!

Finding a lucky penny is nothing compared to this.
Did Somebody Say Ewwww, McDonald's?

While Mickey D's has never had the greatest food...this health campaign they've started is, to quote Balki, redeekulous. First, the menus showing how much calories and/or fat the food contains. Then, the introduction of health foods (more salads, veggies, fruits, and yogurt) on the menu. Now, they've announced plans to chuck all Supersize portions. And to be honest, all of that doesn't pee me off nearly as much as what's behind McD's all of a sudden being more health conscious...of course, the infamous fast food lawsuit ("Fast food should be good for you." - What did/does that bozo think McD's and other fast food joints are supposed to be, school cafeterias?) AND a film called Super Size Me, where to prove the point, the director ate McD's EVERY FREAKIN' DAY for a month. In that regard, DUH. Of course you're going to get overweight and unhealthy if you eat nothing but McDonald's for an entire month...even a week is bad enough. Because of that, I can't quite blame Mickey D's on their feelings towards Super Size Me...

"The company has called the documentary "a super-sized distortion of the quality, choice and variety available at McDonald's." It says the film is not about McDonald's but about Spurlock's decision to act irresponsibly by eating 5,000 calories a day — "a gimmick to make a film."

Scary to think that it *used* to be common knowledge that fast food is not good for you...but thanks to a stupid-butt lawsuit (and we are in the age of them) AND so-called documentary*, we have to be spoon-fed it. Not to mention how what used to be the best darn fries period have been ruined because of the "fast food needs to be better for you" tripe...

* - I know that the obesity issue is factored in here too...but I can't help wondering if it has become more escalated because of the said lawsuit and/or film.
Goodmon Stirring Up A Storm

Nobody could put my feelings on this better than JeffBear @ FanHome...

"Goodmon being seriously interested in investing in the Canes is FANTASTIC news people. For one, he's class to the core ... and one of Raleigh's most seriously community minded rich guys. For another, he's incredibly media savvy and deeply involved in the cutting edge of HDTV development. That positions Carolina well for the future if this comes to pass. For another, his family is perfectly capable of owning this team on their own should Karmanos decide to split at some point in the future.

Nothing but good news here."
Peyton's In the Moolah

I like Peyton Manning...but boy, is that one freakin' ridiculous paycheck. With the CBA crap and all, I hope the NHL players aren't getting any ideas...

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Ouch! That Stings

Man oh man...what a HORRIBLE game tonight! Unlike a few, I don't think the Canes' effort against the Blue Jackets was the worst this season despite being shutout, but it was up there. I thought the Canes showed a tiny bit of jump here and there. But either way you cut it, there goes the point streak... At least the warmup was fun.

Report coming soon.

Also, congratulations to the UNC Tar Heels on their fifty wins in a row against Clemson in Chapel Hill!
Forget "Deep Impact" and "Armageddon"

This would dissolve both of those for thousands of points...

Monday, March 01, 2004

Buh-Bye Internet Explorer!

Out with the old, in with the new...Mozilla's Firefox is THE way to browse, baby! 8)
Happy Birthday Ronnie Francis!

Today, March 1st, is the Franchise's birthday...and I get to attend the practice taking place during it! :D A report for that, along with a game report, will be coming later on.

Edit as of 4:11 p.m.: Well, so much for that idea...not surprisingly, the Canes cancelled today's practice because of their getting in rather late from Minnesota (Sometime between 3 and 5 a.m.). So, no practice report. :( But, I will be going to tomorrow's game and will be in the Lower definitely looking forward to that. :)
I *Must* See "Miracle"

Unfortunately, I have still yet to see what I hear is one of the best hockey movies ever made. :( Oh the meantime, I can say what a fine article by Tripp Tracy this is.