Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #14, Volume One

At long last, the Canes finally beat those dagummed brown birds!! Leave it to those stupid things to totally chuck out what I said about the Canes being some kind of wonderful with Brindy least during that mess on November 27th. Even though last night's affair was not totally great by any means, the Canes at least finally got a win over Turner-Town, AND Staal gave Kovalchuk the owning for which he has been screaming. The latter being in the form of Staal getting a breakaway during a Thrashers power player, notching the goal while Kovy flung himself at Eric, AND then proceeding to make Kovy so mad that he broke his stick on the nearby glass and board. And while Kovy was putting on that little show, Eric gave the over-caffeinated Russian a staredown that was quite reminiscent of Ronnie Franchise, if I do say so myself.

And that leads me to something that I have to say after a mini-rant I did at last night (ironically enough before the power went out...which did not come back on until around three in the morning) about the potentially brewing Francis vs. Staal debate: I *still* say you cannot compare the two. I also *still* say that Eric and Ron have each played in a different era of the NHL/hockey. I would say that Eric's style is a flashier version of Ron's...with more goals scored than assists obtained. Based on this season alone, and even 2003-04, I would say Eric will go down as a goal scorer on the colorful tapistry of hockey and WhalerCanes history, while Ronnie will always be best known and remembered as an assist-man/playmaker.

Oh, and those who had/still have the damn gall to say Eric is a better athlete AND has a better attitude than Ron *really* need to be crammed into a small room, and watch nothing but 1980's Whalers games for 24 hours straight. Yes, Eric does have better athleticism than Ronnie does now...and as proven in 2003-04, it would be quite an unfair matchup. But what about twenty years ago? When going against guys like Wayne Gretzky, Cam Neely, Mario Lemieux in his youthful prime, Steve Yzerman in his youthful prime, Bryan Trottier, etcetera, your athleticism AND ESPECIALLY attitude should be far from chopped liver. Not to mention how when you are 21 like Eric is now AND Ronnie once was, that tends to do wonders for your mental and physical athletic health.

Anyhoo, and on a more frivolous note, I'm going to start playing more Super Puzzle Fighter on my Game Boy Advance whenever the Canes are playing. As silly as it may sound, I fired that thing up during the first period of last night's game, and the Canes almost immediately started to play better. Be interesting to see how long that mojo keeps up...good thing I started my new goal of having undefeated rounds on Normal, Hard, and Master modes with all eight regular characters and Akuma.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #13, Volume One

Two weeks since the last entry of my Net...which means that this should be longer than it more than likely will be...

Some simple math, so simple that even I, someone who's incredibly sucky at the subject, can do...

Your Carolina Hurricanes - Rod Brind'Amour = A Natural Disaster.

And really, you do not need further proof of that than the past two weeks...outside of two or three (lucky, IMHO) wins, the Canes have been more dead than, well, my Net. The worst game of the bunch being the Atlanta game I somewhat ranted about in my Net's previous issue. Say "somewhat", because as many of my dear readers know, I ranted more about a certain aspect than the game itself.

Your Carolina Hurricanes + Rod Brind'Amour = Some Kind of Wonderful.

The Canes still had a slow step to them, but looked ok last night against T.O. (no, NOT Terrell Owens). Any why? Because the Marines wannabe returned to the lineup...alright, I should not have said that about Brindy. BUT, every time I see that "Here To Play, Here To Stay" (my god, what a stupid slogan) ad on the Canes/John and Tripp feed on Center Ice, it does not make me think of *really* going to a Canes game, it makes me think of joining the Marines instead. And you know such a campaign is bad when someone suggests that the Canes reenacting a scene from a famous Monty Python film would make for a better endorsement...

Anyhoo, the moral of this story is that the Canes, especially Brindy, *really* need to stop succumbing to groin injuries. I've noted it once and I will note it again, what is up with all of the groin injuries in the NHL this year? No wonder Tripp is so freakin' obsessed with them...I'm starting to actually miss his food talk. And hell, I do not know which is weirder...Tripp's mind or his buddy, John Forslund's hair. Have you seen it this season? Dang...

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Thursday, November 17, 2005

I Want A Kitty!!

I'm seriously thinking about, no, I am *really wanting* to join the cat owner ranks. Especially after today...I saw the most adorable and elegant black cat (with a few white hairs, not a patch, ten-twenty white hairs on its chest) up for adoption at Paradise Pets, the local pet store here in Bluefield. She (I think it was a she...certainly seemed to be from what I could see and tell ;) ) was the most playful thing, with quite a lovely attitude to boot. Because of that attitude, I'm not holding my breath on that particular cat being available to adopt by the time I am able to adopt one. But, regardless of the cat I eventually adopt, I'm certainly more hyped up about wanting a kitty-kins. :)

So, I got a few questions for all of the cat owners here (and I know there are quite a few)...

1. Are there any downsides to adopting?

I *really* don't think there are any...but I thought I would ask anyway. As I noted above, I paid attention to the cats at the pet store's health and behavior. Also, the cages were very well kept and clean, as were the cats and dogs up for adoption. Overall, I liked the conditions I saw.

Also, the evenings I've gone to a Mexican restaurant next door, I have noticed that they'll let a cat or two out to walk around the store. That gets points in my book too.

2. Would I be making a mistake having a cat and a Miniature Dachshund in the same house? Is it possible to get the two used to one another?

As I've mentioned before here, I have a male Mini Dachsie named Chaz. He's a somewhat wild thing...particularly acting wild when we have the renovators in/at the house or company we do not have too often and/or are not interactive with Chaz. Whenever that is the case, or my folks are gone, Chaz loves to stay and sleep in my room, where my cat will stay at least 75-90% of the time. Which leads to what I think is the biggest problem and obstacle in my wanting a cat.

3. What cat items (specifically toys, beds, and food/water dishes), foodstuffs (including treats), litter, etc. would you most recommend?

More of a general "feel for it all" question. I plan to get a book ASAP and have been looking at numerous websites tonight. I *think* I have somewhat an idea of what would be good. But, being a beginner, I'd like to get an opinion from those who are experienced. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #12, Volume One

1. That game against the Thrashers royally sucked. I knew the Canes would eventually end their franchise record winning streak...but, damn.


2. People better not dare say I am an annoying fan after the invasion by "Grandma Moron" at said game. "Grandma Moron" is the nickname I'm "lovingly" calling this old woman Thrashers fan who makes a complete ass of herself on and off TV AND in opposing teams' arenas (and at the Philips Arena too, I am sure), AND has horrible, HORRIBLE autograph etiquette. The latter is so bad ("How bad is it?") It is so bad, that players run away from Grandma Moron whenever she is within sight, even if there's protection in the form of plexiglass and rows of seats. Don't believe me? Then just ask Frantisek Kaberle, AND these two Caniacs at

as far as Grandma.....she moved down to right behind me!! UGH!!! she is annoying.....the camera was on her alot. I wanted to put my hand on her mouth.
She is known to mow young kids down to get to the players coming off the ice. I was tryiing to help NCCANES son to my spot and she was all over me. I had to hold her back so he could get in there. Pathetic.

(Same poster @

I am mad at my seatmates for taking off half way through the third period and letting GRANDMA and her gronies come down and sit behind me. UGH!!...How annoying that was. For those that think she is just a sweet ole lady....she is not loved in Atlanta. She will mow over any young kid to get to the players. I had to hold her back so that nccanes son could get to my spot after the game and she was not easy to hold back. She kept saying *but aren't you happy for our goalie*.....AAHHHHH NO!!!

I think I could now write a book on 'Grandma's' antics- not that I want to or anything- but I feel like this nutjob is like waldo- she's everywhere that I'm at- but mercifully, I only had to see her from a distance yesterday, and that was plenty- - if you recall my post over a year ago when hub and I went to Columbus for the WC of Hockey/Team USA Training camp, she was in all her glory and had not only Team Canada heading for the hills (Lecavalier, Theodore, Brodeur, Richards & Thornton) due to all of them knowing she sold autographed stuff on ebay- but she had the entire Russian team literally crossing the other side of the street to get away from her---(Kvasha, KOVALCHUK & Samsonov ran from her and poor Ovechkin was left to figure it out on his own and got 'caught' signing for her) She also bulldozed through several children (under 8 year olds) who were posing for photos and getting autos with Iginla and Gagne-basically pushing the children away from both players and saddling up to them both (mortified as they were) with a Team Canada jersey conveniently in her bag of tricks- much to the horror of the parents who had made it a family vacation to Columbus for the week of WC training camp. She fools people with the white hair and that Grandma tag- and she should be ashamed of herself, but clearly could care less- she's on a mission.

As far as I know, in all of the E-Baying I have done (and it's a lot I have done over the last year and a half), I have not bought anything from Atlanta or Georgia in general. But now that I know that Grandma Moron is not only, well, a moron, but an E-Bay seller can bet your sweet bippy that I'm going to *very wary* of any Ron Francis/hockey collectibles hailing from BravesTown or the Peach State. No way do I want to support that freak, her gimmicks, and her crapola in general.

AND all that said, I may wear a mask and carry a toy hockey stick to games, but at least I do not mow over little kids or bug players to the point that they run away from me OR be a complete hog's ass when it comes to the spotlight and/or autographs. Not to mention that whenever I visit an opposing team's arena, I will be *very respectful* of my surroundings, the players playing on both teams, AND the fans of whichever team's arena in which I happen to be visiting.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Best Use of the Price Is Right Losing Sound EVAH!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #11, Volume One

Another win for the Canes, an eighth one, the WhalerCane franchise record (last and second best winning streak being seven games in 1986-87)...and boy, was it ugly. Where should I begin? The fact that Buffalo had far more shots on goal than the Canes or how we let Buffalo back into the party in the third period? Both of those aspects AND the swords somehow outhustling the Canes tonight are signs of weakness. That said, I am now going to reveal something I've said to my brother and myself ever since the Philly game on 10/28...

This current winning streak is 60% skill and 40% luck.

That 60% skill includes the "never say die" attitude that Laviolette has managed to instill within his comrades, the hot skating, and/or the hot shooting.

That 40% luck includes Gerbie and (Cam) Wardo getting hot when it *really* is needed and/or teams not coming on like gangbusters like they have against teams other than the Canes (Ottawa) OR coming on like gangbusters but somehow not adding more icing to the cake (Philly and Buffalo).

And for those getting ready to pounce on me, I gave the skill more percentage than the luck...I have said it many times, and will say it again: THIS is a damn good Canes team. I might be saying they're getting lucky, but at the same time, there is certainly no denying the skill these boys have. Only an idiot would deny it...but hell, even the idiots that many call the media are not denying.

Speaking of the media...WHY DID GERBER NOT GET THE FIRST STAR?!?! I don't care if Buffalo's Vanek got his first two NHL goals tonight AND was the reason the swords got back in the game. Gerber worked his ass off tonight, yo. If the Canes do not let Martin choose the restaurant for dinner tonight or breakfast tomorrow, choose the movie for their upcoming plane ride, or have a TV party (tonight! TV party tonight!!) at his house for their next team bonding exercise*, I can truly feel safe in saying there is no justice in hockeydom what-so-ever.

Anyhoo, a win is a win, but the Canes can't keep winning ugly like they did tonight...ugly wins will not do, especially at Ottawa, the closest game on the Canes' schedule that scares me.

* - Regarding those bonding deals, since we are all of sudden hearing about them all the time...what's next? This? Ray Whitney's hitting on Tripp Tracy at the end of the first intermission interview makes me wonder. o_O

Edit: Oh, and BTW, if you thought the Whitney/Tripp comment was completely random, I advise that you check this out:

Edit #2: You think I'm making the Whitney/Tripp thing up? I now have proof, courtesy of Hyena's Eye Candy site (

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #10, Volume One

The Canes are *still* winning...and they've been doing it so much that it is getting to the point where they have been picking up at least a point per game for a solid month. Outside of that factoid, writing about such outstanding consistency is tricky without sounding like a broken, I shall take the rest of this issue, and talk about some other hockey AND non-hockey tidbits.

First, things, first...The Acid Queen now has Carnival of the NHL #12 a.k.a. "CarniStaal" (cute, eh? though, that name sounds an awful lot like CarnoSaur) up. And the Eternal Captain and I command you to go forth and take a peek...NOW!!

Second, not only was it good to see the Leafs beat the Lightning last night (shut up Leaf haters...the Canes will take all the help they can get to keep their lead in the Southeast right now), but also good to see O'Neill get points again (shut up O haters...I don't give a rat's a** about how "mean" he was to fans (for the record, I think the fans to whom O was "mean" deserved his wraith...frightening how many people there are who *really* need to learn autograph and/or post-practice etiquette)...and from a fantasy standpoint, see Sundin get back to being his bad scoring self, as if the eye injury never happened. Also, thanks to Center Ice, I liked the segment with the Wish Foundation boy who got to meet the Lightning and Hockey Night In Canada crew.

Third, did you see a certain fight attempt during the Flames/Canucks game last night? Looks like Jesse "The Bull" Boulerice and his getting K.O.ed in one punch by the then Stars enforcer in 2002-03, Downey, has been toppled from numero uno on the Most Embarassing Hockey Fights list. And BTW, you know a moment is bad when it gets Don Cherry and Co. to laugh like little girls, to paraphrase someone in the link. There's only one other moment that was just as, if not more embarassing, and it did not happen during a a 2003-04 Canes game vs. Philly, two Flyboys were getting their druthers together behind a net in their end during an overtime, and ran right into each other! When I saw that, I was seriously checking the backs of the two players' jerseys, making sure they did not say "Mutt" and "Jeff" or "Twiddledee" and "Twiddledum".

Fourth, my dad has gone insane. BUT, in a *very good* way...he went and bought all four seasons of Curb Your Enthusiam yesterday afternoon. AND ALSO, he went ahead and got me a Jerky Maker, something I have been wanting since I have found out how expensive jerky, my new snacking addiction, is. And I can now use a Jerky Maker with all of the beef we recently received from keeping the two cattle I mentioned two weeks ago here. Unfortunately, I can't actually use the Maker until I get a dehydrator in which to dry the jerky strips after processing them. But, no worries there...we'll probably get it either later today or sometime tomorrow, knowing how often our Wal-Mart visits are.

The only bad thing about now having a Jerky Maker? (an Eastman Outdoors one to be precise...with five different flavors I can't wait to try, starting with Original!) That kind of makes my plans of recording the Good Eats episode about jerky somewhat obsolete. I say "kind of" and "somewhat" because I still plan to record the said episode...any episode where Alton Brown, my other Food Network god besides Kaga, promotes a favorite food of mine as "hip" rocks my socks.

And fifth AND last, but certainly not least, I got my tickets to the Canes' Ron Francis Night (on January 28th) in the mail this past Friday...WOOT!! :D Many, MANY THANKS to Svandijk1 @'s Canes board. Speaking of Ronnie, I figure what better time than this, the tenth issue, to enquire you dear readers about a potential new Francis collection item. Yesterday, I got in the mail a 1988-89 Hartford Whalers Yearbook (only two more, 1981-82 and 1982-83 to go!!), and accompanying it was a circa 1982-83 Whalers charity brochure. Well, after a little inspecting of the brochure, to find out if I want to keep it or use it for trade bait, I found the following picture...

Is that Ron Francis? Nobody else in the charity brochure comes remotely close. The only other recognizable person in there being Gordie "Mr. Hockey" Howe. And considering all of that AND the fact that it was around 1982-83 the Whalers got rid of every player but Francis, I *really* think it's Ronnie. But at the same time, I cannot tell because my family does not think it is him AND that darned hat is hiding his brows.

I probably have wasted some space, especially since my gut tells me that is Ron. But, there's never any harm in asking for a second opinion...and hey, whether that dude if Ronnie Francis or not, that is a *really* good impression of the MLB logo.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Holy Crap...

...the following is like the Family Circus' "follow the path" things on major-a** steroids.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's Official...

...we have our first Crap (Country-Rap) song:

With all due respect to the dude behind that, I hope that does not start a trend.