Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Canes/Sabres - Game Six: Random Musings and Observations

- 'Cause it can never be said enough, especially after an effort like the one that took place tonight: Gawd, that sucked.

- I'm getting sick of "Linda" Ruff and his constant b*tching and whining during his press conferences AND from the bench. Smug a-hole who is SOMEHOW getting everything to go his way (SERIOUSLY, I cannot be the only one to have noticed this being at least the second game where Buffalo had absolutely zip penalties called on them in two thirds of the game)...I'm sorry, but saying the refs are having no backbone in this series may be more right on than some realize.

- I'm also getting sick of the Swords' ABSOLUTE JOKE of a Captain feeling like he can tell members of the other team what they can do AND/OR how "pathetic" they are. After Briere's treatment of Staal over the said Cane's constantly tripping (NO THANKS to Buttmunch's annoying teammates), I think tossing the head Sabre naked into a swimming pool full of wolverines would be a mild punishment.

- Yet another thing I am sick of: OLN and their making it quite obvious that the Sabres are the new "America's team". First Detriot, and now Buffalo.The Canes just can never seem to avoid meeting these "patriotic, sissyotic" fine representatives of our country AND hockey culture...

- I may have picked this series to go seven games...but that doesn't mean I really wanted to see it happen. I would have much preferred the series to have ended tonight. The Canes may have the home advantage, but if they don't play a complete sixty minutes, that will be all they have.

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Stanley Is Here!!

Actually, he/it has been here since Friday...but I had a few things I wanted to do with him/it before the presentation...but now I am ready:

Stanley is not a children's book character (the only actual guess I had, thanks to mdsteele47)...Stanley happens to be the name of my new MP3/WMA player.

Yeah, always having to be different, I went with something else other than iPod.

Why the name "Stanley" for my new Gigabeat AND first ever MP3 player? Well...when I read the official color description, "Silver/Champagne", I couldn't resist naming it after a certain trophy. :D

Oh, how sweet it is...

...seriously, combined with the new Sennheiser headphones AND the personalized sound equalizer, the sound is THE BEST I've ever heard. :D

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Canes/Sabres - Game Five: Random Musings and Observations

- Overall, even with Gerber, the Canes played well tonight. Actually, I'd go as far as saying that the score is a little misleading on how well the Canes played.

- Because I didn't say it during last game's RM&O, when he is in black Sabres warm-up gear AND a black Sabres cap, Lindy Ruff looks like he would mug you in the middle of night somewhere in Buffalo. o_O That said, the Swords' uniform color change (as of next season) sure couldn't get here sooner.

- The reasons the Canes won:

1. They actually played a GOOD SECOND PERIOD!! Outside of Game Four, I was starting to lose all hope of this happening. Maybe I should be more cynical.

2. Brindy won a lot of his face-offs. Not that he hasn't done this a lot...but one glaring thing I remember way back when all hope seemed lost vs. Montreal was that Brindy wasn't winning his face-offs. As a matter of fact, things got so bad that for a little while, Lavy put in Staal for face-offs. That said, in all honesty, I have not kept up with the face-off stat this series...but I get the feeling that tonight, coupled with Game Four, has been one of the Canes' best games face-off wise.

- Boy, OLN sure is pushing that "Tournament" thing...from what little I have seen through the ads, I'll pass. And instead watch all of The Red Green Show I've saved on my Comcast DVR, thank you.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Stormbringer's Week In Review: May 22nd-28th, 2006

And did he happen to have golden locks?

*insert techno beat here* Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger...

How...just how can you mistake a HAND GRENADE for a POTATO?! O_O

I bet you male readers wish there were pictures posted with these... *does an evil laugh*

I knew it was getting pretty rough to be a child AND a teacher in this world, but geez...

I *still* think Elton John/Artie the Strongest Man In THE WORLD(!!) played a role...

Note to self: Don't attend Morrissey's concerts, ever.

To all of the yahoos who think Starbucks is this:

Yo Sabres, a new mascot is awaiting your call...

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Canes/Sabres - Game Four: Random Musings and Observations/YTMND of the Week!

The Buffalo and national media, Lindy Ruff, and a certain few Raleigh area locals just don't know what the jazz is all about...those Canes were funky, funky, funky man!

Yep, I think that sums it all up. :D I love it when the Canes play so good, they don't need a whole lot of 'plainin' for me to do...

(Yeah, I know I've featured that YTMND before...but darnit, it *is* the best one ever, IMHO.)

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Friday, May 26, 2006

"What's That There On Them Statues?! GIT IT OFF!!!!111!!11!!!1!"

Quite obviously, the nut, who knifed the jerseys off of the statues around the Capitol building in Raleigh (for those too lazy to check out the link), hates the Canes and hockey. No doubt that he's probably one of those "holier than thou Southerners" who cannot stand anything "Northern" invading "their territory"...

"He claimed that it was a procedural thing, since they didn't get permission from the Dept of Cultural Resources or whomever and nothing against the Canes."

Nothing against the Canes my ass!! If he had nothing against the Canes/hockey, the jerseys would still be on the statues.

It's one thing to simply not like a team and/or their sport, but it's another to take that just a little too far...

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Edit: Adding more salt to the wound, from this morning's Raleigh News and Observer...

"My name is Zebulon Vance Stephenson III, so you know where I stand -- with Mr. Jones," said the Knightdale postal supervisor whose great-grandfather worked for Vance after the Civil War helping Confederate veterans find a job. "As for ice hockey, I look on it like I do a bowel movement -- this too shall pass."

Oh, how "Southern"...

Even though I understand featuring an opinion from the opposing side of the matter, did the N&O *really* have to include that quote in bold? How freakin' unnecessary can you get?!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Canes/Sabres - Game Three: Random Musings and Observations

- Once again, that sucked.

- If the Canes would play a complete sixty minutes of hockey, the world would be a better place.

- I cannot deny that the Canes *are* taking stupid penalties here and there. But at the same time, the officiating in this series has been crap, to put it somewhat nicely.

- As good a job as he has done with the Sabres, if Lindy Ruff gets the Jack Adams Award over Peter Laviolette, I'm gonna hurl.

- Stanley is still coming...possibly today, more than likely tomorrow or Saturday. Hafta admit that I'm getting impatient for him/it...but, it is fun to leave all of you guessing as to what him/it is. :D

No, it's not what you are thinking...get your mind(s) out of the damn gutter.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Canes/Sabres - Game Two: Random Musings and Observations

- MUCH BETTER. In these aspects AND quite possibly more:


Defense (KILLER moves by A. Ward and Wes...let us all hope they are not too banged up)



ESPECIALLY that last one...didn't hear nearly as much, IF ANY cheering whenever Buffalo scored. A lot more much needed support for the Canes this time around...perhaps some people are reading my responses to Ronnie Franchise's blog, at least the one to his post about Game One of this series, where I acknowledged the crowd issue. That said, after what I posted in response to his comments regarding Game Two, maybe there will be a Caniac invasion in Buffalo. It's certainly not *completely impossible*... ;D

- On a somewhat non-related note, Stanley is coming...stay tuned.

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Edit: If you get the time, read this and if we did not need anymore proof of why the Canes deserve a certain Cup AND the Sabres, or at least their fans anyway, do not.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Stormbringer's Week In Review: May 15th-21st, 2006

And was Goober Pyle among them?


Gee, I bet *that* was/is a fun job...

Great, now I can't get a certain Smashing Pumpkins song out of my head.

I think this further proves my theory that Elton John moonlights as Artie the Strongest Man in THE WORLD(!!)...

...then again, maybe such a stunt was pulled off by the guys who also did this.

Looks like Indiana Jones better stay the hell out of Great Britain...

Mas tequila, mate!

"My baby, she wrote me a letter!"...fifty-six years ago.

Talk about an insult to injury...even if the dude was/is starting to like his "injury".

To say "She's doing something right." is putting it quite mildly, IMHO...

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Canes/Sabres - Game One: Random Musings and Observations

- Unlike my brother, I'm not exactly sure I would call today's game "rotten". But, it certainly wasn't great...

- Just like the rest of the team, Cam Ward seemed a little off. He played good overall, but could have done better at times...especially when that second Buffalo goal was scored.

- My gawd...where were the Canes? Sure didn't sound like Raleigh, but instead the land of saucy chicken. Throw in mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, and cheese...and one might as well say that the Canes were/are playing in a KFC Bowl.* How's that for surreal thinking? Maybe the Canes ate such crap for lunch before the game...

- Really, I don't have a whole lot more to say for now...other than Canes fans, don't get too down, AND Buffalo fans, don't get too high. Tis only the first game...and we all know what happened between the Canes and Habs, despite the former falling to 0-2 in their first home games of the playoffs.

* - Yeah, I'm runnin' home with making fun of that monstrosity of an "entree"...

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Overclocked Remix AND YTMND of the Week!

This week's OC Remix is a bouncier AND quirkier version of the already bouncy and quirky Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link take on the penultimate classic Legend of Zelda series overworld theme...

The only worst punishment I can think of is to be dumped into a vat of Buffalo Wing sauce OR a KFC Bowl...

Speaking of YTMND, check out what yours truly discovered last night...

First Ronnie Francis, and now Picard...all of the great captains are getting their own blogs. :D
A Couple of Shout-Outs In the Raleigh News and Observer

abnormal27 and CasonBlog have found themselves in the N&O...many congrats to them!

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Who the Hell Would Eat This?

Besides Steve AND a few nuts at Inside Carolina, who the hell would eat a KFC bowl?

And what is up with the trend of mixing food together anyway? First those Homestyle Bakes that let you combine biscuits, meat, veggies, and/or sauce into a "scrumptious casserole"; then breakfast bowls and "special biscuits/sandwiches" (at least at Hardee's and Burger King), and now the KFC Bowl...bleeeeecchh!!

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's Official: I Rock.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Canes/Devils - Game Five: Random Musings and Observations

Not only is this our "Wooooooo!" time, but we can always use a little more dancing Picard...

Current "Music" - NHL on OLN
Stormbringer's Week In Review: May 8th-14th, 2006

A string of robberies?! At their ages, how could they even get away with that?!

And soon before we know, 'dog' will become even more popular to translate than Klingon...

Five orders of pancakes is just a snack?! I hate to think how many the guy would actually eat at breakfast...

I've heard of heavy sleepers, but geez!

Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day!" like Stilton perfume!

That's one tough woman to not only fight a gator but also seemingly not think too much of its bite.

"They are thieves, plain and simple." - And that's what the Sheriff of Nottingham said about the "real" thing...

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Canes/Devils - Game Four: Random Musings and Observations

- (does her best Ernest from Ernest Goes To Camp) Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww...

- Looking back on my Game One RM&O, I cannot believe I said NBC did a good job last Saturday. Afterall, they *did* show that gawdawful Stevens hit on my Ronnie...and apparently, according to a message board or two AND in addition to all of the other Stevens (AND Scott Gomez) worship, NBC showed the said hit AGAIN and/or a similar hit on Shane Willis.

- Happy, Brodey? Kind of glad that the Canes got in a goal so he wouldn't gloat about how he shut out "those horrible divers!". Hypocrite...thanks to at least one Devil pulling off that very thing Brodey whined about a couple of days ago.

- I so hope I will get the John and Tripp Show tomorrow night...probably won't though, due to OLN carrying the game too...rat farts!!

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Overclocked Remix AND YTMND of the Week!

Here's to the Canes' game today AND overall series vs. New Jersey being just like the title of this week's remix...

Just when you thought the Cosby craze couldn't get any more crazier...

And it's complete with a Jello pudding pop reference! Gotta look *real carefully* for it, though...

If there was ever a "Cosby corp" anime of sorts, I know of the perfect rival "corp": David Bowie.

"Hunky Dory" Bowie, Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke, Major Tom/"Ashes To Ashes" Bowie, "Boys Keep Swinging" Bowie, the Buddha of Suburbia...I better stop. Poor Cosby and his clones wouldn't know what they were up against...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Canes/Devils - Game Three: Random Musings and Observations

- First off, an apology for this being delayed...Comcast, bless their Philly Flyboy supporting* hearts, decided to pull the plug on their Internet connection around 6:00 yesterday evening. And they didn't decide they were just kidding** until sometime around 9:00 or 10:00 this morning. So yes, that made last night quite fun...especially when I *really* wanted to write about Game Three after it had happened.

- Anyway, 50% power play. Day-umn. I knew the Canes were playing great...but wow. See? I'm not totally being off the mark in saying that these Canes are better than the best Canes the regular season had to offer.

- OLN, give it up. We know you love the Devils so frickin' much that you just cannot admit that they and their precious Marty Brodeur are in deep doo-doo. Again, just give it up, PLEASE.

- If I see one more Flomax ad (I forgot where I heard/read the comment about "What do a bunch of old men in a convertible have to do with a Viagra knockoff?"...but to whoever said it, RIGHT ON.), Mark Messier reference, or even Kiefer Sutherland*** "My Stanley Cup" ad, I'll pull out my hair.

* - For those of you who don't know or have forgotten, Comcast, the people behind OLN, and their C.E.O. are HUGE supporters of their homebase Philadelphia Flyers. wonder the OLN crew sounds so freakin' bitter, even with all of their biasness towards the nearby Devils.

** - Those of you who do not get the Airplane! reference, shame on you.

*** - When are they going to FINALLY get someone else to do the narration/voice-over work for the Stanley Cup promotional stuff? I'm getting a little sick of Mr. 24...yes, that's right, I am one of the extreme few people who do not care for "The Jack Bauer Show". Oh, and while I am at it, I don't care for Lost either. ;P

Current Music: "Across the Universe" by David Bowie

Edit as of 2:50 PM: After writing it in my LiveJournal blog, I felt the following, which can be considered a disclaimer of sorts, should be posted here...

"2) Flomax isn't a Viagra knockoff. It's for guys who can't pee cos of an enlarged prostate."

Don't blame moi...I was just putting down what someone else said, who might have been Jay Leno the more I think about it. Be it him or someone else, can you blame them? It is quite easy to be confused the way that ad is put together, even if they are flat out saying that Flomax is for prostate problems.

Anyway, regardless of who is wrong or not, still doesn't stop me from saying the Flomax ad AND other ads of its nature get on my nerves.

Current Music (as of this edit): "I'm Going Mad" by The Scorpions

Edit #2: More from the "Tell this to Jay Leno/whoever, not me." department...

"Point of order... the enlarged prostate actually causes frequent sudden urges to pee, but difficulty doing so. I think the idea with the old guys in the convertible is that they wouldn't have to stop every 10 miles 'cuz someone had to use the little boys tree, like my dad did growing up. I guess that part of it just resonates with me in a way it wouldn't for others...

And I am sick of the ad, but it beats the bloody beep-beep one."

In other words, it's basically the "guy version" of the "Gotta go! Gotta go! Gotta go right now!" commercial.

Yeah..."Beep beep!" is pretty bad too. Scares me that that is an actual song AND group doing it. o_O

Y'know, if only I knew that one of my comments that wasn't even about the Canes/hockey would generate this much stuff...I would have thought that if anything generated any controversy, it would have been my comment about not liking Lost. CERTAINLY NOT my Flomax complaint. Oy vey...

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So, I Watched Monday Night's Episode of Medium...

...thanks to Comcast DVR. The reason behind my seeing such a thing being that Kelsey Grammer was guest-starring as a Frasier Crane-like character with an interesting twist. And I simply adore Grammer's work, especially after rediscovering Frasier on Lifetime during lunchtime, and now breakfast time. Why can't they have it on both times? Honestly, The Nanny is getting quite trite, AND, if they can have two hours of The Golden Girls in the morning, why not two hours of Frasier?!

Anyhoo, Medium sucks. It is just so blah...which is highly disappointing considering the supernatural aspects of the show. Even Grammer, as much as I enjoyed watching his presence as "Death", was rather restricted. I even joked to myself at the end that what the show needed was "Death" singing "Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs", either in one of the main character's dreams or at the end of the show.

It all wasn't a total loss...cruising around the web for opinions about Grammer's appearance, I found out that he is playing the Beast in the upcoming X-Men movie. Huzzah!!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Canes/Devils - Game Two: Random Musings and Observations

- This game was just a little too close for in 3 seconds close. But, it sure makes for a *very* entertaining playoff game...quite possibly THE most entertaining one thus far.

- When he's not getting shelled, Brodey proves to be uber-annoying in not only the legendary saves he still makes, but also in getting physical (thus making Olivia Newton-John happy...*shudders*) with one or two Canes AND getting them in the box instead of the Devs who should be representing Marty and his penalties. That was a bumrap Williams got if I ever saw one... *shakes her head*

- What in Hades happened to the Canes' power play?! Geez...I realize the Devils weren't going to play sucky all four-seven games. BUT, if the Canes had kept AND will keep up the play they had going this past Saturday, the Devils are practically toast.

- That said, the Canes won tonight because once Cam Ward was pulled near the end of the third, the mojo from Saturday returned. Now, if only the Canes could keep that (I.E. play a full 60 minutes of hockey) throughout not only this series, but the rest of the playoffs in general.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Stormbringer's Week In Review: May 1st-7th, 2006

Ah, it's Basil Fawlty's Austrian cousin!

And I am fully expecting a headline to come out next week saying that people who *wanted* their hair dyed green snuck into the pool.

But, would someone be willing to kiss someone with hayfever?

Coming soon to a theatre near you: Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Boats, Ships, Carts, Cycles, Sleds, Skateboards...

Hey, if you can make wine from dandelions and elderberries, then why not seaweed?

Maybe this will put the Canes Playoff Rounds 3 and 4 ticket prices into more perspective, somewhat...

Perhaps he should have left home without it...

Pigs can incite riots, eh? Well, I sure hope that doesn't give the Raleigh, NC P.D. any further ideas regarding Stormy...

Quite apparently, these people have never seen Monty Python's marriage guidance counselor skit...

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Canes/Devils - Game One: Random Musings and Observations

- Holy crap...where were these Canes all season long?! Yes, when I say all season long, I'm including the first two thirds when the Canes were actually impressive. These Canes are better than those Canes, IMHO. And just think, Cole is still in the press box...

- So Marty Brodeur wrote some online article slamming the Canes? It must have been quite a doozy to send the Canes lighting up Brodey like they did.

- Nothing says "Happy Birthday!" to the said goaltender like having him start the series with a 6.00 GAA. *does a Muttley laugh*

- What is up with the AO-Hell Instant Messenger mascot-like animated dude throughout today's game on NBC? I could understand such a thing if the game was on the WB, but it was not... o_O Where's Peter Puck when you really need him/it?

- Surprisingly, the NBC coverage was pretty good to the Canes today. A bit more complimentary to the said team than I thought it would be...

- After first hearing about it waaaay back in 2002, I finally got to see the infamous Scott Stevens hit on my beloved Ronnie Francis...Oh. My. God. To say that was gruesome would be putting it mildly...even five years after it happened, I couldn't help but feel my heart crumble at the sight of Ronnie stumbling AND being in pain on the ice like he was. How on Earth can Stevens live with himself after causing injuries like that one?

Current Music: "Do I Do" by Stevie Wonder
Overclocked Remix AND YTMNDs of the Week!

Before I post this week's OC Remix, I must say that I am not a huge fan of SNK's King of Fighters series...unlike a lot of fighting/martial arts game fans, who often deem KoF to be "the be all, end all of fighting games". A few years ago, I played KoF '97 in a bowling alley's arcade, and I just was not that impressed. It could have just been that one machine, but the controls were crap AND they gave you barely five seconds to put together your team of three or four fighters. The controls were so bad that I'm not even sure I would have done well with the often recommended Bogart Brothers team...if I then knew who they were in that series.

Anyhoo, whenever I'm in a fightin' mood, it's gotta be Street Fighter or Tekken for me. But, that does not stop me from *really* liking this mix...

Not to mention how that would make for some delicious warm-up and/or introduction music at a Canes game.

The beauty of in full effect: Watch how a lame YTMND... birth to a bunch of HILARIOUS YTMNDs. (*Personal favorites marked with asterisks*)

** - I swear he looks A LOT like Ray Charles there. o_O

** - Scarily enough, that *does* sound like a song that would be used in a Tekken game's stage.


Had to save the best one for last...especially for you, Whaler fans!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

To Quoteth Murphy...

..."The light at the end of the tunnel is the headlamp of an oncoming train."

Y'know, it's times like this that if I was still living in Raleighwood, I am glad that I am not a season ticket holder...even one of those Subway Stretch Packs.

Nearly a 200% increase on tickets for the Eastern Conference Finals AND the Stanley Cup Finals? Criminy...can you *really* blame everyone in the above thread for p*ssing and moaning like they are doing? For once, I actually feel pretty bad for the STHs, in addition to the average walk-up price paying fans.

Just like some of the people in that thread, I cannot help but fear the major price hike being a possible ploy to have a reason for moving the team. Think about it: Empty seats due to higher prices = Seemingly nobody coming to support the Canes. I sure as hades hope I am being paranoid...but if I'm not, Here To Play, Here To Stay my butt.

Current Music: "Murder By Numbers" by The Police


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Canes/Habs - Game Six: Random Musings and Observations

I think this sums it all up.
Don't Mind the Mess

Giving ye olde Blog of Madness a wittle makeover...which will hopefully be done by early this afternoon.

Stay tuned.

Edit: Done...let me know what you think! :)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Canes/Habs - Game Five: Random Musings and Observations

Well...because 1. I'm lazy. and 2. I don't have a ton of time because I am getting ready to go out and get more goodies to appease her feline highness; I will just post what I posted last night in the one and only Ronnie Francis' blog.

Hmmmmm...first "y'all", and now "Git R Done"? I say, you've most definitely adapted quite well to Southern living, Mr. Francis. :D

In all honesty, I did not see a lot of Game Five due to having gone out to eat. But what I did see (the third period), I LOVED. It was made obvious that the Canes played just as good as, if not better than in Game Four.

And even though I didn't watch the first two periods, my brother did, and told me that the Canes' power play was AWESOME. Thus making me glad that I did record the game. :D

Got to see the penalty kill in the third, and that was wonderful too, as you very well noted. I have become incredibly impressed with the improvement in not just the Canes' overall gameplay, but especially the power play and penalty kill aspects of it. The former was really killing them in the fourth quarter of the season...very, VERY good to see the Canes make a turn-around with that.

And I wouldn't feel right if I did not mention Cam Ward too...the kid has been nothing but, well, to borrow from one Jimmy "J.J." Walker, DYNE-O-MITE(!!), in the crease. I'm looking quite forward to further good times from the boy, during the playoffs AND in the future.

Anyway, yes, the Canes certainly have the Habs where they want 'em...and it will be best to finish them off Tuesday. Don't need to give the Habs a win nor a sense of momentum.

And yes, Ronnie did actually say "Git R Done"...go see for yourself. :D