Thursday, May 31, 2007

All of A Sudden, I Have A Startling Urge To Throttle A Couple of People...

...specifically, a certain bald egomaniac and attitudinal defenseman who *really* needs to retire.

Remember the Mark Messier Leadership Award? It's not just a monthly thing...
there is an annual version too. And the winner of it? For those of you who couldn't figure it out from the opening sentence of this entry: Chris "I'm friends with Alan "Steve Dallas"* Thicke!" Chelios!!

Whenever I get good feelings about the colorful tapistry of hockey history and the individuals who have made for that (as a matter of fact, last night, I ordered a book about one of the sport's absolute true good guys AND great coaches in Roger Neilson...the overall subject of this post makes me want that book to get here that much quicker), along come one or both of those a-holes to drench that tapistry with a freakin' huge bucket or two of black paint (or in Mess' instance, blue, and for Chelly, red).

Why do I feel that way about those two? Oh...I'll just let my fellow Score Boarders do the talking...just to prove how I am definitely not the only one.

"I heard them saying on XM the other day ago that (Chelios) didn't shake hands with Anaheim when they lost.

What's worse is that the XM hosts were defending him for it, applauding his discipline for not starting trouble in the handshake line by simply not doing it.

What a bag of crap."


"You're being far too kind. Don't forget the great job he did captaining the 1998 Olympic team in Nagano. After finishing 7th or whatever, they trashed their rooms.

How do you win "Leader of the Year" if you're not even an Alternate on your team?"

"He somehow managed to avoid trouble when he shook hands with the Flames and Sharks after Detroit WON those series. What an a-hole. And Messier just continues to make me wish he'd go away with such a weak award. Just another horrible decision by the NHL to put this attention hound front and center.

At least call it what it is, the "Mark Messier Cronies Award," and don't let him get away with making this look legit."


As posters like to say at Television Without Pity, WORDY MCWORD to the Mark Messier Cronies Award thang. I don't know what angers me more about the "Leadership Award": The fact that there are AT LEAST TEN, IF NOT MORE current/former Captains I can think of who were/are far better at the position than Messier could ever hope to be; AND/OR how this is adding fuel to the Messier AND Chelios ego-fires.

That said, I seriously cannot think of a better closing remark AND potshot than this...

"It's amazing that Messier can walk upright-- I'd think with a head that large, he'd keep falling face first."

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* - Have any of you seen the Tahiti Village ads with Alan Thicke? In the final few seconds, when they pan away from Thicke, he looks *just like* Steve Dallas from the Bloom County and Opus comic strips!! It's those sunglasses and Hawaiian shirt, I'm tellin' ya...and he looks so much like Steve, I keep expecting Opus the Penguin and/or Bill the Cat to emerge from the swimming pool/"lagoon". o_O

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Like Wardo himself, this is big...very big.

Someone posted at the following epistle in the official Canes board thread about this wonderful news...

"Looks like the cornerstones are in place for more success."

While I agree with that to a certain extent, at the same time, I cannot help but channel my inner Nathan Lane from The Birdcage, and say "Nooooot necessarily.". Why? Well, as long as the Canes keep practically the exact same defense (and not to mention the same backup goalie, who, I'm afraid, the Canes are stuck with for at least another season*) from this past season, I wouldn't really expect 'more success'. Heck, as good as Cam Ward already is AND has further potential to be, I lost count of how many times the defense let him down last season. Why Jim Rutherford is so insistent on keeping that defense together thus far is WAY BEYOND me.

Of course, I also keep in mind that what also didn't help in the now previous season was the power play and lack of a shootout king, who the Canes lost in Matt Cullen. But, I think the defense played just as huge a role in the Canes not being able to defend their 2006 Stanley Cup Championship.

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* - If only we could get Martin Gerber back...he looks like he's over the fact that he is practically destined to be a backup goalie. Of course, in addition to his being a decent backup, getting back a playoffs rabbit's foot would be nice too.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Scott Walker Might Be Living Up To His Name

Oh Scotty, whether you can help it or not, you and your name, well, walked into that one. ;P

Seriously, unless he changes his mind, Walker is most likely walking away from the Canes to test the free agency waters...making most of the Caniac Nation scream "HELP!!".

I understand why the Nation is reacting the way they are...Walker was definitely one of the better players on the squad last season. He had his scoring streaks, and actually showed a bit of grit here and there on what many can agree was a soft team, save the presences of Scotty, Brindy, and Whitney.

BUT, and I've said this before here or elsewhere, Walker was not the most consistent player. As a matter of fact, his best time of the season was from the beginning through around December. And I know this because I remember the days where I was able to pick up Scotty off of the Free Agency in one or two of my Fantasy Leagues AND rejoiced because he was on fire and it was amazing that nobody else beat me to picking him up; and then turn around and dump his butt because before I knew it, Walks' constant scoring stopped. overall opinion is that if Walker can somehow get back to his beginning of last season form, then I'm with the many doing their best Mr. Bill impression if Scotty does not remain a Cane. BUT, if he retains his opposite form, then count me among the rare few who could care less if Walks, well, walks or not.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Glen Wesley Keeps A Tickin'...

The News and Observer Article

Score Boards Thread

850 The Buzz Post

Just like Hedican, Wes has always been one of my most favorites ever since I got into the Canes in 2002. BUT, just like I was when it was announced that Hedican is possibly coming back to the Canes, I am a bit leery at Wes returning when he was not the greatest defenseman we had this past season. Neither was Heddy…it was not long ago that Bret was one of the fastest skaters, if not THE fastest skater on the team (once Kapanen went to the Flyers). I did not see that particular Bret Hedican this past season…nor did I see the Cup winning Glen Wesley either.

Again, I *really* like Heddy and Wes, and if they wanna be Canes for one more year…bully for them, I guess. But, it’s not gonna stop me from thinking that there are much better defensive options than them. Afterall, and I know I’m more than likely going to get jumped on for this, if David Tanabe is your overall best d-man for the season, then something is wrong, regardless of how much Nobber may have improved.

Current Music: "Clash At the Mountains" - The Legend of Zelda 4: Link's Awakening OverClocked Remix

P.S. If you feel like you're experiencing deja's 'cause you probably saw my words at either the Score Boards and/or 850 links, 'cause I'm lazy like that, especially when it's been a long day AND I'm already hungry.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Scott Walker Offered Three Years, Bret Hedican To Possibly Stay If Healthy

According to the Raleigh News and Observer...

"The Carolina Hurricanes were waiting for Bret Hedican to make a big decision. Turns out he already made it almost a year ago.

Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford said Monday that after the team reviewed its files, it discovered Hedican picked up his $2.4 million option for the 2007-08 season last year during the Stanley Cup finals.

"It's not that it slipped through," Rutherford said. "He had from that date until June 1 to exercise his option. He did it within two days after he could, while we were still playing."

Now the only questions are about his health. Hedican, 36, underwent hip surgery last summer and never fully recovered, missing a total of 16 games over the first four months of the season and the final 16 games of the season."


"While the Hurricanes will make most if not all of their player decisions during their meetings June 4-7, Rutherford said a three-year offer remains on the table for Scott Walker and he expected to meet with Rick Curran, the agent for Cam Ward and Glen Wesley, "within the next two weeks." Ward is a restricted free agent while Wesley is an unrestricted free agent."

As much as I like Heddy, I cannot help but be on the "Please retire now!" bandwagon regarding him. He was hurt and out a lot this past season...seemed like every other game or so Bret would be in the press box.

If Hedican can stay healthy this upcoming season, then I'm all for his coming back to the Canes. But, if it is going to be like last season, I'm not sure I want him taking up space on the blueline.


Outside of the Canes, there is other NHL news I cannot help but rejoice at...the Red Wings have gotten flushed out of the Playoffs by the Ducks!!

And what better way to celebrate than with our friend, the Toilet Duck!


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Monday, May 21, 2007

*does her best James Brown* I'm Back...I'M BACK!!

Get up offa that thing and dance 'til you feel better!!

I certainly feel better...I apologize for the week-long wait, but
as I mentioned over here, once I got my computer on Thursday, it still took a couple of days to get all of the stuff I wanted to keep from my old compy uploaded. Not helped by the fact that I royally screwed up the new PC's operating system (Windows XP Media Vista at least a year to come down in price AND get its kinks worked out) Friday night in hopes of quickly finishing up my uploading via Windows OneCare. Long story short, OneCare wasn't totally clear with its instructions of what its "Backup Restoration" does with the files. But all was well when I found out another reason why Hewlett-Packard's computers rock: They have an option where you can tell your computer's OS to revert to its "new condition" when it first arrived in its refurbished box. Yes, it meant having to re-upload certain things again, BUT I don't think I could have been any more happier doing that. I was just very, VERY GLAD to get my OS and its INCREDIBLE sound and graphics systems (and uber-nifty HP photo software) back after Friday night's debacle (which made me get out the laptop again so I could at least get my Adventure Quest fix before hitting the sack).

Speaking of the compy being a HP one (my previous one being a Compaq, which is technically a HP too...meaning that basically, I've never been able to completely shake myself of the brand), when given the opportunity to "name" it (much like you get to give your Nintendo Wii a name when setting it up), I thought of christening the PC "Patrick" or "Marleau", since my new compy is a HP Pavilion...think about it. But, I ended up going with "Reed", from the real name of my most favorite comic book character and practically the "human" computer of the Marvel Universe in Mr. Fantastic instead.

Speaking of him...god, I hope he and his team's second movie is a whole lot better than the first one. I'm STILL reeling in shock from how they effed up the total classic of an origin by having the future Dr. Doom tag along with the four soon-to-be fantastic ones. I'm sorry, but part of the charm of the Dr. Reed Richards/Victor Von Doom rivalry is the fact that they have never really gotten along. And when they have had to get along, it is more often than not a very unpleasant and begrudging time between the two geniuses.

In addition to that, a friend recently made me aware of a potential great effing up with another total classic in the upcoming movie...spoiler proofed for those of you who actually care:

Galactus is not a enormous intergalactic golum-like being as he has been portrayed in ink and paper...instead, he is merely a storm cloud. YES, A FREAKIN' STORM CLOUD!!!

As I told that friend, it scares me to think that ten years from now: The Flintstones will be known as candy that's supposed to be vitamins* instead of classic cartoon characters, Galactus will be known as a big ol' thunderstorm instead of a cosmos-born giant, and
Tecmo Super Bowl will be known as yet another crappy football video game franchise instead of the former glorious shell of itself, among a ton of other things.

The scary thing? I am not nearly as fanatic about the Fantastic Four as I once was in a former life. But, dagummit, I care about them and especially their movies, since that is what is finally getting my most beloved comic characters ever in my childhood/life in the spotlight after at least the 80's and the infamous John Byrne creative run. And it worries me that there are at least two, if not more things in those movies that make my skin crawl...if they can do that, then there is no telling how much Jack Kirby is tossing and turning in his grave.

Speaking of things that make one's skin crawl...time for my marketing geek-out of the moment: Have you seen the now not-so-recent Sprite "Sublymonal" commercials? I finally have, thanks to my morbid curiosity stemming from reading the following at Television Without Pity recently...

"Wah! I just saw another Sprite "Sublymonal" commercial. Lebron James skulks around a mansion wearing a lime-shaped helmet. They're stalking a gigantic walking tongue (okay, a guy in a tongue suit) with paintball guns. They find the tongue and alternately shoot it with green and yellow paintballs representing "lime" and "lemon." And, there are little people dressed as lemons and limes jumping in a pool.

I am not feeling refreshed or thirsty right now."

If you don't know what the heck I am talking about...the following will "refresh" your memory. And no, not one of these is the aforementioned jewel featuring a certain Cleveland Cavalier...

And remember, kids...

"Don't worry, it will only affect your brain."

I don't know about you or anyone else, but that screams " the Forrest Gump!!".

Besides, Sprite doesn't contain caffeine...what fun is that?

Current Music: "A Soldier's Memories" - Sailor Neptune's Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Single

* - I refuse to believe that freakin' "Gummies" are real, honest-to-goodness vitamins/supplements.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mama's Day!

A Happy Mother's Day to all moms, moms-to-be, grandmothers, and grandmothers-to-be in the Caniac Nation and beyond!

And who better to celebrate Mother's Day with than the mother of mamas herself...Mama!

Current Music: "There's No Other Way" by Blur

P.S. I apologize for the lack of posts the last couple of computer has died. *sighs* In the process of getting a new one...but in the meantime, I'm using my laptop PC, normally used for trips and such.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Wonder If It Will Be Sponsored By Chipotle...

Y'know...I never thought I'd see something that would top
Raleigh's Time and Light Tower* on the Ugliest City Landmark list, if there were ever to be such a thing. Well, that is no more, I'm afraid...I present to those of you who dare to click on the link, the proposed new entry for Chicago's skyline. (PG-13/TMI warning for some of the comments posted in response.)

Believe me, I made *very sure* it wasn't April Fools Day AND that it was not someone's twisted idea of a Photoshop joke...that sucker is for real. O_O

What made them think having the tower be round and swirly was a good idea?! Heck, what was wrong with

I'd be even more offended if I lived in and/or was from Chicago.

Current Music: "Feels So Good" by Chuck Mangione

* - In all honesty, the Time and Light Tower wouldn't look *that* bad if it was placed in a more open area, and not the one of the worst areas of Capital Boulevard AND Raleigh in general.

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Tonight's the Big Debut of the Conference Finals...

...let's have a jolly good laugh, shall we?

That very first clip makes me long for the days of when a certain hog had eyes that didn't make him look like he was high on something.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What A Mess!

Between the majority of the potential lineups AND the following revelation, I cannot help but swear that the hockey gods really have it in for yours truly with this year's fight for Lord Stanley...

"A few folks have also asked whether Peter Laviolette or John Forslund will be involved in the coverage of the Conference Finals on Versus in the coming weeks. As far as I know, Laviolette will not be, as NHL favorite son Mark Messier joins the Versus studio cast. There is a chance that Forslund may get to broadcast at least one game of the Western Conference Final between Anaheim and Detroit, but we are still waiting for confirmation one way or another on that. I do know that the Versus brass has been very pleased with the work of both men during their Stanley Cup coverage."


While I cannot say it is quite well known/notorious, I do have quite the dislike for The Mess, as I've come to call him. And while there are a bunch of things I could write in regards to his "analysis" having a presence on Versus over Laviolette's (who wowed the boys in the studio, in what little I saw of good ol' Pete's stint), I think I'll just let PackNCanes at the Score Boards do the talking...

"Oh good, His Regal Splendor Emperor Mark I will be gracing my airwaves again.

I sincerely hope he hands out a Mark Messier Leadership Award for each shift. And that he stops the game after each shift to do so. While they're at it, considering the events of the past week, why not have Messier resurrect Barbaro? That'd drive the ratings through the roof."

At the risk of sounding incredibly insensitive about (channels her inner John Cleese) the ex-horse, has a racehorse and his/her injury ever gotten as much coverage as Barbaro?! The way the media has been acting, it's like he is the first ever racehorse to have a critical injury...which is highly ridiculous, considering that, quite unfortunately, critical injuries happen to horses all the time at races. Such is AND has always been one of the hazards of the sport.

All that said, the fact that there has been more than necessary coverage about Barbaro is quite telltale about what a softie country we have become...if you ask me, anyway.

Going back to The Mess, let's not even get into that friggin' Leadership Award again...other than I don't know what makes that "award" more of a joke: Messier's name literally being all over it OR the fact that it's first recipient ever was Brendan Shanahan. Yes siree Bob, whenever I think of leadership, I think of the dude who practically whined his way out of Hartford and into Detroit...oh yeah. *rolls her eyes*

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cake Or Death?

That pretty much sums up how I feel about the upcoming NHL Conference Finals...with the Ducks being 'Cake' and those other three teams being 'Death'. Knowing my darned luck, the Cake will run out before it comes around to me, I.E. makes the Stanley Cup Finals. And folks, if it comes down to Detroit/Buffalo or Ottawa (no lesser of two evils on my side of the continent and NHL..sorry), chances are that I will not lay an eye upon a single game of this season's SC Finals for the very first time in my five year NHL fandom career. Sorry, but I *really* do dislike those three teams *that much*.

But, it won't be like I will not have anything to do...especially with my ever-growing Adventure Quest addiction. Of course, you'd be addicted too if you were doing as well at the game as I am doing. And if you're wondering what the heck all those items I currently possess are...well, read a book.

BTW, is it just me (and Best Week Ever), or does this highly-anticipated-for-over-ten-years Guns 'N' Roses release, "Chinese Democracy", sound like a horrible Godsmack tribute band? o_O

And I'm saying that based on the one Godsmack song I heard on MTV2 one day and kinda liked when I was in late middle school/early high school. Looking back on that, the only conclusion I can draw was that I'd had a *really* rotten day at school that day, and that song (I wanna say it was called "Leave Me Alone", but don't hold me up to that) summed up my mood perfectly.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

R.I.P. Steve Chiasson, April 17th, 1967-May 3rd, 1999

Today is the eighth anniversary of the death of Canes defenseman, Steve Chiasson, whose final moments are described quite well by
Greensboro Hurricanes...

"It was eight years ago today that Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Steve Chiasson died in a single-car accident after leaving a post-season party thrown by teammate Gary Roberts. His blood-alcohol level was .27, more than three times the North Carolina legal limit of .08.

The Hurricanes had lost Game 6 of their opening round series to the Boston Bruins that evening at the Fleet Center and were eliminated 4 games to 2.

Kevin Dineen, the former team captain, said he was with Chiasson in the garage and had gone back inside to find someone to take him home. When he got back, Chiasson was already gone.

The Hurricanes have not issued Chiasson’s number 3 to anyone since his death."

Unfortunately, I was not a Hurricanes/hockey fan at the time, but I do remember reading/hearing about the accident, AND ESPECIALLY seeing the flags attached to the fence around the gaping hole where the accident occurred at the water treatment plant on Falls of the Neuse Road. Unlike my parents (who had the audacity to make snide comments about the fact that Chiasson was a "damn yankee" AND a hockey player whenever we passed by the accident site...amazing what time AND ESPECIALLY a daughter's ever-growing fandom can do to change such crass attitudes), seeing the site touched me. And the memories of such still work their magic on moi today, especially the more I read about what a good guy Chiasson was on the team, both on and off the ice.

In honor of #3 today, I am wearing my "Blueline Defense Dept." shirt...since ol' Steve was a blueliner. And I don't think anything can sum up his and the Canes' tragedy anymore than PhilEsposito...

"A somber memory and a sad exclamation point on the end of season. Chaisson was one my favorites and certainly the heart of the D on that team. This was a tragedy at so many levels. One can only hope that when a high profile person fails so unnecessarily that others will take notice and modify their own behavior and save lives. That can be the only positive thing to come out of situations like these."

Coincidentally enough, a tragedy has befallen a fair member of the Caniac Nation, a man known as Pucking Lamplighter/Jim at the Score Boards Canes MB...

"Jim and Anne were involved in an automobile accident on April 21st. They were broadsided on the driver's side by a drunk driver. Anne had some minor injuries but Jim took the brunt of the impact. He sustained a serious head injury along with a fractured pelvis and a broken rib. It's going to be a long road to recovery"

From the "Jim Cornwall Recovery Fund" to
the efforts of Judge Wapner at the said message board, arrangements are being made for Jim to receive all sorts of aid, prayers, and encouragement possible. And you can it through sending money to the Jim Cornwall Recovery Fund, OR to Judge Wapner for his "keep his collection" auction (just respond to this thread and stay tuned on where to send the money), and/or if you live near Hillsborough, helping out with Jim's business or cooking a meal for his poor wife.

In closing, I feel it is best to remember the following...

"For all those born beneath an angry star, lest we forget how fragile we are..." - Sting

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Odds and Sods

With this year's NHL awards nominees announced, Rod Brind'Amour finds himself a finalist for the Frank J. Selke Trophy for a second year in a row.

Brindy may or may not win this thing again...what I am factoring regarding both aspects of that:

May Not Win:

Not on a playoff team.

Not on the media darling New Joysey Devils.

May Win:

Has the highest +/- of all the Selke nominees, the other two being Samuel Pahlsson and Jay Pandolfo (hence my Devs comment).

Of the three nominees, has the most goals scored.

Interestingly enough, even though the Selke is for defensive play, it more often than not goes to the man with the most goals scored. That said, Brindy should have this thing in spades. But that remains to be seen...especially if (does her best Putty from Seinfeld) THE DEVILS(!!) and Jay Pandolfo continue with their usual playoff reign of terror.

- On the other side of the player spectrum...
Anton Babchuk has most likely signed with a Russian club, Avangard OMSK, to be precise.

No surprise at all to me there...Anton was not the Canes' greatest defenseman this past season. AND, there were (thanks to this revelation, I highly suspect more than) rumors that Babs was not thrilled with his use on the team. Not to mention all the talk of him being potential trade the risk of showing off how un-savvy I am about contracts and such mess, I wonder if the Canes can still trade Anton's butt for either a (hopefully) better defenseman or at least a prospect of sorts, should Anton ever return to the NHL...

- In better Canes news,
the Canes announced that 2007-08 season ticket prices will remain unchanged from the 2006-07 season's STH prices. After all the speculation from PLENTY of fans, including myself despite not getting to attend at least one game this past season, about the Canes having the audacity to increase prices after such a rugged season, three cheers and a tiger for the Canes' brass for not doing what would have been a stupid move. Of course, I suppose setting an attendance average record (17,387 fans per game) AND a season sellout game record (NINETEEN!!) *really* helped. Who *still* dares to say hockey doesn't belong in NC? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

- For anyone consuming mass quantities while reading this, I highly recommend that you skip the following couple of paragraphs...

As I was enjoying my lovely breakfast of a Kashi TLC bar, milk, and coffee; the most unnecessarily disgusting ad embraced my television set. It was for the umpteenth new pregnancy big deal, right? Oh, wrong...SO. VERY. WRONG. After the ad got through closing in on the pregnancy test device, it backed away to show URINE SPLASHING ONTO THE DEVICE!!! It's a freakin' miracle that I did not do a spit take with my coffee as my eyes went as wide as dinner plates in a "Did I just see THAT?!" manner.
BUT, I did end up having a flashback to when I went and saw Apollo 13 at a theatre, and right when I took my very first bite out of a Reese's cup (Back then, I had a habit of not eating my candy until the movie "started getting *really* good" this instance, it was when the astronauts shot up into space.), a nicely sized glob of vomit floated across the movie screen. Um, yeah. o_O

As I've had to make clear here before, I am not a prude. BUT, I like to maintain a sense of decency. I'd love to think that people know what pee is AND how you make such a substance. But then again, such a statement more than likely underestimates the stupidity of this nation. o_O

- And I feel very safe saying that last sentence after reading the following this morning...

"Britney Spears just played live, for the first time in three years, at the House of Blues in San Diego. She performed for about 10 minutes.

SOURCE: It was the top story on the Fox 6 News tonight. And they've had continuing coverage throughout the newscast. *sigh*"

That blurb does not even mention how people actually paid $200 for that "performance". O_O

I don't know what melts my brain more...that, or the fact that the said "performance" was actually considered news to the point that they had CONTINUING COVERAGE OF IT. I would say "Only in California.", but what (almost prevented) me from doing that is keeping in mind that if Clay Aiken were to ever perform in Raleigh for the first time in three, five, ten, whatever years; there is no doubt that WRAL and/or other local TV news outlets down there would have continuing coverage of such an "event".

Between all of that, and Anna Nicole's baby's daddy (say that five times fast), it really, REALLY scares me what counts for actual news, locally AND nationally, these days...

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