Friday, March 31, 2006

Your Carolina Hurricanes: The 2005-06 Southeast Division Champs!

Even with the bad outings lately AND my complaints over them, it was just a matter of time before the Canes locked up the said title.

Way to go boys. *gives a thumbs up*

Now I got a shirt or two or three for which to save up my dough.
The Great Rocky Gap Manhunt - Update and Rundown

Ok, as of a 10:30 AM EST news update on the local ABC affiliate, WOAY, the dude being hunted down by the Virginia State Police AND Bluefield Police has been word yet on where and how. Getting ready to see if the noon news has anything new about the story...and as of 12:03, there is still nothing new. Hmmmmm...

Everything that happened last night was about as surreal as you could get...primarily because:

1. Even though I have lived most of my life in Raleigh, NC, an area in which the crime rate has always been slightly growing, I have never experienced a full-fledged manhunt like the one that happened on my family's property last night. Because of this, I kept joking about how we left the area with supposedly more crime, only to experience crime literally in our backyard.

2. When my dad and I were watching the 5:30 AM early bird edition of the WVVA 6 newscast, we noticed that the high speed chase that led to the manhunt stopped right in front of our own driveway at the bottom of Buckhorn Mountain. According to the news, at approximately 10:59 PM last night, it was right around there that the dude being hunted down fired eight bullets at the officers in pursuit. Apparently AND thankfully, the kid had horrible aim...two bullets hit the officers' car, while the other six totally missed. He also had a female accomplice, who was immediately caught before the manhunt took place.

3. During the said newscast, it was revealed that the criminal's last name was "Tilley"...when that was said, my dad proceeded to tell me the story of this really odd guy named Ryan Tilley. During last summer, he drove up our driveway on an ATV, and came up to our home's front door on the top floor, asking for work. My dad said that he had blond hair, just like Dustin, the wanted man. He also said that Ryan looked to be a little older, and was more than likely Dustin's brother. AND it turns out that they and the rest of their family used to live in the Rocky Gap a house that burned down only three or four months ago. o_O Pretty spooky stuff.


4. My dad and I were doing our nightly pool playing ritual when all of what was described in #2 took place. Around 11:05 or 11:10 PM, right when we had just started either our second to last or last game of the night, we heard a helicopter. For those of you not near the area, for some reason, it is *very rare* to hear helicopters and planes. So needless to say, my dad and I were a bit surprised to hear a helicopter. And since our dog needed to go out, we decided to take that as an oppotunity to find out what was going on. While our dog was doing his business, my dad and I looked at the chopper making its way around our side of the mountain...and for some reason, we didn't think too much of it at the moment. BUT, while my dad was acting like it was nothing to worry about, something creeped me out about how the helicopter was circling around the mountain. And I got to brooding upon it as my dad and I went back to our pool game. Just right before we got back to shooting, I said to my dad:

"Are you sure that they are not looking for a criminal or an escaped convict?"

My dad simply let out a little laugh, and practically told me to not be ridiculous. Famous last words.

So, once my dad and I got through with our pool shooting for the night, I refilled my water cup and took that and the remains of my Diet Cheerwine down with me. Then, for the next hour or so, I did my usual computer activities. During that time, I noticed the helicopter kept circling around the mountain...AND was so close over the house that my bedroom/apartment was vibrating. o_O Very needless to say, I was starting to feel a little, I decided to pay my brother a visit in his room, and see if he was aware of what was going on.

Thankfully, my brother, Justin, had not bathed and gotten ready for bed yet...he was watching the Lakers attempting to defeat the Spurs. I entered his room and asked him if he heard the chopper(s). He told me he did AND that he thought they were circling the mountain, but he wasn't all that least not yet. But that was getting ready to change...

Thirty minutes after I returned to my room, around 12:30/45, the very close helicopter noises and vibrations began to return. And this time, they were considerably the point that as much as I dreaded it, I had to take a look. What I saw made me immediately get Justin, who had just finished his bath: A spotlight from a chopper beaming down upon our pasture, then our yard, and eventually our home's rooftop.

Justin, in nothing but his Monopoly boxer shorts (my *very tiny* attempt at humor in this thing...forgive me) accompanied me to one of the windows closest to my room's entrance in what I like to now call the Ping Pong room, thanks to a somewhat new Ping Pong table we got about a month ago. And there we stood, watching as over the course of five-ten minutes, the whole side of the mountain was eventually bathed in bluish-white light. At this point, Justin told me that we better check the local TV station sites to see if something was being said about either a manhunt or a search for a lost kid or missing person.

I immediately went to the WVVA 6 website, and lo and behold, the following article had been posted AND was in an alert marquee...


A robbery and malicious wounding in Bluefield, West Virginia leads to a high speed chase, one arrest and one suspect at large.

According to authorities, the suspects wrecked at 10:59 pm, in their black Dodge 4x4 in the Rocky Gap area, following the pursuit.

Eight shots were fired at officers, with two hitting an officers patrol car.

One female was apprehended from the vehicle, and the suspect, Dustin Jay Tilley, is still at large

Tilley is 18 years old, 5 foot 8, 160 pounds with green eyes and blonde hair.

He is reportedly wearing camoflage and dark jeans.

Police believe he is also linked to a Cargo convient store robbery in september of last year.

At this point, my heart started to pound to the point where it felt like it was going to jump out of me, and all I could think was...

"Oh, sh*t."

It was bad enough that the helicopters were out in full force like they were, but to know that the man they were after was armed AND not afraid to shoot...Oh. My. GOD.

Justin read the article with me, and he tried to act very calm...but you could tell he was starting to get a bit shaky himself. We went back to the window, watching the choppers and their lights comb the landscape. Five minutes later, as we were trying to comfort ourselves and try to see what was going on, a group of about ten or so officers, each with a flashlight, started to surround the house. One of these officers came up to the window at which me and Justin were standing, and asked to speak to us. When that happened, we knew it was going to be a long night AND that our mother and father, who had amazingly been sleeping through the whole mess, had to be awakened.

My dad somewhat did not believe it was the police at first, and still in a half-dozed off state, yelled what authority did they have to be on our property. Then, my mother came down the stairs, startled awake by the officers knocking on the outside door next to her bedroom. When everything had somewhat been settled about a minute or so later, my dad turned off the security system, let the officers in (during this, our dog went crazy and ran out onto the bottom floor deck/porch...thankfully, my mom was able to grab Chaz and hold onto him), and they inspected the house to be sure that the criminal did not somehow make his way in and hide somewhere. Once that was over, during which the officers got a pretty nice tour of the house, they told us that they were going to comb our property by chopper, foot, and eventually, K-9 unit.

So then, after we turned on all of the outside lights and a few indoor lights along with the security system, it basically became one huge waiting game. From 2:00 to 6:00, I paced all around the house...first alternating from peeking through the master bathroom window at all of the goings-on (including the searching of the barn AND an incomplete "three-walled" house on a nearby hill AND the bringing out of BOTH Bloodhound and German Shepherd K-9 units) with my dad, watching M*A*S*H (the movie) with my mom, and watching the college hoops three-point shooting and slam dunk competition with Justin. And then around 5:00, my dad and I waited for the early bird edition of the local news...which didn't come on until 5:30. And as I mentioned above, we saw how everything started right at our driveway. o_O

After all that waiting for a mere two minute blip, during which they said the criminal was *still* on the loose, I finally decided that I was brave enough to head to bed and try to get a semblance of a nap in before breakfast. And my sleep started out fitful, but I eventually relaxed, and was able to get in a decent two-three hours of rest. *Very needless* to say, I will more than likely be taking a nice nap after lunch.

As I was writing some of this, an officer came by to tell my mother and father that the criminal had been caught AND that he confessed to the robbery, attempted murder, speeding, and trying to take down an officer or two that led to the real long night. So, it is officially official that my family and I can now rest easily...that is until the reporters, be it from the TV stations or even the newspapers (The Bluefield Daily Telegraph and Bland County Messenger) possibly come to ask us questions about our perspective on the whole ordeal. And that happening may not be such a stretch...especially as small as the region is news-wise.
I Can't Frickin' Believe This... family and I's home is in the middle of a manhunt area.

As of my writing this, police helicopters are circling our home and pastures and woods around it.

Don't think I will be getting any sleep tonight.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #18, Volume One

In the Mark Recchi edition of my Net, I will not cover chemistry, believe it or not. BUT, I am going to cover something that has been bugging me since at least Saturday night AND *really* bugging me since yesterday, especially after another pee-poor effort against the Crapitals.

There is a flaw in Peter Laviolette's system.

And the funny thing? That flaw is not a single player NOR an assistant coach...but instead it happens to appear to be the head coach himself.

Not convinced? Let me then present Exhibit A...a part of a Canes MB thread that started out innocently enough with the following by one RaleighLion:

"Pretty funny yesterday when Tripp (the Canes' TV color commetator, for those of you not familiar with all out in Canes-Land) interviewed coach Lavi, that you may or may not know is on tape. So when Tripp asked coach the first question, Lavi looked him dead in the eye and said...

"Tripp thats the dumbest &^%&in' question I have ever heard."

The look on Tripp's face was priceless! Everyone was laughing so hard they barely got the real interview done in time."

Just like the two or three people who responded to that...

I thought Tripp Tracy had asked something about food, or hell, even groins...hey, it's not exactly such a stretch that he would pull such mess off camera. BUT, it was revealed that that was not exactly the case...

"Sorry, the question was -

-After a flat game against the Caps, what do you tell the team to get them ready for tonight?"

Kidding or not, that's a pretty crappy attitude and way of going about how to handle non-playoff bound teams. And pretty interesting how the kidding around amongst posters stopped there.

(a few hours later) AND NOW, Exhibit R: A scale model of the ENTIRE RBC CENTER!! And here is the locker room, and right next to it is where the interview took place! *laughs maniacally*

Oh...*clears her throat* Sure, Lavs acted like he got all tough on the boys before last night's game when talking to Chuck and the letter K AND the Comcast Sportsnet Caps coverage crew. But we don't know what is *really* going on with those locker room talks...especially if Lavy is saying gems like the following to reporters:

"It was a frustrating night for the players, myself, the fans -- it was frustrating to fire that much offense at a team, hit the post half a dozen times, and walk away with nothing to show for it."

That's all you can say? "It was frustrating."?! Lavs, THAT is effing stupid. I am sorry dude, but to paraphrase Dave Barry, have aliens from the Planet Twinkie invaded your brain?

Just because the Canes are officially in the playoffs does not mean that it is time to slack off AND submit to the lower competition. And it has just dawned on me how the Canes amazingly beat the Lightning this past Monday...they're simply playing down to their competition. The Lightning are a good team, hence why the Canes actually played pretty good, despite scoring low. The Caps on the other hand are a sucky team, and apparently, the Canes have done so well this season that they wonder what it is like to be on the opposite end of the spectrum. In addition to Lavy's interesting behavior as of late, that's the only other theory I can think of behind the Canes' uber-stinky play.

And for those of you getting ready to jump on me and say "They don't have Cole with them...DUH!!!!!!!11!!!111!!", I'll just repeat a little something I said in the previous issue of my Net...

Anyhoo, not to mention how the Canes seem to be *really* thriving on the Caniac Nation's fears of not doing nearly as well without Colesey...AND I know they can play without the guy. As much as I love my Canes, it really pains me to say this, but they are not the best of the best of the best (SIR!) if they can't seem to get into their heads that one player a team does not make. I think the Canes' lack of physical play AND emotion as of late is due to them *really* missing Cole. And the thought of that is touching, BUT as much as I hate blaming a team and/or coach(es), someone, be it Lavy or Brindy, has got to hammer home that they *can* play without #26. Even without Cole, they *still* have the guns to make a great playoff run AND get that Cup.

Again, with or especially without Erik, the Canes *can* win Lord Stanley's Prize...but they must learn two valuable lessons in not only that, BUT ALSO that they cannot take ANY team do the opposite, well, that is simply effing stupid.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #17, Volume One

At (very) long last, it is the Rod Brind'Amour-sized issue of my Net. And it really couldn't have been saved for a better time too...

- First things, first, the Canes start game #2 vs. the Lightning in a four game homestand, that for some reason, gives me the heebie-jeebies. I guess it's because the Canes are somehow not doing all that great against Southeast Division opponents. Not even the Washington Crapitals, who handed the Canes a 3-1 ass-whooping...and don't let that score fool you, it *was* an ass-whooping.

I sure as hades do not want to meet Atlanta or Tampa Bay in the first or second round of the playoffs. They's scares me...both of them, considering how the Canes' wins over Tampa have been very few and in-between this season. AND, Atlanta with illegal-stick-boy (you know who I'm talking about) AND their crappy-ass home team coverage...just ugh. I know people get sick of my complaining about Turner South, but seriously, I really, REALLY hate their coverage. Easily the worst coverage I have encountered thus far on Center Ice...and that's saying something, considering that I have had to put up with NESN and their damned Winnipeg jokes. The Canes may have finally gotten wise, and somewhat downplayed their still bad "Here To Play, Here To Stay" slogan. But, the burn is still there...even with the Canes' outstanding season despite current times.

Not to mention how the Canes seem to be *really* thriving on the Caniac Nation's fears of not doing nearly as well without Colesey...AND I know they can play without the guy. As much as I love my Canes, it really pains me to say this, but they are not the best of the best of the best (SIR!) if they can't seem to get into their heads that one player a team does not make. I think the Canes' lack of physical play AND emotion as of late is due to them *really* missing Cole. And the thought of that is touching, BUT as much as I hate blaming a team and/or coach(es), someone, be it Lavy or Brindy, has got to hammer home that they *can* play without #26. Even without Cole, they *still* have the guns to make a great playoff run AND get that Cup.

It would also help if the Canes would actually practice power plays more than anything else right now. I'm all for living in the past on some things, but certainly not on the power play.

- Speaking of Lord Stanley's Prize, why are so many people preferring the President's Trophy a.k.a. "the Martini Glass" over hockeydom's Holy Grail? Let those freakin' Red Wings or Senators have their martini...just because your team can have one shaken, not stirred does not mean that they'll get champagne either. Though, much to my surprise when I looked it up at, quite a few teams have managed to have both drinks...the last one being the cursed Little Caesars of 2002.

- Somewhat changing the subject, I discovered an interesting tidbit this morning via the Canes board:

So, Jack Johnson wants to leave college for that golden limelight called the NHL...I realize that with all of the injuries, JJ is mighty tempting to sign Jimmy. But please, for the love of St. Francis, DON'T DO IT!!! Jackie-boy is a defenseman, and defensemen need all of the development they can get, be it in college or junior/minor leagues. AND, Jack *really* needs to learn to keep his attitude in check. The last thing the Canes AND Caniac Nation need is more chemistry controversy. Not that there's a whole lot right now...but there is some courtesy of the presence of Weight and Recchi.

- Last, but certainly not 'bout them George Mason Patriots? To quote someone at an UNC Tar Heel hoops message board I read:

"George Mason, your run has been great. But please, for the love of Mike, stop."

Yes, it is an elitist comment...but afterall, I cheer for an "elitist" school. AND, I really, genuinely just don't want George Mason to win...I prefer LSU over them. LSU has good defense AND they did the Championship-worthy task of beating Dook. That's all I need.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Stormbringer's Week In Review: March 20th-26th, 2006

And I thought the article I read over a year ago about wine massages and baths was odd...

And there's no doubt that Art Bell* is behind this...

And I'm *very willing* to bet that if she had a third daughter, she'd name her "Savoy Truffle"...

As the Rolling Stones would be quick to note, time would be on his side...

Glad to know that I'm not the only one annoyed by Little Britain...

In addition to getting over fear, they'll teach her how to defend herself against fresh fruit (and veggies)...

*sings* In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...

Let me guess...this "television documentary" was Six Feet Under, right?

The scary thing? When I saw the headline, I thought the article was going to be about Happy Feet...a movie about dancing penguins due out around November of this year. And I actually want to see it...Happy Feet that is.

There *is* actually a pet store named "Paradise Pets" here in Bluefield, VA/WV...

This dude needs to get on ESPN about their horrible attempts at pronouncing certain hockey players' names...

Uh, I really hope those headphones are not crushing that baby's head...

Well, this certainly gives new meaning to the terms "grave robbery" and "grave robber"...

Well, this is a step in the right we just need a male celebrity to say that they prefer geek women.

*does her best British accent* Yeeeeee-haw!!

* - For those of you who don't get that...Art Bell is/was this "paranormal/UFO expert" who had/has a website that featured a radio show hosted by the guy AND an "UFO monitor" of some kind supposedly developed by some students at the University of California in Berkeley. That said, I'll somewhat stop right there...interestingly, Art Bell's website is down AND is not recognized by the MyQuickSearch, as I discovered when I was getting ready to link to it. Perhaps he has no time for the website now that he quite possibly has an UFO recognition school going...

And the only reason I know all of that is because the husband of a friend of my mother's used to constantly go to that site all the time...and the said friend talked to my mother about it, and in turn, my mother told me about it...and of course, we had a good laugh over how ridiculous it all was/is.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Overclocked Remix AND YTMND of the Week!

Better late than never, right?

This remix reminds me that I need to finish both my PC and GBA Dragon Warrior files...still trying to find the blasted final sword in the Dragon Lord's dungeon on both of those files...

He may not be taking drugs...but somehow, Tom Cruise sees little people in little go-carts...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The L.A. Kings: A Stanley Cup Calibur Team?!

Bwa hah hah!!

Yesterday, my brother and I were talking about the Kings and the firing of Andy Murray...and my brother proceeded to tell me that despite doing that, the Kings think they are "a Stanley Cup calibur team". Again, bwa hah hah!!

Unless there is something I've missed, the Kings are...

1. A walking/skating M*A*S*H unit.


2. A couple of places away from that sacred #8 seed.

And you know, just because a team fires its coach AND wins the Stanley Cup like the 1999-2000 New Jersey Devils did does not mean that history will repeat itself.

Of course, now that I have said that, the Kings will somehow get in the playoffs and make me eat my words. You watch it happen, and remember, you read it here first.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yeah, I Know It Involves the Leafs...

...but dammit, this is hilarious crap IMHO.

Only in Toronto.

Monday, March 20, 2006

You Know You Are a Geek When...

...the very first song you master huge/crucial pieces of on your Thumb Piano AND is not in your introductory booklet, is Ryu's theme from Street Fighter 2.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Stormbringer's Week In Review: March 13th-19th, 2006

At the risk of seeming disrespectful, it's not really a good sign that this is the first news item regarding cryogenics in some time.

eHarmony better look out...eBay is nipping at its heels.

I swear there was a Bud Light commercial about this...

If it doesn't say "Bank" anywhere on the outside of the building, chances are that it is not a bank per se.

Only in Sweden...right Jes Golbez?

Presenting...SAMURAI HAIRSTYLIST!! *insert gong sound effect here*

This isn't news if you have watched Food Network...

Edit: Nor is this, sent in by Michael...
I Guess I Am Now Truly An "Official West Virginian"...

...why do I say that? Well, as of today, I am the proud owner of one of the most traditional of mountain folk musical instruments: the Thumb Piano.

As dorky as the name sounds, a Thumb Piano is actually a neat and beautiful sounding instrument. I already sense great potential with the songs the baby I have can sing. Hey, if according to the booklet I got with the (eleven key/note) Thumb Piano, I can (eventually) play "The Sounds of Silence" and "Theme from The Godfather", then I can go places with other tunes. Especially considering how well I can pick out certain songs by ear on a regular piano/keyboard.

I've been wanting a Thumb Piano ever since I first laid eyes upon them at Tamarack, the West Virginia craft store in Beckley. This particular one I got for $26, which is a pretty damn good price for something, especially hand-crafted, from Tamarack.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Overclocked Remix AND YTMND of the Week!

Being St. Patrick's Day, I decided that an (somewhat) Irish/Celtic sounding tune would be appropriate...

...despite the fact that it comes from a highly overrated game.

And I hope you wore your green...not ate it.
NCAA Tourney Day One Observations

The Surgeon General has declared this post AND similar upcoming posts dangerous to a college basketball hater's health. You have been warned...

- Coach K has ANOTHER COMMERCIAL?! He just doesn't know when to quit...then again, perhaps this bodes well for my Heels. Afterall, we all (should) know what happened in the last NCAA Big Dance during which commercials featuring Dook's head coach were shown.

- I'll eat a Canes hat if the Applebee's ads do not make Sean Hill cry...

- Why the HELL did I pick Seton Hall when my gut told me Witchita State was going to win? Oh least I wasn't the only one who thought the Pirates would eek it out into the Second Round.

- Boy, a lot more people picked Montana over Nevada than I thought...

- Boston College, THANK YOU for winning today, despite taking two OTs to do it. Please, just somehow make it to the Sweet Sixteen.

- San Diego State, a big EFF YOU for losing like you did to Indiana...letting them score that ridiculous three AND doing a FULL COURT throwaway. I can't ever recall seeing something like the latter before... o_O

- Thanks to San Diego State, I'm now down to fifteen Sweet Sixteen picks. That's the bad news...the good news is that I had the Aztecs losing in the Sweet Sixteen AND have my Elite Eight and Final Four still intact. Best I've done on the first day in sometime, including last year.

- To everyone who had Syracuse going far, be it to the Sweet Sixteen OR the Elite Eight OR the Final Four: *does a raspberry* Honestly, the Orange(men) lucked their way BIG TIME through the Big East Conference Tourney. And certainly did not deserve a 5 seed, OR really, an NCAA appearance. Certainly could not help LMAO at the poor souls who thought Syracuse, or better yet, Gerry McNamara would turn in a great NCAA performance. Obviously, I'm quite proud of my Texas A&M "upset" bid...

- Teams I would not have minded seeing losing, despite my bracket: Gonzaga and Dook. Overrated AND veeeeery annoying, both in media bias and the teams themselves. Xavier and Southern had their respective opponents where they wanted them, they just couldn't capitalize.

And if Gonzaga and/or Dook had lost...while it may have hurt my bracket to varying extents (had Gonzaga losing to S.D. State in the Second Round, and have Dook losing in the Final Four to UCLA), I would not have cared, because it would have AND still can hurt others' brackets pretty bad. I can understand people having Dook go far, despite how much I can't stand the Devils. BUT, Gonzaga?! VERY OVERRATED...quite comforting how many people in my contest groups have the Zags in the Final Four, especially after seeing Xavier give them fits.

- Not a bisketball observation (my brother can't stand me saying "bisketball"...therefore, I sometimes say it when I have the chance :D), but one I must get out in hopes that maybe, JUST MAYBE someone can provide info about it:

Before dinnertime and during the lull between the daytime and nighttime portions of the tourney, I saw on VH1 Classic a music video I absolutely LOVE, but confounds me at the same time.

Do any of you dear readers remember "Silent Running" by Mike and the Mechanics? In all of its cheesiness, I simply adore the video and song...nothing else by the band remotely comes close. But anyway, that video...I swear that it is an ad for an obscure movie AND/OR it was longer when they showed it on MTV during the 80's. Hell, I know it was longer because when they show the credits in the lower left corner, it says "(Edited Version)" next to the song title. AND, I vaguely recall seeing the video a time or two when I was little, and remember there being parts showing the band inside the cosmic cube/transporter/whatever the hell it is the boy discovers and talks to his dad through. Anyhoo, is there anyway I can get my hands on the unedited version of the video AND/OR was there actually a movie that the video was advertising?

So far, in all of my research, I have found that...

1. There was a 1971 sci-fi flick called Silent Running. Seems to be a cult favorite, but the storyline doesn't even come close to the music video's storyline, or what little of it is revealed.

2. People claim that the "On Dangerous Ground" secondary title for the song is referencing the movie this thing acts like it is advertising/based on. After a tiny bit of IMDB searching, there was a 1987 movie called Choke Canyon that had "On Dangerous Ground" as its secondary title. AND, according to the trivia section for the film, footage from it was used in the "Silent Running" music video. But unfortunately, my suspicions are after reading Choke Canyon's plot, which again has absolutely nothing to do with the music video plot, is that the footage used what was basically of all the explosions. Big deal. *sighs*


3. Going to, I see that Mike and the Mechanics have released a DVD of a concert last year...and lo and behold, one of the bonus features is the music (a.k.a. "promotional") video for "Silent Running". Nowhere is it mentioned that the video is the unedited version I seek, nor were the reviews I read for the DVD that great. The review concerning me the most mentioned that the music videos' sound and picture had not been restored...grrrrrreat.

I probably have wasted my time writing all of this out...but, I know I am not the only one baffled by what the "Silent Running" video looks to be presenting, as the following places show...

In the latter link, someone mentions that the movie being "advertised" was possibly European or Australian AND was never released in North America...and that somehow would not surprise me, as elusive as that sucker is proving to be.

Oh, and Happy St. Patty's Day! :) Be sure to wear your green...that reminds me, I need to find a decent Hartford Whalers shirt to wear.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another VH1 Classic Complaint

Well as of today, in addition to Bob Weir's RatDog crap, every thirty minutes after RatDog, VH1 Classic has decided to air some new video of Blondie's AND some group called "The New Cars", who I think may be led by Benjamin Orr, or someone who sounds like him anyway.

The Blondie thing is...well, interesting. It's Jim Morrison's "Riders On the Storm" vocals being mixed with the music track from Blondie's "Rapture" at first, and then Debbie Harry's rap from the said song comes in while Morrison's "Yeeeeeah"'s echo. And then Ray Manzarek has a small keyboard break, and then Morrison sings again. Then back to Harry and then Morrison yet again. Yeah, interesting... o_O

The New Cars thing...ugh. Benjamin Orr(?) amazingly sounds ok, but he *really* should not have tried to revive The Cars sound and memories. Apparently, he has never heard of when Bev Bevan tried to revive the Electric Light Orchestra sound and memories...that disaster, known as "ELO Part Two", and its two albums are described pretty well here...

And the real kicker of all this is that all three of these advertisements take up fifteen minutes of an hour block!! You can fit in three, four, or even five videos/songs in that amount of time. What the hell is VH1 Classic thinking? They've never had to resort to doing this crap when advertising a classic artist/group's new works.

Yet another reason that we all need to be thankful for the invention of the Mute button.

Edit: Duh, stupid me...Ben Orr is dead. Duh again. I knew that...I swear, it's rather frightening how my dad and I have this tendency to think people still living are dead and vice-versa. O_O
A Bit of Irony

A few minutes ago, I saw a new ad for Little Caesar's. In it, they were interviewing people about either a new pizza or a new deal. Well, I swear the very first person they "interviewed" looked just like Peter Karmanos Jr...who's having a massage, and has his head knocked right into the massage bed during the "interview".

It's probably a coincidence, but a funny one if you have ever heard of the infamous Ilitch/Karmanos rivalry.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Stormbringer's Week In Review: March 6th-12th, 2006

As much fire as Stormy the Hog has been under at times, at least the Raleigh P.D. has not banned him from Canes games...and I sure hope this doesn't give them any ideas.

*does a Muttley laugh*

Further proof of just how overrated the damn iPod is...

Hey, at least he put the trash in a bin, and didn't carry it in a VW Micro-Bus AND put it over the side of a cliff...

I guess more people want to experience what it's like to be in Genesis' "Illegal Alien" video than I've realized...

I sure hope they didn't show a certain episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm at the hospital... (PG-13/Work Safe warning)

Let the pigeon parade begin...


This is quite reminiscent of when the manager(? I think) of the Hong Kong Restaurant in Wake Forest, NC asked me to remove my Canes hat one evening, and keep in mind that was before I sat down...whenever I wear a cap, I always remove it when I sit down in a restaurant, casual or slightly formal.

This sounds like something that would happen in Raleigh or Cary...

Y'know, I cannot decide which is funnier...the image of two maids fighting with a mop and a plunger each, or the fact that such a thing was over toilet paper.


Friday, March 10, 2006

Overclocked Remix AND YTMND AND Overlooked Remix of the Week!

I have to say that I hate classical remixes with a passion...seriously, whenever a remix from a favorite game gets posted and I click on it to check it out, only to find it's another freakin' classical remix, I can't help but yell at my PC:


And in all honesty, I sometimes hate being that way, because I have no doubt that the Classical genre of remixing is the one that takes the most work, even more-so than Jazz. And speaking of Jazz, whenever I visit OC Remix, I more often than not want something that is either jazzy and/or rocks. Admittedly, Classical has never really been a favorite genre of The Nutcracker Suite and a few other famous works. And yet, I love progressive rock, which combines Classical and Rock...go figure.

Anyhoo, this week's remix is a simple classical piano mix of various gloomy themes from Legend of Zelda 3: Link To the Past...see if you can pick out those themes. :)

Keeping up the Zelda's jungle out there in Hyrule, as not only proven by the above link, but also this one...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mark Recchi To the Canes For Nordgren, Kolanos, and A Second Rounder In 2007 Draft

Never have hated Recchi, despite his having once been a Flyboy...and even though he is practically Colesey's replacement, I can't help but worry about the chemistry. But at the same time, someone has pointed out that the Wrecking Ball was Brindy's teammate as a Flyboy.

This shall be veeeeeery interesting.
Earth To Bob Weir...


Honestly, if I have to hear him and Ratdog's "One More Saturday Night" performed live in the VH1 Classic studio one more time, I swear I'm going to pull out my hair.

How bad is it? Mr. Weir and his band make the Grateful Dead actually sound sober. I am honestly not kidding. o_O

And really, the instruments sound pretty's the vocals from Weir AND the band members that make me want to bang my head against a wall.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Advertising Is Getting Quite Nauseating

Y'know, I thought it couldn't get any worst than "It's Crumb-believable" sung to EMF's "Unbelievable" for some Kraft (I think) product...but I have just now heard "I want cookies!!" sung to Bow-Wow-Wow's "I Want Candy" about some new Reese's product.

I realize that the songs were already cheesy enough as they were...but did Madison Avenue *really* have to tamper with them like that? Ugh...

Edit: A wittle think those ads mentioned above are bad? While I was watching Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel last night, I saw a new ad for Applebee's that mangled the Gilligan's Island theme into a song about the Shrimp Menu at the said restaurant chain.

To say it was bad would be a understatement...try this on for size instead: It would make Sean Hill cry. Yes, it is *that* horrible. o_O
Here's To Pissing Off Some Canes Fans

(Regarding the want something wholesome and/or kid friendly? Go read a Family Circus treasury.)

I was really going to avoid talking about the Erik Cole/Brooks Orpik issue, because apart from wanting Erik to have a safe recovery...NOT a quick recovery, a fractured neck is something that needs time to heal if the player hopes to keep his career; I *really* do not know how to feel about the now infamous hit. And the reasons for that being...

1. I happen to also be a Penguins fan, out of my Ronnie Francis having played for them AND with my now being in/around West Virginia, I'm only two-three hours from Pittsburgh. And people *do* love their Pittsburgh sports around here. Plus, on a much more minor note, I've always found the skating penguin logo cute and the soaring penguin logo cool, even when I was hardly a hockey fan before 2002.

All of that said, I am really starting to get annoyed with those of my Caniac brethren who are wishing for the Penguins' leaving Pittsburgh over "the hit". What about those of us who like the Pens in addition to the Canes?!?! And there are plenty of us out it through Ron Francis' 1998 exodus and/or the fact that some of us like having another team or two to cheer for, for reasons good, bad, and/or stupid.

Which leads me to...

2. This jewel of a quote by one Rod Brind'Amour:

"I mean, I have played 100 years and I've never run a guy from behind."

Don't make me laugh, Brindy-boy. As a former Philly Flyer enforcer, how can you have not played dirty in a game or two?! There is absolutely no way you can not play dirty on one of the dirtiest teams evah. And that said, all players are not perfect...hell, the Ronnie I keep mentioning AND practically worship actually got suspended for a couple a games back in either 1996 or 97 for boarding a Hab. So once again, don't make me laugh Brindy.

3. Not surprisingly, the ones making the most ruckus about this happen to be Erik Cole's largest fans.

Even though I am *very pleased* with the season Colesey's having AND would never wish a broken neck upon anyone, even my worst enemies...I feel like I am the only one who remembers a little something that happened at the beginning of a certain lockout...

...yeah, I know that was a long time ago. But, the way Erik showed his ass that day AND during the lockout in general really made me much less fond of the guy, whom I've never really been all that super fond of anyway. And sometimes, I really don't know why.

Speaking of things others don't want to read...

4. I can't help but find some of the comments Net-wide about Brooks Orpik's punishment a wittle disturbing.

Don't get me wrong...I am all for defending the players on your favorite team AND I certainly don't like what Orpik did, BUT I am not going to AND never would resort to saying the following evil mentionings, even in jest...

Fortunately, the comments I am referring to have been edited out in the above link...just look for the red moderator remarks. On the other hand, the one person who posted this...

WTF? I realize that we're all upset and on edge right now, but come on folks--posting Orpik's address and even joking about exacting some rough justice on him is a little beyond the pale, don't you think?

...turned around and posted this...


Le sigh.

And last, but most certainly not least...

5. After writing all of that, I have to admit that I did not see "The Hit".

That's right, I have yet to see it. But reading about it I have done...and I have done PLENTY of reading. I have read all sorts of MB comments and blog posts from the Canes side, the Pens side, AND the general side of the whole mess of a thing. And I have noticed something VERY INTERESTING: While the majority of the Canes side says "The Hit" was dirty/intentional and the Pens side not surprisingly say the opposite, the general side seems agree on the hit not being intentional...and, *gasp*, not just Orpik but Cole not helping matters much. What do I mean? Well, from the one or two pictures I have seen, Cole *did have his head down* when Orpik did his hit...and whenever you can help it or not, having your head down near the boards makes you *very vulnerable* to a head and/or neck injury. But, you're not going to hear that from a great chunk of the Canes fanbase...because afterall, Colesey is perfect and was having his best season evah.

Yeah, heaven and hell forbid that the franchise history perfect Canes actually make a mistake here and there. Which leads me to my biggest concern about the greatest season in WhalerCanes history: It is making the team and/or the fans a little bit full of themselves. If I posted all of this at a Canes board, I would be crucified because not only do I have the guts to criticize Cole, but also because while I don't like what Orpik did, I am not exactly ready to burn him at the stake/lynch him/tar and feather him/etcetera like quite a few supposedly more dignified Caniacs.

*whew!* So all of that said, I do think Orpik should get a suspension...yes, believe it or not, I *am* of that opinion. But at the same time, unlike a few, I am well aware that a suspension will not miraculously bring Erik Cole back to the ice in one day. I also think that, *gasp*, the team will actually be fine without Cole...afterall, there is still Staalsy, Brindy (even after my criticizing him...another thing that would have gotten me crucified), Whitney, and quite a few others.

And y'know, the fact that the Canes are not a one-person-team like so many are acting is a HUGE REASON behind their doing so damn well.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Stormbringer's Week In Review: February 27th-March 5th, 2006

Bringing back another tradition I had abandoned for no particular reason...

The boy, whether he realizes it or not, better thank his lucky Bubble Yums that he is not in Singapore...

Forget the damn car sponsorship...why are they remaking Casino Royale? WHY?!

I wonder what an Olsen Twins invented language would sound like...then again, maybe not.

I also wonder if this woman has ever seen a certain Caddyshack scene...

I swear that this was a Monty Python skit...

"Players do better when they 'Bend it like Beckham'."...ya think?

Which is more insulting: Being traded for a bag of pucks OR a bunch of sausages?

Who says art snobs don't know how to party?
The Real Life Simpsons

Despite my opinion that The Simpsons has been on way too long...I have to say that the following rocks.,,2004580002-2006100428,00.html

Courtesy of obeyjustin.
Heel Yeah!!


And let the stats tell you how damn cool that is...

- First win at Cameron Indoor Stadium since 2001.

- First win during Dook's Senior Night in ten years.

- Speaking of Senior Night, in J.J. Redick's final game at Cameron, he scored a lovely 18 points AND was a mere 5 of 21 from three point land.

- First time Dook lost two in a row since February of 2005.

Oh, and BTW, the Canes won 7-5 at Pittsburgh too. Would be impressive if it weren't for the Canes being up 5-0 before letting the Pens back in AND Mark Recchi earn a hat trick (which, from a fantasy hockey standpoint, I'm actually quite glad about) AND Erik Cole managing to get out with a neck injury.

So...I'll shall be praying for a quick and especially safe recovery for Erik, AND celebrating my Heels' outstanding win.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Coach Kommercial

Even if you don't like/care for college basketball, you've gotta be *really* hardpressed to say that is not genius.

BTW, go Heels.

Friday, March 03, 2006

For Sure, I Can't Be the Only One...

...reminded of the Queer Eye For the Straight Guy intro after seeing this:

Come to think of it, a show where five Canucks or Canes chewing someone out over not cleaning their underwear properly would make for some rather fine TV.

Overclocked Remix AND YTMND of the Week!

Bringing back a tradition I had abandoned for no particularly good reason a few months ago...except, instead of *just* an OC Remix, I will now also post a weekly favorite YTMND site too!

First, the OC Remix...

So I've been away from OCR for what...five, six months? And the above link is the only new Street Fighter series remix to come along. And because everyone and their brother are *still* making Chrono Trigger remixes. (sighs) Even whenever I finally play that game AND if I like it, I'll still say it is the most overrated EVAH. Anyhoo, this week's mix is some damn AWESOME jazz. Who knew that Dan, the most goofy/funny Street Fighter character bar none's theme would make for such great jazz? Gotta love those rhodes...and you cannot get better than kickass Street Fighter music (Seriously, despite what I said about Dan, I've always dug his theme.) and rhodes.

Alright, and now the YTMND...

I don't even know how the hell I came across that...and admittingly, I can't help but LMAO knowing how much my brother likes Phil Collins' joke.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy Birthday To Ron Francis!!