Sunday, February 29, 2004

Is This Really Anything New?

It's taken Germany *that* long to catch onto the "Reality" craze?
Taming the Wild

The Canes did just that with a 3-3 tie. Goals credited to Williams, O'Neill, and Francis...Ronnie's is especially worth mentioning, in that it was the game-tying one. What a comeback after two Minnesota goals in under a minute. Also, kudos to Irbe for standing tall, despite allowing three goals. You go Canes! :)

Report coming soon.

The UNC Tar Heels may not be the greatest this season, but they just completed their regular season sweep of the Wolfpack at the RBC Center! :D Way to go Heels!

Now, GO CANES!! Beat the Mild, as one of my LetsGoCanes allies, StormShaman, likes to call them. >:)
Ooooh...I Forgot It Was Time For the Razzies

As usual, the selections and winners didn't surprise me. I have not seen Gigli, but it must have been, no, WAS (just read the description in the article) craptastic to get six shock considering it was a J-Lo movie (I'm not sure, but I want to say Maid In Manhattan got a Razzie or two).

But my favorites of the selections and winners only got one Razzie and/or a lot of nominations...

Worst Supporting Actor - Sylvester Stallone for Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (Based on what I heard about the overall plot and 3-D "effects", I am surprised if that didn't get nominated for the Worst Movie and/or Worst Sequel categories.)

Worst Remake/Sequel - Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (You know it's bad when Jay Leno is promoting it like there is no tomorrow. Obviously, I'm more of a Letterman fan...the only thing Leno has going for him is the Headlines.)

Most Nominated Movie - From Justin to Kelly (While I said the selections didn't surprise me...the fact that this, voted one of the worst movies EVER by the Internet Movie Database, didn't win in at least one category is rather perplexing.)

And last, but certainly not least...

Worst Excuse For A Movie - The Cat In the Hat (THANK YOU! I'll never forget the nauseaous feeling I had when it was announced that they were going to make a real action version of the children's classic. Cat In the Hat is one of those stories that should be animated AND ANIMATED ONLY. I don't know what frightens me more, the Cat In the Hat character's costume and makeup (How on Earth did they think THAT could appeal to little kids?! Heck, I'm twenty years old, and THAT gives me the willies.) or the person wearing the costume and makeup, Mike Myers. While I'm a fan of Mike Myers, and enjoy his characters, especially Wayne and Austin Powers; whoever gave Myers the role of the Cat should be kicked. A children's version of Austin Powers is an oxymoron if there ever was 2,151 IMDB users could tell you. Another thing that hurt the movie was that it was too long...even at eighty minutes. And a general rule of thumb is that if a movie runs under ninety minutes, chances are it's awful. Another classic example of that rule is Wayne's partner, Dana Carvey's Master of Disguise. The claim is its running time is eighty minutes too, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that it was barely sixty-five minutes. Ouch.

Of course, it also does not help that as great a children's book as it is, The Cat In the Hat just didn't have enough material for a full length movie. Other than the fuddy-duddy of a fish, who else would have made a good villain to carry out the rest of the movie? The parents? They would just be more fuddy-duddy than the fish.

With that said, maybe if they had gotten a decent AND more creative writer, The Cat In the Hat *could* have been good. Look at Jumanji, that was a children's book turned into a full length movie, and it RULED. Of course, they also had a great actor in Robin Williams (One of my most favorite actors, actually, and he proved why in the said movie)...not that Mike Myers is bad, but there is a difference, a BIG ONE, when you give an actor a role that suits them best.)

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Great Game, Great Effort Against the Habs

But, only one point and an OT loss to show for it. :( Still, good job Canes, and rest up for tomorrow night!

Report coming later tonight.
Jumping the Gun

I think the Leafs are doing that with already claiming the Caps' Gonchar as one of their own...

The Hedicans' baby's room sounds cute and cool.
An NHL Idol?!

Can ANYTHING escape that confounded show's grasp?! ARRRRRGGGGGHH!!

Though, I will admit that seeing Georges Laraque do a Vanilla Ice impression would have been priceless...the mere thought of it already has me cracking up. :D
NOW the Pens Are Mathematically Eliminated?

All this time, they actually had a lick of a chance to get in the playoffs? Dang.
Let Me Guess, This Guy Is A Bruins Fan...

...and once had a jacket signed by the 1970 Stanley Cup team, only to have the signatures destroyed by beer accidently spilled on the jacket when it was worn at a bar.
Cop Land

Remember that movie with Sylvester Stallone and Robert Di Niro? This sounds like something out of it.
Where's A Picture When One Wants It?!

Of all articles, they don't have an accompanying picture for this one?! Maaaaannn...
It's About Time

Glad to see one league have the guts to punish a ref. If only that league was the NHL...

And to the NBA refs mentioned in the linked article, get a damn grip! Afraid you can't get away with bad calls all the time...sometimes in what little I watch of it, I think the NBA can have even worst officiating than the NHL.
Is There A Full Moon?

What's with the people not doing their jobs well? First the News 14 Snow Closings Incident, now an ambulance crew having to ask the patient where to go?! Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi...

(PG-13/R warning for the language in the first link.)

Friday, February 27, 2004

I Love Rock and Roll...

...but these things creep me out.
Earnhardt Earns A Film

ESPN is doing it...and if it's anything like A Season On the Brink, it's probably going to suck.

Seriously, have you ever seen A Season On the Brink? These aren't word-for-word the actual quotes, but people at an UNC hoops message board I occasionally visit described the "movie" best when it came out a couple of years ago...

"This would barely pass as a C for my eighth-grader son's film project."

"Are they playing in a high school gym? College arenas don't have only five rows of bleachers. Not even Cameron Indoor Stadium. Pathetic, even for a low budget film."

"The "edited version" is a's just the constant profanity being replaced with shrill beeps (Which are basically every other second). You might as well watch the "unedited version", if you can stand the content (And no, I'm not talking about the words)."

I remember my brother and I discussing what a joke the "edited version" of A Season... was while watching it (and laughing our butts off). We kept saying to each other "What was the point?". That and the "All that advertising for THIS?!" were frequently said. I will never forget the repeititive advertising for A Season......every five minutes during various games, college hoops or something else, an annoying animation advertising the said movie would pop up. The ad/s was/were not nearly as irritating as the Winter X Games ads, thanks to those having oh so great sound effects. (rolls her eyes) Ugh. Anyway, A Season...'s ads did work, for the movie was, IIRC, the most viewed thing on ESPN that year. But, that still doesn't stop me and quite a few from saying it sucks.
Be Sure To Check the Snow Closings!

PG-13 warning for this one...
Thank You! I Knew I Couldn't Be the Only One... notice that the Magic of Wales shop in Walt Disney World's United Kingdom pavilion (in Epcot's World Showcase) sells SCOTTISH stuff.

And they act like it's just recent, but I swear it was like that when I was in WDW around 2001-2002.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Sick of Saying "Look at all that snow!"?

Learn a little Eskimo.
What's Next, Banning Mullets On the Hockey Team?

Does China even have a hockey team?
Another One For the "You Know You're In A Small Town" Files...

I had a few A projects in elementary school, but none of them made the national news.
Ok, I'm Officially Jealous

If the Chicago Cubs can have an equivalent of a Super Bowl halftime show for *just* destroying the infamous foul ball, why can't the Canes do the same with the puck Brett Hull shot in to send Game Three of the 2002 Stanley Cup Finals into three overtimes?

I know, I know...that was almost two years ago, but you're talking to someone who always listens to classic rock, watches Nick At Nite/TV Land, ESPN Classic, and VH1 Classic; and prefers old school video games and comic books to the greasy kid stuff that somehow passes today...
In the Navy

Leave it to the Japanese to recruit AND try to revive disco at the same time.
Canes FINALLY Capitalize On the Caps

Thanks to Colesey, O, and Irbe, the Canes finally pull out a win in the MCI Center...the first since 2001. Congrats and way to go Canes! :)

Reports for both this game and the game at Toronto coming soon...please bear with me. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Ronnie Tells It Like It Is

A great, GREAT interview with the Captain is now up at 850 the Buzz.
Make Your Beer Disappear!

I can think of one or 92 who could benefit from this. >;)
Let's Play Mad Scientist!

Remember the good ol' days of cutting up frogs and looking at their guts in Science/Biology class? Relive them.

And for those of you who, for some reason, can't get can play with owl pellets.
Freddie Mercury Is Turning In His Grave

I just witnessed the most disgraceful use of "We Are the Champions" a Viagra commercial. Yes, A VIAGRA COMMERCIAL. Of course, this is the day and age when ANY song, regardless of having something to do with the product advertised, is used/butchered in an ad. But, only in America would "We Are the Champions" be used to describe getting a prescription. Oh brother...

While I'm at it...I sure as hell hope that drinking V8 doesn't cause anything of the sex change nature to happen. If it does, as a woman at a laundromat could tell you, I am going to immediately pour all of the V8 Splash in my refrigerator and pantry down the drain to the very last drop AND incinerate all the bottles.
Super Mario Brothers: Not Your Daddy's Video Game

An unique take on the classic arcade game and very first cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System is provided here...practically psychotic, but unique.

(PG-13 warning for the rest of that thread.)
You Know You Live In A Small Town...

...when this is news.
It's Captioning Time, Starring Rod Brind'Amour and Bryan McCabe!

I'm not even going to try to top the following gem, posted by LighterofLamps in the linked FanHome thread...

(from the Toronto Sun) "The Mighty Leafs' Bryan McCabe uses his super sphincter powers to blow Brind'Amour off the puck and eliminate a breakaway chance."
Overclocked Remix of the Week

Rare game, awesome tune.
Why Am I Not A NCSU Fan?

Bullcrap like this.
Whoooo Are You? Who? Who? Who? Who?

I'm an INTJ.

Find out who you are here.
It's The End of the World As We Know It...

...according to a leaked Pentagon report, and I feel fine.
UVA Is Not Good To UNC

My Heels lost to the Cavs in U-Hall tonight, 74-72. If only they had guarded the three point line AND Billet's only shot of the second half. >:( (sighs) On to the RBC Center and the Wuffies...

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Who Wants To Be A Super-Millionaire?

Regis and ABC/Disney are certainly benefitting from what is so far claimed to be a limited time show. But wasn't the original Millionaire supposed to be a limited series as well?

Monday, February 23, 2004

Take That Leafs!

Congratulations to your and my Carolina Hurricanes on defeating the Toronto Maple Leafs in the Great White North! Making the victory even sweeter was Ronnie getting another goal, surpassing Maurice "Rocket" Richard to take over 20th on the NHL all-time goals list; that goal being the game-winning one, AND Ronnie deservedly being the first star. Again, MANY CONGRATULATIONS to such an awesome player! :D

Report coming soon.
Do You Feel Great?

I doubt you feel as great as these people.
Edmonton Has the Best Ice?

Me thinks not after this...
Happy Birthday to Jeff O'Neill!!

Perhaps he'll get a hat trick as a present against the Leafs tonight... :)
Love Your Taxes?!

Are they nuts?!

Sunday, February 22, 2004

American Loser?

I'm by no means a fan of American Idol, but even I think such a show has Jumped the Shark when a reject is more popular than the winners. Heck, I don't think I have heard as much about Clay lately as I have about that William Hung dude...

Besides that, AI is easily a "Day One" shark jumper for me. Why? This comment on AI's Jump the Shark page says it best...

"On tonight's show Katie Webber decides to sing a jazz song that none of the other lame contestants could even hit one note on and she gets criticized by Paula Abdul for her choice of song? Yeah Paula. Maybe she should like dance with a friggin' animated cat or something! The girl nailed that song and Simon tells her she sounds like a piano bar singer. This show is ruining music as we know it."

For sometime, I have had a theory that if the artist and/or their music doesn't make teenyboppers scream, then they/it will not fly on AI. The above quote practically solidifies my wonder the music industry is in such shambles when AI and its "music" practically dictate it.
Perhaps This Guy Is A Leafs Fan...

...I can't help but wonder after what I've heard about a Leafs fan doing this on the upper level of the ESA/RBC Center during the 2002 Eastern Conference Finals.
And It Was Ron Francis' Night In Carolina!

A little late with this, but it is well worth the wait...which also goes for my game reports, both coming later today/tomorrow. Anyway, MANY CONGRATULATIONS to Ron Francis, who tied Maurice "Rocket" Richard in all-time NHL goals with the Canes' second goal against Bahston. Except for the defensive breakdowns, great effort by the Canes in tonight's game.

Also, congrats to the UNC Tar Heels for BARELY winning against Florida State...I'd complain about the game, but I'm in such a good mood thanks to the Canes and their captain that I'll forget it. :)

Saturday, February 21, 2004

It's Hockey Day In Canada!

And thanks to that, NHL Center Ice is FREE to view all throughout today!!
What If Mary Poppins and Howard Dean Did A Duet?

This is the answer to that. PG-13 warning for the language in parts AND an Overclocked in-joke warning for a couple of parts...but a highly recommended listen, especially at the 1:38 and 2:41 marks. :D

And for those of you wondering AND as this demonstrates: Yes, I *can* be easily amused.
There's One Way To Defy Age

And it doesn't involve Oil of Olay or anti-oxidants...

Friday, February 20, 2004

Practice? What Practice?

I got to attend a practice today...but it was a very minimal practice. :( So, no practice report is planned, other than this.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

(does her best Kevin McCallister) I Made A Leafs Fan Disappear

Well, I didn't actually do that...but, I did the second best thing, I made a Leafs fan angry. And in all honesty, it's a bittersweet feeling. Because on one hand, after all the crap the Leafs faithful did to the Caniacs and RBC Center (then ESA) back during the 2002 Eastern Conference Finals AND there being too many freakin' Leafs fans in the arena tonight, I feel justified doing (or actually saying) what I did. But on the other hand, I *do* try my best to respect other teams and their area I know I'm a failure in after a couple of game reports I have written AND saying "I hate the Leafs even more after that crap (Tucker's game-winning "goal")." to a friend of mine as we were preparing to leave the arena, and I was overheard by a Leafs fan and his kid. The dude of course gave me a good, hard stare...could have been a far worst reaction. But, the more I think about it, I could have said far worst...and more than likely, the Leafs fan *has* heard far worst.

Oh well...I figured if I ever ticked off an opposing team fan, it would be one for either the Wings, Leafs, or Rangers. Another thing that makes what I mentioned bittersweet was that the Leafs fans were overall very well behaved at tonight's game. They even cheered for certain Canes things (Like Weekes and his having six shutouts)...which makes me somewhat regret my unintentionally making a Leafs fan p'oed.

Game report coming soon...

Overclocked Remix of the Week

Kurt Cobain is alive and well in this.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Dook Gets Flushed Again!

Pulling off the great task of having Dook be defeated for a second time in a row is the Wake Forest Demon Deacons...congratulations to them, my other favorite ACC team besides the Heels (along with Maryland). :)

BTW, for those of you who can't get enough of Dook losing and such (like moi >:) ), check out the Truth About Duke. Among the tons of goodies is a clip of J.J. Reddick picking his nose during the game at Wake!! :D
Let Me Guess, This Guy's Favorite Team Is the Mighty Ducks

And he's got them, along with over 1,500 other Disney icons, under his skin, doggoneit!
He's Baaaaack!

Believe it or not, the Little Latvian has returned to your and my Carolina Hurricanes...with mixed feelings amongst the faithful at FanHome and

Update: Ok, now that I've gotten over the shock of seeing and hearing about Irbe's shave, haircut, and two bits: While some are saying bringing Irbe back is a horrible idea and others think that it's wonderful, I am reserving judgement and waiting to see the dude play one or two games. As one of my LGC allies, Tommy, stated: desperate times call for desperate measures. And who knows? Irbe certainly hasn't been his worst this season. Then again, ECHL hockey is a far cry from NHL hockey...but, maybe this will give Irbe, along with the Canes, a boost. We will know once and for all come possibly Thursday night...rumor already has it that Irbe might be in net against the Leafs.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Paging Rod Serling

The following may be a coincidence, but boy, WHAT a coincidence it is...a little too scary a coinkydink if you ask me. Note the number at the end of the URLs, then check out the player profiled on the pages...

Forget rule changes...everyone should just speak Shatner.

Hmmmm...I wonder if Doig practices Shat-naa. I think he executed some moves in the one or two "fights" between him and the Bull last Thursday night that would or would not have made Sensei Shat proud... >;)
Polaroid Says "Hey Ya! Stop Shaking It!"

I can't help but question what good business it is to let a hip-hop song lyric scare you like that...especially when what the lyric is referring to has been done forever. Not to mention how the Polaroid pics my family and I have shaken have come out fine...
Save the Pinatas!

(sniff) And just when I was getting ready to beat up my Florida Panther pinata in commemoration of last night...what was I thinking?!

Monday, February 16, 2004

We Won?! We Won!!

Yes, the Canes sent the puddytats to the litterbox with a 3-1 victory. Weekesey almost had a shutout, but had it taken away at 49 seconds left in the game...dagnabit.

Report coming soon!
Paul Maurice Update

After giving color commentary a shot, Mo is now being considered as head coach for the Canadian World Cup team. As everyone else has said: Wouldn't it be veeeery interesting if it came down to Canada and USA, with Mo and Lavi as the respectful coaches?
Sure This Is Not Cary, NC?

This is taking place in Stafford, VA; but it sounds like something that would happen in the land where shiny diners and garage-door paintings are forbidden...
Notice A Trend Here?

The Little Known Fact of the Week: MCA Universal once made monkeys of themselves over an ape.
Going Ape

Now why on Earth is this news? You mean to tell me that the idea of a Valentine's presentation in a gorilla suit is *that* new?
Happy President's Day!

And a "Happy Birthday!" to Marty Murray! :) Perhaps he'll net one or two tonight against the kitties from the Sunshine State...

Sunday, February 15, 2004

I Can't Take It Anymore...

...thanks to VH1 Classic, I've got to get the following out:


While I could never pinpoint THE worst song ever made, Lionel Ritchie's "Ballerina Girl" is up there. With songs like that, it's no wonder the Commodores gave him the boot. Now I know how the man who wrote the following, submitted to Dave Barry's "Worst Song Ever" survey, feels...

"I wholeheartedly believe that "Ballerina Girl" is responsible for ninety percent of the violent crimes in North America today."
A Good Old College Try

Congratulations to the UNC Tar Heels on defeating the Maryland Terrapins AND to the NC State Wolfpack on finally giving it to the Dook Blue Devils...was wondering when they would finally get a "1" in the column on the right. Can they get a "2"? If there's any team that could give it to Dook IMHO, it's either Maryland or Florida State. If they can't do it...I *guess* my Heels could. They almost pulled it off at the Dean Dome... (sighs)

Saturday, February 14, 2004

As If the Canes/Devils Game Outcome Isn't Enough To Put a Damper On Valentine's...

Ken and Barbie are breaking up.

Dude, Just Back Away From the Machine...

Just a little obsessed with Pac-Man?
Happy Valentine's Day!

(Also, a "Happy Birthday!" to Sean Hill and John Forslund :) )

And nothing illustrates the love and togetherness this fine day is all about more so than the snake.

Friday, February 13, 2004

My Brain Hurts!

And trust me, yours will too after playing makes Shadowgate seem like nothing.
Oh, Those PETA Nuts!

Not only do they want to change sports teams' names (I thought it was rich when they tried to get the Green Bay Packers to become the Pickers), but they also want to rename a town or two...
A Little Too Far-Fetched?

Conan O'Brien and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog may or may not have went there with their jokes aimed at French-Canadians.

Apparently, they never heard about what happened to Don Cherry.
Craig Adams Tells Jason Doig To Cut the Crap...

...and the NHL tells Craig, along with the Canes, to do the same. Doig can do everything but get a game misconduct, and Craig gets fined for basically telling Doig what he deserved to be told? That's bullfunky. But then again, I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the NHL's reaction after the ruckus raised by the NFL over Brett Favre's doing the exact same throat-slash gesture sometime ago.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

From the United Kingdom With Love

Perhaps the dork in that ad (Yeah, you know the one I'm talking about) should have used this instead of DiGiorno.

(Can you tell I'm hungry? Thankfully, I have just about recovered from that Norovirus crap...)
How Appropro

What's a little milk without some cake?

Got Milk?

They didn't.
Forget Jagr

As the Canes demonstrated in tonight's game (which resulted in a 3-3 tie), the Caps have a new whipping boy for yours truly and my brethren...Jason Doig. Before tonight's game, he has been the subject of the Caniac Nation's ire thanks to a dirty number he pulled on Cole during the January 29th affair. And tonight, the Canes showed their displeasure in ways that would have made Olivia Newton-John proud. Not to mention that Doig's antics were enough to make Ronnie tell him to mind his manners, which unjustly resulted in his going to the box.

But other than Doig, tonight's game was GREAT. Report will be coming tomorrow...and don't worry about the practice report, it's coming too. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Overclocked Remix of the Week

Guaranteed to have you shaking your booty and screaming "Shoryuken!" in no time...
Did Anything Like This Happen In "The Stand"?

Good-Bye Disney?

Things aren't looking good for the mouse, and Comcast is looking to capitalize on that.

And unfortunately, is this really any surprise? We are talking about a company that made the stupid decision to ditch Pixar...practically Disney's bread and butter in the animation department.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

It's Caption Time, Starring Lou Lamoriello!

"M...M..Max He...He...He...Headroom!"

(All that's missing is a pair of shades. :D)
It Isn't Easy Feeling Green

Well...I didn't get to go to another Canes practice today, because lucky me, I came down with Norovirus. And this is some crap I would definitely not wish upon anyone, and hope the Canes I interacted with for autographs yesterday don't come down with it. I have no idea how contagious Norovirus is before you truly come down with the symptoms...but, people who get Noro have to stay home for three-four days after getting over the symptoms because they are highly contagious. Anyway, just because I laid around all day in bed doesn't mean I did not learn anything...

Norovirus sucks.
Steve Winwood has lame music videos.
Peter Gabriel + Kate Bush = HORRIBLE song ("Don't Give Up", that song drags)
Norovirus sucks.
The bonus round on Family Feud (the version with Richard Karn, of Home Improvement fame) *can* be winnable.
Bob Barker needs to retire.
Personal product ads, especially those promoting drugs for those having trouble with libido (Hey, if they can say it on daytime/non-HBO/Showtime TV, I can say it here) have got to be chucked. Whatever happened to having just a little privacy? While I'm at it...a note to Pfizer, NOBODY in public is going to notice or care if someone got a Viagra prescription!!
Norovirus sucks.
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is actually not a bad show and may be a new favorite of mine.
You know the reality television craze has gone too far when the Science-FICTION Channel is launching a new reality show. Not to mention how the ads for that (Mad, Mad House) didn't help my weak stomach...I so did not need to see the animal guts raining down upon a man.
Even television characters fall ill. (Caught the episode of Leave It To Beaver when the Beav came down with chicken pox.)
Make fun of its pink hue all you want...but Pepto Bismol ROCKS.
Norovirus (Along with my Tar Heels tonight) sucks.

Practice report may or may not come tomorrow...depends upon how I feel.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Guess Where I Was Today?

That's right, a Canes practice! Report/s will be coming the meantime, check out Hyena and I's recaps! :)
Hey Ya Charlie Brown!

Shake it on over here to download the latest Peanuts special! ;)

Note: It's going to be up for a limited time, so shake it over quickly!
It's Official: Electronic Arts Have Lost Their Minds...

...or have they? This Marvel vs. EA idea could be more sane if EA would ditch the part about making their own fighting game characters. Heck, they ALREADY have their own fighting game characters in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and PGA Tour! Who wouldn't want to see a bout between Wolverine and Brendan Shanahan? Or the Avengers versus the Los Angeles Lakers (Hulk vs. Shaq would be something to see)? The matchups, both individual and team, would be endless! Move over Marvel vs. Capcom 2, with your mere choice of fifty-six characters...Marvel vs. EA would have hundreds, possibly THOUSANDS of characters from which to choose. Sure, it would make the loading time a pain in the rear to endure...but, if anyone can tolerate the load time for NHL 2003 (Playstation 2 version), they can most certainly tolerate the load time for Marvel vs. EA.

Did I mention how much more of a dynamite game this could be if you can choose which commentators you want to announce your fights? There would of course be John Madden, Jim Hughston (w/ Don Taylor, for those who want some humor), Marv Albert, and David Feherty available for your commentating pleasure...

But, knowing EA and their penchant for disappointing, (Putting out a kicka** NHL game in NHL 2002, then turning around and putting out a crappy game in NHL 2003...the only thing saving that was Hughston and Taylor's great and hilarious commentary, if it loaded properly) they will more than likely stay true to their word of creating their own characters. Bah...then again, I don't think EA will never quite be the same after changing their cool "It's In the Game" slogan to the lame "BIG"...

Sunday, February 08, 2004

You Got Served Has Been Served

The movie that shocked all critics in being numero uno for a week or two, despite already being one of the most atrocious flicks of 2004 (AND voted the worst movie ever so far by the Internet Movie Database)*, was knocked out by Barbershop 2 and Miracle...yay!! :) Even more yay-inspiring about Miracle was that it raked in a cool $20 million at the box office.

* - In all honesty, I'm not surprised at You Got Served being number one for two-three weeks. Afterall, if Kangaroo Jack can be number one for two-three weeks...
Forget the Holy Grail

The Quest For the Crown is king.
The All Star Games Bring Everyone Together...

...even the most bitter of rivals in Mats Sundin, Gary Roberts, and Daniel Alfredsson; who are playing in a line together during today's ASG! A couple of weeks ago, Sundin was the butt of a joke Alfredsson did in Toronto when acting like he was throwing his stick into the crowd but refrained with a chuckle. It was that very game that Sundin sat out due to a suspension for, what else, throwing his stick into the crowd.
Think you have the best Whalers/Hurricanes collection?

Think again.
>Basil Fawlty Is Alive and Well

And that's just a glass of water, I'd hate to see what asking for a Waldorf Salad would herald...

Saturday, February 07, 2004

For Old Times' Sake

I don't know about you, but I think this is a brilliant idea.

Which reminds me...I wonder if the Blueliners and Canes are having a charity game this year?
Speaking of Wacko Jacko

The *real* reason his sister bared her breast on national TV....a Borg made her do it
Ah, Rats!

Surely, the subject of an awful movie AND infamous Michael Jackson song had to be behind this.
Your Attention Please

The Eight-Bit Re-Enacting Guild has a public service announcement.
Note to Gary Thorne

It's Eric Staal, NOT Ryan Malone!

Anyway, congrats to Staal on getting the first goal of the Young Stars Game! :)
CBA Update

"Players vow to outlast owners during any NHL shutdown"

Oh, like that *really* impresses me and a lot of fans, guys.
How 'bout them Heels!

Congratulations to the UNC Tar Heels on their victory over the Wake Forest Demon Deacons AND first ACC road win since the one at Florida State last season!

How about a second one in a row at Georgia Tech? Please? Pretty please? With sugar, cinnamon, and Carolina blue colored Pepsi* on top? :D

* - For the contingent going "Ewwwww!", there really was such a thing on grocery store shelves in 1993, to commemorate the NCAA Final Four victory. And for those wondering, the stuff was just like that Orbits crap (Remember? The drink with the candy "planets"?)...twas better to look at than taste.
Even the Great One has his off days...

I watched the 1990 NHL All-Star game on ESPN Classic, and discovered a very interesting factoid...not only has Wayne Gretzky been easily freaked out and angered by the natives of Hockey Falls, but he also couldn't buy a point in the said All-Star game. To add insult to injury, Gretzky's rival, Mario Lemieux, got a hat trick plus another goal to tie Gretzky's All-Star Game goal record (Set in 1983).
Testing, 1...2...3...

Good luck to Eric Staal in the NHL Young Stars Game tonight (8:00 pm EST on ESPN)! :)