Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ron Francis' 2006 "Take A Swing At Lung Cancer" Golf Tournament Revisited

Yours truly has done her part and donated...
now it's your turn!

Donations are up to $12,832 as of my typing this, and there's *still* two weeks left before the tournament!!

Speaking of charity...Pete Friesen is taking advantage of his day with the Cup, and
is holding a 5K Run outside of the RBC Center on September 10th to raise money for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.

Those among the Canes said to be participating thus far are Friesen (of course!), Peter Laviolette, Kevyn Adams, Glen Wesley, and Cory Stillman.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

FSN South Lite - Great Taste, Less Games!

Fifty-five games...the Canes win the Cup, and they get no more games than they started out getting last season? One, no, a whole lot, including those relying on Center Ice like moi, can only hope that FSN South will add more to the schedule as the season presses onward.

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Brad Isbister Now A Hurricane

A two-way deal? Genius...why didn't they do that with Tanabe? If there's anyone I feel might find himself in the AHL, it's Nobber more-so than Braddy.

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"The eBay Effect"

So, I saw a CNBC special titled that a couple of nights was interesting, to say the least.

But, I did not get the sense of "eBay doing wrong", which I felt CNBC wanted me to feel like they were doing. Instead, I learned three things...

1. S*** happens.

They constantly talked about how there is fraud going on throughout eBay...duh!! You know that Far Side comic that depicts God making a cake that bears quite the resemblance to the world, and he takes a canister labelled "Jerks", and thinks to himself "And *just* to make it interesting..."? I think that sums it all up perfectly here.

2. Don't ever buy electronics on eBay.

Admittedly, I bought my Gigabeat/"Stanley"/MP3 player from an eBay seller...but I made sure to do my research and be careful. AND chances are that that will be the only eBay-bought electronic ever in my possession.

Contrary to how CNBC acted, fraud involving electronics on the Bay is absolutely nothing new or original...even in that wonderful word of junk e-mail. Every single fake eBay spam mail I get often mentions a camera or stereo in the subject, as I am able to see thanks to my MailWasher spam blocker.


3. Read the ENTIRE auction before you know what you are getting into.

And when I say the ENTIRE auction, I mean the seller's feedback too. If I had to choose one buyer's case on the CNBC special that killed me the most, it was this dude in Biloxi who bought a silver chain necklace on eBay for his wife. Yes, it sounds touching, until you not only find out that the chain arrived broken, BUT ALSO that apparently, the guy did not read the seller's feedback (which was chock full of negatives) until it was absolutely too late. I'm sorry, but I find it absolutely arduous to be sympathetic to someone ding-dongy enough to not at least read the feedback, or hell, not even notice the feedback being well below 98-100%. The seller feedback is one of the first things you see on the auction listing for a reason, people.

And for all we know, the seller *could* have cited that the chain was broken...a possibility I'm certainly not leaving out, since chances are pretty good that the buyer did not read the entire auction. It's the way I would bet, anyway.

But I think my dad, who was also watching the special, put it best when he said something that makes for a great closer:

"I think eBay is not a victim of anything, other than their own success."

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

As If the 2002-03 Comeback Tour Was Not Already Official Enough... becomes even more so with the signing of David Tanabe.

Y'know, the weirdest crap with my absolute most favorite teams just about always seems to happen whenever I go somewhere for a few hours, be it for an appointment or every woman's favorite hobby in shopping. Another classic example of this: When I spent an afternoon at Triangle Town Center on a certain December day in 2003, I came home to immediately find out that Paul Maurice (along with Randy Ladouceur) was out and Peter Laviolette was in as head coach (along with Jeff Daniels as assistant coach). Amazing, simply amazing how so much can happen in so little time. O_O

Anyway, Tanabe, or Nobber, or "Snuggles", take your pick, has never quite been a favorite of you may have figured out from the third name, Tanabe has not really been the toughest d-man ever in the Canes' arsenal. And I don't think anything sums that up better than my fondest Nobber memory: Late in the 2002-03 season, in a game versus the Florida Panthers...because Tanabe was not doing his part in hitting someone like he should have, Hedican came over AND hit him. I didn't like that happening at the time, but thinking back on that AND being a little older AND now having seen a Cup won, I can safely have a jolly good laugh about it. That is, until opening night, when Snuggles shows his "stuff". I seriously hope I am wrong in my feelings about Nobber... (sighs)

In other news...Bruno St. Jacques officially remains a (Mighty) Duck...and I think I also just heard the sobs of a thousand Caniac puckbunnies.

And 'cause it can never be said gawd, the Ducks' new duds and colors are *still* ugly. Hmmmm...perhaps somebody in their front office is a Hans Christian Andersen fan.

Also, TSN thinks they have a hunch that Brad Isbister wants to be taken by storm from Cheers.

If this is true...why didn't Jim Rutherford and Co. snatch Braddy-boy up instead of Nobber?! I would not want a GM's job...but it's times like these that make me understand how some feel they can do a better job than the one who is currently GM of their beloved club.

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Canes' Opening Night Not Open To Everyone?

No, I'm not happy about that, especially considering how I am going to be in the neighborhood late that week for a friend's wedding and party after it. I was hoping to catch a Canes game while down in the Raleigh/Triangle area. But with opening night looking to not be at least somewhat easily accessible AND the wedding/party taking place on Friday, the night the Canes take on the Devils before a road trip, my hopes are about sunk. (sighs)

But, 'cause it needs to be said, is the opening night access issue *really* any shock after the Canes winning the Cup? I was hoping the opening night wouldn't be like that, and while I am the same time, I am not all that surprised.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

"We Are Singing Minor Scales...Ready, Go!"*

According to one Luke DeCock, the Canes have their sights set upon making the River Rats stronger than ever, ever before.

Wait-a-minute...that makes it sound like the Canes hired KMFDM as the official team band for Albany. Actually, that wouldn't be a bad idea...especially for the Canes or another NHL team.

Anyway, the Score Boards thread brings up an obvious, but great question regarding this...

"Does it REALLY matter to the success of the big club if the AHL affiliate is any good?"

No, I honestly don't think it does. My lack of following the minor leagues will more than likely show here...but wasn't the 2004-05 season one of, if not THE best in Lowell Lock Monsters history? My point being they weren't really a minor league team with the likes of Eric Staal, Chad LaRose, and Mike therefore, I don't think that season should count. And that said, Lowell was not nearly as good this past season with the aforementioned guys playing with the big club AND helping it win its first Stanley Cup. Not to mention how in 2001-02, I don't think Lowell was the greatest team then either...but that certainly did not effect the Canes' second best playoff performance.

And another classic example using the Canes' new minor league affiliate was beautifully put in the above linked thread...

"From the stand point of being a River Rats, it doesn't matter if the AHL team is any good. I mean NJ have continually had success at the NHL level...and they were still able to develop their prospects in Albany, despite the team absolutely sucking."

Minor league affiliates *are* important to develop...but at the same time, I hope the Canes front office don't stretch themselves too thin.

* - A funny story regarding where this post's title comes from...when I went to Wake Forest Elementary, I had the luck of having Mr. Steve Hobbes for my music teacher. Wonderful teacher, awesome musician...always warms my heart to hear his music played on the MusicChoice Jazz station whenever I decide I want a break from Classic Rock, 70's, 80's, and/or Smooth Jazz. He knew how to get kids to appreciate music (particularly Jazz) and/or simply have fun in class...

...One of his ways of warming up with that was getting the class to sing "We are singing major/minor scales!". Well, every time Mr. Hobbes led off with that, he would throw in "Ready, go!" as the students' cue. I knew not to sing "Ready, go!"...but as for everyone else, well... Let's just say that it was all I could do to not giggle/snicker whenever Mr. Hobbes got a perturbed look on his face during the vocal warm-up. ;)

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Jimmy V Golf Tournament and Burnt Offerings...Oh My!

I don't know about "Jimmy V...", but Burnt Offerings would sure make for another great band name.

As I'm sure a lot of you readers based in Raleigh/Cary/the Triangle region know, today is/was the day of the
annual Jimmy V Celebrity Charity Golf Classic Tournament. Say that five times fast.

I hate that I'm going to miss the tourney, with my now being in VA/WV. BUT, at the same time, I think my not getting to go is a blessing in disguise. I think this year's tournament features the most Canes participating since 2003...though, I say "I think" 'cause I almost want to say that last year's featured two or three more than 2003, especially with the Canes then going into post-lockout heavy marketing mode. Aw heck, let's count how many Canes (current AND former) there are this year together...

Kevyn Adams
Bates Battaglia
Jesse Boulerice
Rod Brind'Amour
Erik Cole
Jeff Daniels
John Forslund
Chuck Kaiton
Jason Karmanos (Who, interestingly enough, was not announced as a celeb in 2003, but I *did* see him tee off on hole #1 of one of Prestonwood's courses.)
Peter Karmanos Jr.
Peter Laviolette
Kevin McCarthy
Jim Rutherford
Cory Stillman (It's wonderful Cory is participating...but I sure as heck hope he is not further aggravating that shoulder injury he is said to have. Golf is supposed to *really* exercise the shoulders.)
Tripp Tracy
Glen Wesley
Shane Willis

AND, last but certainly not least...

Lord Stanley's Prize

EIGHTTEEN CANES. I hate math, but that was fun!

That's gotta be a is certainly more than I remember participating in 2003. With that number of Canes there AND the Cup there AND the fact that the Canes won Lord Stanley, I don't even want to imagine what the crowds are like today. I am *very willing* to bet that the number of spectators/visitors will be among the largest ever for the tournament. Oh, and another record I don't want to think about...the heat. It's supposed to hit ninety degrees up here in Bluefield today, which is unusually hot for the area. If it is that hot here, then the temperature in Raleigh/Cary has got to be ungodly, especially with the humidity AND all the people at the tournament.

All that said, I hope the total amount of cash donated when all is said and done is a record too/three. It better darn well be.

Anyhoo...capping off my weekend mini-horror marathon, I watched, for a second time in either twelve or thirteen years, what was quite possibly the first horror film I ever beheld, Burnt Offerings. I'll never forget how that happened...I was nine or ten years old, and being close to Halloween/my birthday, I wanted to see an honest to goodness horror film for the first time. And I asked my dad at the video store if he knew of any good movies that were not rated R and/or did not contain any blood and gore. After five minutes of searching, we come across Burnt Offerings, and my dad uttered that movie would certainly fit my criteria. So, just about completely forgetting that this was/is my sometimes crazy-a** dad I was dealing with, I took him up on seeing Burnt Offerings.

Well, I'm not sure I could say the entire movie royally scared me, even at the tender age I was when I first saw it...but I remember the ending (a part of which was *very bloody*...see what I mean about having a crazy-a** dad?) left enough of an impression that I seem to recall having a nightmare or two about it. I also swear that I once had a nightmare about the part where the evil house was rebuilding itself.

Ok, that was then...regarding now, wow, what a difference twelve or thirteen years makes. I don't think the movie is nearly as bad as the people at IMDB act like it is, but it *does* have its laughable parts. Namely those involving what was suppposed to be a creepy hearst driver, who just came off looking like a cheesy grinning Ric Ocasek/Hugh Laurie hybrid. Wait, maybe *that* was what was supposed to be scary. But needless to say, I have to admit that I kept waiting for the driver to break out into "Shake It Up" or "Magic" in at least one or more of the victim family dad's dreams...

For some reason, I had forgotten that Bette Davis was one of the stars in the film. And the only reason I care is because my cat's name happens to be Bette Davis...

Well, speaking of lushes, (At least, I think Bette was one...wasn't/isn't everyone in Hollywood? I know she loved her cigarettes, anyway.) it's time for the drink that went along with this movie...forget Dinner And A Movie AND Movie And A Makeover, TBS is *really* missing out on a great idea here...

Absolutely Fabulous

Fill glass with ice.
2 oz. Vodka
1 oz. Cranberry (Cocktail) Juice
Top with 1 oz. Champagne.
Garnish with a Lemon or Lime Twist.

I have no idea if the drink is named after the Britcom about the former fashion models who think they still got it, as Ralph Mouth would say, (Great show...particularly the three original seasons. The revival is AWFUL. Why oh WHY did they have to make Saffie pregnant?) or if Absolut simply invented it.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Haunting and The Innocents

As Dave Barry would say, those would be great names for rock bands.

Actually, I got to see two infamous black and white horror flicks last night...and I thought both were well done. But there was one that stood out to me more than the other.

The Haunting was one I was highly anticipating because I have read most of the book, The Haunting of Hill House, on which the film was based. AND, I have also seen the remake with Liam Neeson...a movie which I know I was one of the remote few to *really* like it. So my expectations were high...and admittedly, that may be why I felt let down by the end of the original The Haunting. It was certainly a well crafted movie...the writing and acting and the set (particularly the nursery in the house...seeing "Suffer the Children" carved in gothic-style font everywhere was quite creepy) were/are impeccable. And being more of a thinking man's horror picture than the remake, the original certainly should have appealed to me more than it did. But it all came off to me as an hour and a half long mediocre Twilight Zone episode. And my comparing it to Rod Serling's pride and joy is actually not a bad thing, considering that TZ to me is one of the greatest sci-fi/horror shows ever done. But just like the original The Haunting, there have been TZ episodes for which I have never gotten the high praise...a classic example being the one about Jack Klugman becoming the "greatest pool player ever".

The Innocents, on the other hand, would have awesomely worked as an hour-long Twilight Zone episode...and probably the only hour-long one I would have liked if Serling had ever crafted such a thing. Just like certain TZ eps, The Innocents was based on a short story/ this instance, "The Turning of the Screw", which I now definitely want to read after seeing The Innocents. No other words I could say, other than Deborah Kerr of The King and I fame plays the main character, can properly convey the utter genius of this movie. Glad I saw The Innocents after The Haunting...certainly turned the night around a bit. Of course, the Blue Kamikaze I fixed myself in between flicks probably helped too... ;)

Blue Kamikaze

Fill glass with ice.
2 oz. Vodka
1/2 oz. Blue Curacao
Dash of Lime Juice

(My Bartender's Black Book recommends the Blue Kamikaze as a shaker drink...but I have found it works just as good, if not better as a stirred drink...sorry 007. It should also be mentioned that "Blue Lemonade" would work as a name for this drink too...the lime juice and the Curacao combine to taste not too different from lemonade.)

"Drink and A Movie"...hmmmm, I like that idea. Between that and *really* wanting to change that gawdawful "Very Funny" slogan, I should work for TBS.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

David Tanabe Has Lunch In Raleigh, Film At Eleven

Remember him? Tanabe *was* on the 2002 Stanley Cup Finalist team, and just like Sami Kapanen, missed out on a ton of the playoff action due to an injury. But unlike Kappy, David went on to be traded to the Phoenix Coyotes during 2003, then the Boston Bruins during the lockout, and then nobody as of right now. Because of the absolute latter AND the said lunch that took place with Canes honchos today, there is speculation that the Canes may be entertaining picking up Tanabe either just for the hell of it OR as a replacement for a possibly injured Kaberle or Hedican.

I honestly don't know how to feel about Tanabe coming back to the Canes...but somehow, I would not be surprised given how this summer has been a comeback tour of sorts with the returns of Shane Willis, Jesse Boulerice, and Ryan Bayda.

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Who the Frick Is Joe Barnes?* AND Friday Frivolousness

Ah, here's Jason Karmanos...let's ask him!

“Joe gives our organization size and depth at the center position. He was impressive at our conditioning camp this summer, showing good strength at a young age and displaying a solid work ethic that will fit nicely in our organization.”

Yes, that's great. But who or what is Joe Barnes?

Hey,'s to the rescue!

Jason Karmanos, Vice President and Assistant General Manager of the 2006 Stanley Cup champion Carolina Hurricanes, today announced that the team has agreed to terms with center Joe Barnes on a three-year contract. The first year of the deal will pay Barnes $450,000 at the NHL level and $50,000 at the minor-league level while, the second and third years of the deal will pay him $475,000 at the NHL level, and $55,000 and $60,000 per year in the minors, respectively. Along with his salary, Barnes receives a $150,00 signing bonus.

In 2005-06, Barnes (6’ 3”, 205 lbs.) notched 25 goals and earned 27 assists (52 points) while accumulating 55 penalty minutes in 55 regular-season games with the Saskatoon Blades of the Western Hockey League. Despite missing 17 games due to injury, the Winnipeg, Man., native ranked fourth among Blades skaters in goals and sixth in points.

Veeeeery interesting...well, why didn't Jason just say so?!

Tend to agree with the overall consensus
here that Joe will be a River Rat before a Hurricane.

Speaking of rodents, I'm sick of the field mice invading my bedroom and overall home. My family and I never had a mouse problem when living in Wake Forest/Raleigh...and now, grrrrrrrr...

And my brother, who's recovering from having his wisdom teeth removed yesterday, claims that the same mouse who kept running in and out of my "apartment" through the door's bottom slit (which I finally shut out with an old windbreaker pushed up under the door) JUMPED OR CRAWLED UP onto his bed last night. Ewwwwwwww...I don't have the fear of mice my mother has, but at the same time, I do not like them wandering all over my home AND ESPECIALLY all over my bed either.


Also, while I'm at that Fantasy Hockey time is just about among us, I got another thing I want to complain about: Live Drafts. I hate them, Sam I Am. They are a waste of two-three hours of my life AND I feel they were practically invented by chat room junkies for chat room junkies only. I have NEVER totally been a chat room junkie...though, I have given them a try a few times in my life, mostly when I'm bored and have had absolutely nothing better to do.

Though I made a vow to myself to never, ever do Live Drafts since I started doing Fantasy Sports in 2002...I broke that vow last year when I attended two Fantasy Football Live Drafts to "be nice/flexible". That only made me hate Live Drafts more...especially when at both drafts, my Steelers and Panthers-centric picks, particularly my sleeper pick of Ben Rothelisberger, made the chat rooms LTAO. The real kicker (no pun intended)? It wasn't like I was criticizing the other managers' picks...I was actually completely silent throughout both drafts. Sometimes, I just don't get people...offline AND online.

It should be noted that my teams in both leagues came in around third-fifth place...easily my best performance in Fantasy Football ever. Not bad for some pretty darn hilarious picks...that said, I bet they would have laughed at my prediction of a Steelers/Panthers Super Bowl too. And hey, to paraphrase a certain Meatloaf, one out of two ain't bad.

It's funny I bring up a certain sport involving pigskin when...

1. Tonight is the best holiday known to those who have lived in Bluefield, VA/WV all their lives (not me)...the Bluefield High Beavers vs. Graham High G-Men game. And we're talking THE GAME...bigger than UVA vs. Virginia Tech AND Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis/New England/Cleveland/Cincinnati. The game is so huge that eating out, if you have a desire to do so, is complete hell AND possibly shopping too...since everyone loves to get together at Wal-Mart or mall after the game to talk about it.

Anyway, this too gets on my nerves...with the exception of the national LeBron James "high school phenomenon" hype a few years ago, I have never seen high school sports pimped as much as they are in these parts. And when I say "pimped", I mean it...the "Sports Night" local news shows are all totally devoted to *just high school sports, primarily football*, absolutely nothing else. Not even MLB/minor league baseball, NFL/college football, or even NASCAR. And with all due respect to the region, believe it or not after this rant, does anyone get sick of high school football, especially with all of the non-stop coverage...hell, the local newspaper, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, had a FREAKIN' COUNTDOWN to tonight's Beavers/G-Men game since June!! Can't say I am too surprised since we are talking about a paper that will devote most of its sports section to the NBA playoffs, but only wants to barely acknowledge (and THAT's being generous) the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Again, hell, when the Canes won the Cup, there was nada local mention of that...wonder what would have happened if the Canes were instead called the Carolina Beavers or Carolina C-Men?

AND finally...

2. Coming back from lunch at Subway earlier today, I happened to see the Louisville Cardinals' team bus on its merry way down I-77. Not every day you see that...especially as rather nicely decorated, complete with the Cardinals' logo, as the bus was/is.

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* - I've never heard the song (and movie?) the main title of this post is referencing...but geez, does that title get stuck in your head.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The One, the Only Ron Francis To Host A Charity Golf Tournament

I could very well be wrong, but I believe this will be Ronnie's first hosted (I.E. he's not just a participant, he's also in charge, one way or another) golf tournament in either nine or ten years. Leading me to my Ronnie Francis Fact(s) of the Moment:

When he was on the Penguins, Ron hosted a few golf tournaments in his hometown of Sault Ste. Marie. Among the more prominent celebs who participated in those was Marty Turco, as indicated by an autographed program I happen to have from the 1996 one of those tourneys. The 1996 or 97 tournaments were the last ones Ronnie has ever hosted, as far as I know.

Donations/pledges are already at $6,427 as of my typing this. If you can, please do your part and, as Supertramp once suggested (AND the Goo Goo Dolls have mangled), give a little bit to what's quite a worthy cause in not only Ronnie's upcoming golf tournament but also the American Lung Association.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Adventures In Bartending...Just the Tip of the Ice Cube

Follow the yellow brick link...

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Russia Declares War On the NHL

OR "As the Malkin Turns".

For sure, I cannot be the only one reminding myself that it's 2006...NOT 1976.

Would it shut up the Russian hockey honchos if the NHL just gave them Ilya Kovalchuk back? Whether or not it would work, it's hard for me to not be in favor of something, ANYTHING that would get rid of everyone's "favorite" over-goal-celebrating punk.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Mixed Drink Named After Ron Francis?

Calling all Raleighites, current and former...

Being not only one of Ronnie's LARGEST fans (as if one can't tell from the occasional posts here), but also now an aspiring bartender, I am wondering is a mixed drink named "Ron Francis" still being made in Raleigh? Here's what I remember from this very subject bring posted at a Canes board I read two-three years ago...and it's not much:

- The restaurant/bar that made/still makes(?) the Ron Francis is/was located on Glenwood Ave.

- The drink was said to have cranberry juice and/or Amaretto in it.

The closest thing I can find so far in my Bartender's Black Book is the "Roman Iced Tea", which does have cranberry juice and Amaretto, but also FIVE other ingredients. And I don't remember the drink being said to have more than three or four ingredients...though, I could very well be wrong since it was three years ago when I read about this.

I'd love to have this drink in my arsenal for entertaining family and friends AND possibly parties and/or weddings whenever I take my bartending skills on the road, so any info about this would be very well appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

BTW, my first foray into actually bartending this weekend went GREAT...I'll be posting about that and the recipes later today or tomorrow.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

At Long Last!! Actual Canes-Land News!!

Word is from the N&O that Kaberle and Stillman will not be ready by training camp. AND after six years of service, former vice-president Kyle West is saying "Happy trails!!" to the Canes.

Kaberle and Stillman...I was getting ready to say that I was not too worried about these two being out through training camp AND quite possibly the first month of the season. But then I read that they needed surgery...yikes. I was afraid of that, with the shortened off-season and all. I am not going to say anymore 'cause I do not want to start any jinxes, but I hope those injuries of Cory's and Frankie's are not nearly as bad/slow healing as the N&O acts like they may be.

As for Kyle West, I don't think his departure will be as serious as Jim Cain's back in 2002 was perceived. West's greatest contribution to Canes history? Probably coining the infamous "pivotal global events" comment during the infamous outrage over 2006 Eastern Conference Final and SCF ticket prices, as someone pointed out in the above linked thread.

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Edit as of 5:05 PM: And it has now been confirmed that Stillman will be out 3-4 months...*sarcastically* joy. Nothing else has been said about Frankie yet, leading me to believe that he is hopefully not as bad off as Cory.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Return of the Ghostbusters?!

Holy. Crap.

I cannot believe this is fan-made.

I don't know whether to love these guys or kick their arse because now all I'm going to think about all day is this movie...which *is* real, BTW. Don't know if the same could be said for the Freddy Krueger crossover, which I also now *really* wanna see too, existing or not.

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Edit as of 1:57 PM: Yes Virginia, with many thanks to Bumblebtw, there *is* also a Ghostbusters vs. Freddy Krueger movie...

...AND an OUTSTANDING Red Wings vs. Avalanche film. Gotta love that Godzilla movie-like dubbing.

How, in this brave new world, can such people like the Avs front office AND entertainment crew deprive their team's fans of that over three minute long stroke of genius?!

Geez...and I thought forcing the "Giant Flying Silver Condom" upon the poor Avs faithful was evil enough. o_O

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Where In the World Is Evgeni Malkin?

I've gotta post something, AND even though I have no doubt that my other blogger cohorts have beaten me to the punch on this, it seems to be the biggest question in the hockey world currently...

The latter link I posted may not have actual news, but it's just some funny crap (except for the dude/dudette who brought up the possibility of Evgeni being dead...something I too hope is certainly not the case) to read about this whole mess into which the Pens have somehow wandered. All I will divulge from the latter link is this:

"He's hiding inside one of those Russian dolls."

Funnily enough, when I was a wee one, I LOVED collecting those Russian dolls. I will never forget how, with my wacky-butt imagination and all, I would pit my Russian dolls, trolls (y'know, those 'so ugly, they're cute' dolls with different colored hair?) including a rollerblading one, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (including Bebop and Rocksteady), a My Little Pony (I think the one with a strawberry design), my green army man collection, some McDonald-Land character figures, some Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars, and a Road Runner figure in the most colossal game of "War" one besides myself would have ever seen.

ANYWAY, if anyone ever asks again why Jim Rutherford is funny about Russian players (with the *very rare* exception of Oleg Tverdovsky), I'll just point them to an article or two about Evgeni possibly defecting, and do my best John Forslund responding to some typically goofy Tripp Tracy uttering and say "Um, yeah.".

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Some Random Things I Have Learned This Trip

- It royally hurts to be a mere visitor in what used to be your hometown. AND, nothing brings that home more than seeing, of all things, billboards congratulating your hometown NHL team on winning the Stanley Cup.

- A resort is quite welcoming when you have Ronnie Francis greeting you at the entrance, (Actually, it's a HUGE cardboard trilon about the sights and sounds of the Raleigh/Triangle area, and Ron happens to be in the picture representing the Canes...well, it made *my* days. ;) )

- Penny Press variety puzzle magazines suck. Where the h-e-double hockeysticks are the Logic Puzzles, Word Bowling, Quotagrams, etc.? Y'know, the stuff that actually exercises your mind?

I'll still play around with some of the puzzles (Like the Codewords and Frameworks (a.k.a. Kriss-Krosses) in the PP mag I got...but, thank god for the Sudoku mag I got too.

- Never thought I'd get an "unofficial" Canes shirt, but I ended up doing that...specifically got the one that said "The Perfect Storm". "Redneck Hockey" is just too danged popular...AND the hotel gift shop didn't have that.

- The Happy Hour at Embassy Suites AND Sex On the Beach totally rocks my socks.

- Blue Hawaiian tastes great too...but is not a good chaser after three Sex On the Beaches. Better off as a singleton drink.

- The restaurant at Embassy Suites is AWESOME too...still can't decide if my absolute favorite dish there is the Pork Tenderloin or Porcini Mushroom Ravioli. The Creme Brulee and Tiramisu desserts are very much worth mentioning too.

- As much as I have loved seeing Raleigh again, I miss my dog and cat, among other things (like a comfortable bed AND computer with a normal keyboard), and can't wait to get back to them tomorrow.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm Going Back To Raleigh, Raleigh, Raleigh...

...hmmm, I don't think so.

Actually, my digs will be in Cary for the next couple of days. With the exception of possibly responding to a blog/post/reply or two here and there thanks to possessing a laptop PC, will mostly be on hiatus.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Carolina, National TV's Red-Headed Stepchild?

TV schedules have come out today. And while the Canes do not receive the royal treatment given to Detroit, Colorado, Philly, and Boston(?!); they at least have some national games under their belt this upcoming season, unlike the Stanley Cup Finalist Edmonton Oilers...


Anaheim - 3
Atlanta - 3
Boston - 8
Buffalo - 7
Calgary - 0
Carolina - 4
Chicago - 5
Colorado - 7
Columbus - 3
Dallas - 6
Detroit - 7
Edmonton - 0
Florida - 1
Los Angeles - 2
Minnesota - 4
Montreal - 3
Nashville - 1
New Jersey - 6
New York Islanders - 2
New York Rangers - 7
Ottawa - 0
Philadelphia - 7
Phoenix - 1
Pittsburgh - 7
San Jose - 6
St. Louis - 3
Tampa Bay - 2
Toronto - 1
Vancouver - 0
Washington - 2
Beverly Hills - 90210


Anaheim - 1
Atlanta - 2
Boston - 4
Buffalo - 1
Calgary - 0
Carolina - 2
Chicago - 3
Colorado - 3
Columbus - 3
Dallas - 4
Detroit - 4
Edmonton - 0
Florida - 0
Los Angeles - 2
Minnesota - 0
Montreal - 0
Nashville - 0
New Jersey - 3
New York Islanders - 2
New York Rangers - 4
Ottawa - 0
Philadelphia - 4
Phoenix - 0
Pittsburgh - 4
San Jose - 2
St. Louis - 2
Tampa Bay - 1
Toronto - 0
Vancouver - 0
Washington - 1
Hawaii - 50

Bolded Teams Who Do Not Surprise Me:

Buffalo (OLN - 7 games strong, NBC - 1) - The "New America's Team" love fest is officially on, boys and girls, at least on OLN. Something told me during this year's Eastern Conference Finals that all the Sword hype/butt-kissing then was *just* the least they only have one NBC game.

Carolina (OLN - 4 games strong, NBC - 2) - A note to my Caniac brethren: Did you *really* think getting the Cup would finally get our team as much media respect as the Dead Things? As much as I crave (and also feel we deserve) such glory, at the same time, I figured we would be lucky to get at least two OLN/Versus and/or NBC games in 2006-07. And since we got at least twice that many, to say that is not bad is an understatement...especially considering that the Canes got one more NBC game than Buffalo.

Colorado (OLN - 7 games strong, NBC - 3) - Nothing to see here, move along.

Dallas (OLN - 6 games strong, NBC - 4) - See what I said about Colorado.

Detroit (OLN - 7 games strong, NBC - 4) - See what I said about Dallas.

New Jersey (OLN - 6 games strong, NBC - 3) - See what I said about Detroit. Also remember: They always get a lot of national games 'CAUSE THEY'RE THE DEVILS(!!!).

New York Rangers (OLN - 7 games strong, NBC - 4) - See what I said about New Jersey, save the "'CAUSE THEY'RE THE DEVILS!!!" comment.

Philadelphia (OLN - 7 games strong, NBC - 4) - See what I said about the New York Rangers.

Bolded Teams Who Do Surprise Me:

Boston (OLN - EIGHT FREAKIN' GAMES strong, NBC - FOUR FREAKIN' GAMES) - What. The. Hell?! The Teddybears are slated to royally suck this year. Somebody or some people at OLN/Versus and/or NBC must either be HUGE B's fans and/or are, for some wacky-butt reason, delighted that Raycroft and/or Thornton are gone. Either one of those, or some *really awesome*(?) drugs are getting passed around those networks' headquarters.

Chicago (OLN - 5 games strong, NBC - 3) - While it may not be eight OLN/Versus games and four NBC games, five and three are still an awful lot for that pathetic bunch in the city that's like a shiny toy. Not to mention how "Dollar" Bill Wirtz does not need any more incentive to keep his mitts tight around the once legendary team.

Columbus (OLN - 3 games strong, NBC - 3) - What got C-Bus here are those three NBC games...making them "as good" as Colorado and New Joysey.

Edmonton (OLN - 0 games strong, NBC - 0) - I thought this was the team worthy of the Cup because of Gretzky and all having won it a ton all those years ago...what's wrong OLN/Versus and NBC? Don't feel like hyping those high and mighty Oilers with their opera singer anthem belter and Batcave-like locker room entrance? Not even for one game? I'm surprised, but I am not complaining.

Ottawa (OLN - 0 games strong, NBC - 0) - I know, I know...the Spartacus' are based in Canada, not the good ol' US of A. AND they are one of those dreaded small market teams...well for a Canadian small market, the Sens have consistently produced an entertaining team. Therefore making their not having at least one or two national games *just a little* blasphemous.

Pittsburgh (OLN - 7 games strong, NBC - 4) - Having the Pens being my second faves, I am actually thrilled to see them have quite a few national games this upcoming season. But, I honestly don't know whether to be surprised or not surprised...despite the presence of the Crosby Show, I am leaning towards the former because of the not-so good last season the Pengies had.

San Jose (OLN - 6 games strong, NBC - 2) - Holy crap...a small market team, AND in the southern half of the nation, getting SIX OLN games? There may be hope yet...though, I think having a certain someone named Joe Thornton helped a little in this case.

My overall take: I think the Canes could have gotten a worst end of the national stick. And really, they did not need a lot of national love/hype last season...who says they need it this season?

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

First We Take Oswego, Then We Take Berlin(!!)

A great read for fans of #26. I have to admit that I too did not know that Colesey was the MVP(!!) for Berlin during the lockout...learn something new every day.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's...SUPER-CONDOM!!!

I am so going to hell for that title...but seriously, if you took away the Chipotle label on what's supposed to be a burrito blimp...

And I used to think that the Hardee's Burger Races at the 2003-04 Canes home games were the stupidest in-game promotion, EVAH. I think the Giant Flying Silver Condom, at the Avalanche home games, tops least the Burger Races didn't make me have a dirty mind. Just made me laugh like a crazy person at the Canes' 2003-04 home opener vs. the Devils, that's all.

For the prudes in the audience: I just realized that *clears her throat and does her best Johnny from Airplane!* the "burrito" blimp also looks like a big Tylenol! But "condom" is funnier...hmmmmm, perhaps maybe we should call up TBS and ask them what they think.

Thanks to Alanah and her Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed for the picture AND idea behind this post. :D

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Forslund To OLN/Versus/Whatever AND Bayda-Watch

Imagine waking up AND the very first post you see at the Canes MB is:

'Forslund To OLN'

When I saw that, I uttered an "Oh crap.", but then proceeded to read the following, a snippet from the Raleigh News and Observer article about the deal...

"Forslund will join OLN's stable of announcers, working national telecasts on the cable network when it doesn't conflict with his Hurricanes duties on Fox Sports Net South.

"It's a professional challenge," Forslund said Thursday. "It's always good to be involved and flattering they'd be interested in using me. It's another opportunity to grow the game and grow what I do."

OLN, which will change its name to Versus in September, is expected to release its schedule of national NHL broadcasts next week, and FSN South's Hurricanes schedule is expected this month. Forslund's national dates won't be determined until both schedules are final."


If Forslund was leaving FSN South, that, my friends, would have been the end of my subscribing to NHL Center Ice. Not having Mike Lange doing the Penguins' play-by-play is pretty rugged enough...the Canes don't need the NHL's other best play-by-play man leaving them too.

Later this afternoon, it was announced that Ryan Bayda has returned to the Canes...

First Bowl-of-Rice and now this. What's next? The grand return of Jeff O'Neill (which I honestly wouldn't mind...but I am QUITE WELL AWARE that I am in the minority on that one)? Bates Battaglia? Sami Kapanen? Sean Hill (another one I wouldn't mind...again, probably in the minority on that)?

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By not just one, but two people, Jes Golbez and Zanstorm!! (insert various gasps here)

Ok, I'm supposed to list five wacky things about meself. Just five?!

Here it goes...

1. I was born in the daytime (3:30 PM) on October 31st, 1983...better known to the majority of you as Halloween. AND, even though I'm in my early 20's, I *still* love to dress up on that holiday. Really, how can anyone not take advantage of the time/day of the year that allows you to be who or whatever you want to be?

2. I absolutely love anime...particularly Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, and Sailor Moon, yes, Sailor Moon. I don't watch the latter nearly as much as the other three, but I still list it as a favorite because it was the very first anime with which I became incredibly engrossed.

Also worth noting is how much I really like anime music too...particularly the tunage from Inuyasha and Fullmetal Alchemist. I'd go as far as saying that some of my most favorite parts of those animes are the opening and closing sequences that accompany my favorite songs.

3. Before I became obsessed with the Carolina Hurricanes and hockey, I used to be a HUGE Fantastic Four nut. My most favorite member was/still is Mister Fantastic/Dr. Reed Richards, hence my "" website domain. Currently, I still like the FF, but it's become a casual fandom at best, not helped by my feelings that the FF have simply not been the same since the Tom DeFalco/Paul Ryan creative run (with the exception of the *very short-lived* (three issues!!!) Scott Lobdell/Alan Davis run) AND the movie. Still have plans to sell the majority of my FF stuff, only keeping the issues of the artist/writer creative runs I like the best, and possibly a couple of items of miscellany like my Mr. Fantastic statue.

4. At the risk of stealing one of Jes' wacky things, just like him, I too am a little more shy than my Internet personality would lead people to believe...

And last, but certainly not least...

5. Saving the best (I.E. the wackiest) for best...if you thought my Ronnie Francis fandom was already crazy, you ain't seen/read nothing far out as it may be at times, the man and I seem to share a karmic connection.

Alright...and now I get to tag a few unsuspecting bloggers.

*does her best impression of Ash from Pokemon* Michael, Chris, and James (whenever you're no longer vacation-bound) ...I choose you!

Would be more, but tis tricky when just about everybody else has been tagged.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's Been So Hot...

...that I have had to suffer in my home's downstairs/basement floor because the previous owners did not have air conditioning installed for that particular section.

No, that's not a joke. I am dead serious. The thing is that there *really* has not been a need for air conditioning during the summers here in Rocky Gap/Bluefield...until this particular summer, one of the hottest in the area in quite a long time. If memory serves me well, there have already been four or five "lemonade days", and there looks to be a few more in sight before the end of either August or September.

Well finally today, we got air conditioning installed...and I have to say that my warm-natured self swears that I have died and gone to heaven. It's been a long wait AND it feels *that* good folks.

* - "Lemonade days" are days that hit ninety degrees or higher. Whenever it does that, the Bluefield town hall gives out free lemonade.

No, I have yet to have a sample of that lemonade.

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A Public Service Announcement

Go see Snakes On A Plane.

Not good enough? Have Samuel L. Jackson personally tell you or your friends/relatives via the phone.

(Thanks to mdsteele47 @ LiveJournal for making me aware of the latest movie hype technology...what's next? Sammy-Boy calling us to remind about Target's Day-After-Thanksgiving sale?)

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As Good As It Gets

No, I'm not talking about that movie with Meg Ryan and Jack Nicholson...but the following pair is just as scary to imagine AND see together.

This picture has been and still is an EASY candidate for my top five creepiest hockey pictures EVAH. Which leads me to yet another reason why Ronnie Francis rules over Mark Messier: No frightening pictures with Gary least as far as I know. ;)
BTW, a thanks (I think...) to the boys at Orland Kurtenblog for posting the above...thing, therefore inspiring me to create this post on a *very quiet* day in Canes-Land. :)
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Think Pink?!

Word is that all thirty NHL teams will be issued a pink jersey, aimed at the female market, to sell this upcoming season. HOPEFULLY not for the players to wear on the ice too...

This is all too reminiscent of when CCM came out with a "women's cut" jersey in 2003. I will never, ever forget how one summer Friday night that year, when I was visiting the Triangle Town Center location of The Eye AND talking to a worker friend there often, the said worker friend wanted to hold up the largest women's cut jersey next to me. Which I let her do, being quite curious as to if the thing would fit or not. I had quite a good figure then, and a size Large, the biggest you could find in those cursed "jerseys", would have been too tight on me. Which then led to my friend and I further making fun of the "jerseys" and saying stuff like they belonged in the Abercrombie and Fitch* across from The Eye.

Ooooh...another gimmicky "jersey" I wish I didn't remember: The ghetto-ized "basketball jersey", also released by CCM in 2003. *Very needless* to say, my friend and I had too much fun ridiculing that one too.

I don't recall seeing that many "getting their fash-on"** with those jerseys...thank god. And apparently, the NHL has quite a short-term memory to approve *yet another* gimmick jersey so quickly.

* - Sorry A&F fans, but I have been and always will be a Gap girl when it comes to the clothing brand name wars. ;P

** - Anyone besides me seen those ads? You know, the ones for Old Navy with the kids jumping up a mile or two high and rapping "We're gonna get our FASH-ON!"? God, I hate them.

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Edit as of August 3rd, 12:59 AM: A thought just dawned on me...I wouldn't be so against the idea of a pink women's jersey if the money from those sold went towards breast cancer research somehow, someway. But as far as I know, the NHL has no such charitable plans for their pinkies. At least with such an idea, the jerseys would still be a gimmick, BUT a VERY GOOD gimmick.

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Jesse Boulerice A Cane Once Again

As much as I like Jesse, I don't know how to feel about this. On one hand, yeah it's nice to have someone around in case the Canes ever encounter a situation where they need an enforcer-type. BUT, on the other hand, I feel acquring Jesse is a step backwards...'cause, as some people have noted, the new NHL is slowly trying to get it to where fighting is an endangered species, if it isn't already that.

I think MeDotCom in the above linked thread put it best...

"We're getting the band back together." -- Jake Blues

Now we need to sign Jaro, trade for Bates and bring Ronnie out of retirement."

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From the Ukraine With Love

Though Anton Babchuk got the opportunity to spend a day with Lord Stanley, he unfortunately will not get to have his name on the prize due to not playing many games as a Cane. The only minor-leaguer with a chance at his name becoming engraved is Andrew Hutchinson...and word is that Jim Rutherford is having to vy quite heavily for that.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kongratulations To Kukla!!

Paul Kukla, of Kukla's Korner fame, has landed a job with!

Many kongrats to Paul!! And to too for picking a fine winner of a blogger...even if he is a Red Wings supporter. We'll forgive him for that...for now. ;P

(Many thanks to CasonBlog for this fabulous news.)

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"What's That There On Them Statues?! GIT IT OFF!!!!111!!11!!!1!" Revisited

This should be in a Murphy's Law book or on a poster: Just when you thought you've heard the last of someone, they somehow rear their ugly head again...

Y'know, I am actually not the least bit surprised that this guy is not giving his beef a rest. And I am also not surprised that the Canes aren't stooping to his level and going through with a lawsuit. BUT at the same time, I, for once, kind of wish there was a lawsuit of some kind taking place...sometimes, you gotta stoop to an idiot's level just to make it clear how absolutely wrong (and crazy) they are.

And I think this quote by JeffBear at further justifies what I just said:

"...It's a matter of public order. If some fool can get away with taking the law in his own hands on this type of issue, then that sends a bad message to other self-important pratts to do likewise in other scenarios down the road."

Then again, maybe it is good the Canes are not going in that direction...there's no telling how ESPeeN would handle such news. Hell, they've made today's news the big headline on their front page, at least for this morning.

Not to mention how sometimes, the perfect zinger cancels out the need for something like a lawsuit...a perfect zinger such as this one from Canes marketing honcho/spokesperson, Howard Sadel:

"For me, the bigger concern is someone on state property wielding a box cutter with an obvious hairline temper."

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Edit as of 3:48 PM: This was/is too good of a take on the (highly ridiculous) matter at hand to not post in addendum.

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