Sunday, April 30, 2006

Stormbringer's Week In Review: April 24th-30th, 2006

For the world's sake, let's hope a "Jethro Bodine" does not apply for this job...

I think there are candy hearts that already have "Whatever" on least here in America, not surprisingly.

*insert The $___,000 Pyramid theme here*

It can never be said enough: Only in America...

Quite obviously, they're not being careful out there...

So?! I've seen at least one or two other people do that...seriously, I have.

That's pretty bad, but I would still go with Little Richard having the worst makeup bill...

Watch, a movie will be made about this, and it will probably be called "You Got Game"...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Overclocked Remix AND YTMND of the Week!

Phear the monkey? More like "Phear the Canes" after last night...

Another further reminder that I seriously need to get Katamari Damacy...
Canes/Habs - Game Four: A Few Random Musings/Observations


- Wardo came through again! And that said, a note to Brindy: During the first intermission interview with Tripp Tracy (Yes, I finally got the FSN South feed again tonight), you referred to AARON Ward as "Wardo". Which is it? CAM getting that nickname or Aaron? Personally, I lean towards Cam, since he sports "Wardo" on his mask...even though before Cam came along, I was constantly referring to Aaron as "Wardo".

- The defense was, GREAT!! So were the face-offs...and was it just me, or did Brindy take more of those as I suggested earlier yesterday in Ronnie's blog? See? I was right: The play *did* slightly improve with "the face-off king" getting his share of the face-offs.

- Alright, so here in the US of A, it's not okay to show children escaping their smoking parents or workplace accident victims, but it's okay to have people conduct a "Genital Herpes Anonymous" conference on my TV. What's next? People actually SHOWING they have "Genital Herpes"? Which, BTW, I think we all know OR should know where Herpes occurs* without the help of a freakin' advertisement...why do we even have to make THAT MUCH clear? Hell, at least the Valtrex ads before the one I'm complaining about didn't bluntly state "Genital Herpes". At least, I swear they didn't...

And while I'm at it, why do ads for medicines like Valtrex look more like commercials for Sandals Golf and Beach Resort? It is like they are saying "Get Herpes and live the good life!" or something equally insipid. Needless to say, such a mentality displayed in a frequently shown TV ad highly frightens me... o_O

As much as I love getting the John and Tripp Show on Center Ice, the Herpes ads in general have gotta go. There are plenty of other ads that can be shown FSN South AND/OR GlaxoSmithKline.

- Last, but certainly not least...NO "SIDELINE CHICK"!! To whoever listened at FSN South and/or CanesVision, thank you!!

* - Yes, I know about cold sores...stop being a smart aleck. ;P

Friday, April 28, 2006

Bette Davis Is Officially Mine!

As of 12:30 pm today, Miss Bette Davis officially became my cat (or, I officially became Miss Bette Davis' human...take your pick).

I really could go on and on about what a FANTASTIC cat Bette is. But all I will say is:-

Absolutely no peep came from her during all car trips from the shelter AND to and from the vet.

- *Very well behaved* at the vet...was very good about taking her worm pill, flea medication, AND ESPECIALLY her shots (did not flinch a bit during those, amazingly).

- Has so far adapted great to her new home...and really happy with it too. I have never heard a cat purr as much as Bette has over the last two hours.

- Incredibly docile...Bette has been the most loving thing, rubbing up against my legs constantly, and frequently being submissive (I.E. lying stretched out over the floor and letting me rub her belly, brush her, etc.)

The more I get to know Bette, the more I love her. She's everything a beginning cat owner (and really, a cat owner in general) could ask for. Not to mention how I feel Bette will bring the Canes luck, from her coat as silvery as Lord Stanley's Prize to these:

- I discovered Bette yesterday, April 27th, which happened to be the fourth anniversary of the very first Canes game I completely watched (Game Six vs. New Jersey in the 2002 SCP First Round).

- Today, April 28th, the three month/quarter-year anniversary of the Canes' Ron Francis Night, was the day I officially claimed Bette as my own.

I'll take and post pictures sometime this weekend...want Bette to get used to her new digs. Not that she's having any I type this, she's having a nice little catnap in my closet.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Guess who's getting her cat tomorrow?

Yep. And the picture doesn't do little ol' Bette justice. She has the prettiest blue eyes AND the sweetest and most playful demeanor.

I think I'm in love.

BTW, there is something about cats with classic movie star names and my family...first, there was Bogey (named after Humphrey Bogart), who one of my cousins adopted over ten-twelve years ago. And now (hopefully) Bette Davis.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Canes/Habs - Game Three: A Few Random Musings/Observations

- I don't know how, outside of Cam Ward having a freakin' good game (and getting a well-deserved First Star for it), but the Canes somehow got a win. Even though they had apparently left the notes about how they played the second and third periods of Game Two back in Raleigh.

- Kudos to Brindy and Staal, who in addition to the aforementioned Wardo, managed to help their Canes FINALLY make it a series.

- My only real beef with this game? Those razzin' frazzin' power plays. If the Canes can cut out all of the fancy-smancy passing and actually shoot some more, they might, *gasp*, score more goals!! It would also help to not keep shooting at Huet.

- As long as Jim Hughson is at the helm, I can get used to CBC/Hockey Night In Canada doing the games. Yeah, he sounds just like the EA video games at times, but the big geek in me cannot help but really get a kick out of that.

- Canadian commercials are better than American it on the funny scale OR the creepy scale. Have you seen those workplace accident awareness commercials? You are truly not human if those do not make your heart stop for a second. O_O

- I SO wanna see that "History of Hockey" special that's going to be on the CBC this autumn.

- Don Cherry can be quite amusing during and after sipping a glass of White Zinfindel. I also happened to notice that there's really not much need for Ron MacLean, outside of just being there to remind Monsieur Cherry about what to talk about AND shut him up when the time is up. Though, for someone who's pretty quiet throughout most/all of Coach's Corner, MacLean sure has Cherry's schtick down...listen carefully for the mentioning of a Cane in there.

- Last, but certainly not least...I wish Saku Koivu all the best in prayers and thoughts towards a good recovery. I may not be all that fond of everyone on the Habs, but I've always liked Koivu, especially after hearing/reading about his bout with cancer. And it would really break my heart to see his playing career end because of a serious eye injury.
Louis Anderson in Mission Impossible 3?!

I swear that the leader-dude in the MI:3 ads looks like Louis Anderson. You know, that fast food worker in Coming To America, the voice of Louis in Life With Louis, and the craptastic former host of Family Feud?

I'm afraid to look it up at, for it is definitely one of those "too good to be true" sort of things...if anyone could AND can kill Tom Cruise's chances of being numero uno at the box office AGAIN, it's Louis. Anything to stop one form of cashflow to Deluded Fruitcakes Anonymous...

While I'm at it, remember my rant about Saved By the Bell being on my main source to cure my anime cravings, Adult Swim?

Just like the others, I still feel it has gotta be a joke. But, at this point, far stranger things than a SBTB reunion have happened...and considering how absolutely nuts this country has gone over retro stuff in the last year or so, well...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Red Letter Day For

First, all of those hockey commercials, and now this...

What is it about "Across the Universe" and crappy covers of it? First David Bowie, and now/then Roger Waters...geez, and I've always thought Pink Floyd + Beatles would be a good thing. o_O
A Few Hockey-licious Commercials

Regardless of your feelings towards Sidney Crosby, this is a COOL commercial...especially with the presence of the Hanson Brothers:

Though, whenever I see the ending scene to that ad, I can't help but hear the Benny Hill theme playing in my head...someone PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one.

I like this one too...though, I just know the Canes AND Leafs contingents will probably be tempted to kill me for featuring it in my blogs. Whatever. ;P

Perhaps the Canes can change a goalie or two from being nuts about Sundin to maybe Staal or Brind'Amour or Williams or Cullen...

*does a Muttley laugh*

And last but certainly not least, an oldie but a goodie...even if it features a certain Russian punk, making the music *that* much more appropriate.
Canes/Habs - Game Two: A Few Random Musings/Observations

- Didn't get the FSN South feed on Center Ice tonight, but the CBC (Canadian) feed instead. My brother and I expected the worst, but the coverage actually turned out pretty good. I was quite impressed with how un-biased it was. Highly favorable towards both teams, and they even interviewed my Ronnie Francis!! :D Too bad his presence didn't bring the Canes much needed luck...nor did my wearing my mask and jersey while parked in front of the tube for the first time in awhile.

BTW, if any of you reading this recorded the game on CBC, or more specifically the Francis interview, please e-mail me (caroline@(IDON'TLIKESPAM!!!), remove the Monty Python quote). Thanks a bunch in advance! :)

- Speaking of that interview, the only point of Ronnie's with which I did not agree was that the Canes played good in the first period. If the Canes did that very thing, they would have not been down three goals AND this series would be tied at 1-1.

- Gerber had a bad stomach virus during Game One? (sighs) Perhaps I was just a little wrong in not blaming Gerbs...

- When this game went into OT, it started feeling like the infamous Game Three of the 2002 Stanley Cup Finals. Whoever went on to win the game will probably go on to win the series. I *really* hope that is not the case with the Habs eeking it out like they did tonight.

- Again, I don't think the chips are totally down for the Canes...trying my darndest to be a tiny bit positive. But, I hafta admit that well, to quoteth one Ringo Starr, it don't come easy.

Edit: - I cannot believe I forgot to mention this...and you can thank Ronnie's blog for helping me remember: The Canes *finally* learned thay they *can* play without Cole. It didn't sink in until near the end of the first period, but somehow, someway, it sunk. If only this state of mind would last throughout not only the playoffs, but also, AND ESPECIALLY for the time being, Game Three.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Calling All Cat Owners and/or Cat AND Dog Owners

As the time to get my feline friend (pretty much later this week) approaches, I have least one or two I've probably asked before, and a new one...

For those who have owned/are owning just cats:

1. Male or female? Or more specifically, do I *really* have to worry about "spraying"? Is it true that if you get a male who was neutered before puberty, the chances of him "spraying" are the same as a female's (I.E. still a chance, but not nearly as bad, if at all)?

2. Per suggestion by mindthegaps on LiveJournal, I finally broke down and got one of those "Complete Idiot's Guide To..." books...particularly the one about "Healthy Cat". And in it, they (The Cornell University Cat Clinic) suggest that the litter box and food/water areas must be separate, I.E. not in the same room. So...

Does it *really* matter that the litter box and the food/water area are in the same room, contrary to the book?

I cannot help but ask that, since I swear that my cousins have always liked to keep their cats' litter and food/water areas in the same room, and my aunt is doing the same with her cats. AND my initial plan was to convert the floor of my closet in my bedroom/apartment into the cat's eating/drinking/eliminating area.

For those who have owned/are owning cats and dogs (preferably small ones, since I currently own a Miniature Dachshund, but big ones are fine too) at the same time:

How much trouble is it to get a cat and a dog, a nine year old *very barky* male one, to get along? What is the best way to pull off such a thing?

Other than wanting input on those AND having to wait on some goods to arrive from PetSmart and PetCo, I cannot wait to get a kitty. Going to check out the Tazewell County Animal Shelter soon...cannot help but hope that this cat turns out to be the one...

Incredibly beautiful cat with an actually nice given name...just keeping my fingers crossed that she will still be available AND is not territorial like the tortoiseshell I had my eyes on at the Mercer County shelter.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Stormbringer's Week In Review: April 16th-23rd, 2006

And I thought Raleigh, NC traffic was ridiculous...

Despite feeling dejected, the ducks built their own spaceship, flew off and found a planet, where they learned to play hockey. And then...oh wait.


ANYTHING qualifies as a sport now!

I sure wish you could win thirteen million on a nickel slot machine on the Hoyle Casino PC game...

Ok, quite obviously, these kids have been playing too much Silent Hill...more than likely to get (a little too) psyched-up for the movie that came out Friday.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Canes/Habs - Game One: A Few Random Musings/Observations

- Well, well, well...imagine that, the Canes still stink after that horrendous final regular season game vs. Buffalo, and they stink about as much as someone who just broke the world record for eating the most Bloomin' Onions at Outback Steakhouse.

- The defense needs to wake the hell up...not blaming this game on Gerber. And why Laviolette left him in during the third period, torturing the poor Swissman like that, I have no earthy idea...I thought for sure that Wardo would be in net at the start of the third.

- The offense may have had one goal, but they still need what Calvin's selling.

- I'm very well aware of what an integral part of the puzzle Cole and Whitney have been...but I am still a firm believer in the Canes being able to play without them. But me being the believer is one thing...the Canes themselves believing in what I just said is another.

- Why, for the love of hockeydom, did FSN South feel they needed a "sideline chick"* to accompany John Forslund and Tripp Tracy?! This is not football, basketball, or even baseball!! The "sideline chick", she sucks. She cannot even pronounce the players' last names right...and that would actually not be surprising if this was on ESPN. BUT, THIS is NOT Bristol, CT's pride and joy! This is FSN South, for cripes' sake! And for the record, John and Tripp did not need a stinkin' "sideline chick" during 2002. What made them and/or FSN think they needed one now? That, in addition to "The Robe(s)" AND Gelrose's constant praise, can't be good for the Canes' mojo...

* - I may be a female, but I'm not afraid to say "chick"... :P
Overclocked Remix AND YTMND of the Week!

This week's featured remix is from yet another game series I have been wanting to play...Wild Arms. Didn't know an anime had been spawned from it...learn something new every day.

One of the reviewers notes that they sense a Bela Fleck and the Flecktones influence, but unfortunately AND shamefully, I have to admit that in all 22 years of being a music lover, I have yet to listen to the Flecktones. *blushes* BUT, I sense similar influences in the mix...for sure, I cannot be the only one reminded of Pat Metheny, Wynton Marsalis, Sting (specifically his mid-late 80's output), and/or Flim and the BB's...

For those of you who have never heard of Flim, pick up him and the BB's' Tricycle'll thank me later.

Anyhoo, tired of spam? Here's the perfect link for a spam bounceback e-mail...fair warning, you may want to turn down your speakers a little bit. ;D

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Saved By the Bell on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network?!

At first, I thought it was going to turn out to be a joke...but they *really* have gone through with such crap this week.

I knew there was a reason I could never start liking Family Guy like almost everyone else I know...if Seth McFarland is really behind this stunt, as a lot of sources are claiming, he deserves a good, swift kick in the crotch. NOT EVERYONE LIKES SAVED BY THE FREAKIN' BELL, contrary to what these nuts want you to think...

...except for this person, who's right on the money about another aspect of this mess:

"I never said I didn't like Saved by the Bell. I just don't think it is appropriate for the network/audience. I tune into Adult Swim to watch animated shows like ATHF, Futurama, Family Guy, Inuyasha, Tom Goes to the Mayor, etc. Not Saved by the Bell.

It is not like they pulled some sitcom out that has never been shown since it aired, I mean, you can catch Saved by the Bell on TBS like every single morning not to mention local stations that have it in syndication as well." - shycomputerguy

Of course, watch that get a ton of "Oh, you can NEVER have enough Saved By the Bell!!!" replies... *rolls her eyes*

I thought the point of Cartoon Network was to show, *gasp*, cartoons and anime, NOT live action "shows".

If this keeps up...and if the following, in addition to CN recently showing movies like Dumb and Dumber and The Goonies, is any indication...

...I hate to think what Cartoon Network will rename itself. Screech TV? The Network Formerly Known As the Cartoon Network?

At first, I really hated how I accidentally missed this past Tuesday night's Inuyasha. But now I'm starting to think that may have not necessarily been a bad thing...
The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #19, Volume One

It's been a little while since my last hockey post...and I felt the following, posted in response to an entry at my friend, Michael's Confessions of A Hockey Fanatic, was quite suitable helps to read that entry, about Michael's pick for the 2006 Stanley Cup ring-bearers, before proceeding further below, which is a little more cleaned up from the original words.

Is Hasek even playing, though? I thought he was still out of commission with a groin injury...what else is new? *rolls her eyes*

I really cannot say if I agree with Ottawa...if Hasek stays out and Emery in, I don't see how the Spartacus' will last past the second round, if they can even get past the first. Hafta admit that I found the Tampa upset bid rather tempting...and have gone with it in both of the pools in which I'm participating. Especially considering how Ottawa has fallen to teams like the Leafs in the past Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Speaking of pools and those not likely to win the Cup...if it makes you feel any better, I really don't know what to think of the Canes' chances. Especially with their uber-crappy play as of late. In one pool, I chose the Canes in seven games. But in another, I chose the Habs. That series could truly go either way...AND if the Canes are still asleep, they are going to be dead meat IMHO. Even though the Canes *did* sweep the Habs during the regular season...that was when they had Jose "It's just hair medicine!!" Theodore. Montreal now has Huet in their deck, and he has proven to be quite an ace as of late. It'll be interesting to see how the Canes react to him.

Even if the Canes do eek it out of the First Round, I don't see them getting past the Second...even though I picked Tampa, I hope the Canes get Ottawa. The Canes and Sens matched up better in the regular season, as evidenced by the split 2-2 record. Canes and Bolts on the other hand...5-3? That's actually not as bad as I thought it was. But, I just still don't wanna face Tampa...

One more thing...I realized this: There is something the Canes do not have going for them that they had in 2002: Media hatred.

I know that sounds odd, but just follow me 2002, everyone hated the Canes' guts because they were "that upstart team from the South" that was wrecking the Stanley Cup chances of "more worthy contenders" in New Jersey, Montreal, and Toronto. And what did the Canes do with such lemons as the articles, news reports, etc. that blasted them? They made lemonade out of it all, and poured it down the throats of not only those "more worthy" teams, but also the mediots backing those teams. And dagummit, while the Canes may not have won Lord Stanley's Prize, they made almost doing that a TON of fun because of what I just talked about, among other things.

This season's Canes have actually gotten the mediots on their side for once...hell, even Barry "Mullet Prince" (Jagr will always be the "King" in my book thanks to his Pens days) Melrose finds himself dancing to the Caniac beat lately, despite the fact that the Canes have not looked all that wonderful in the last month. As a matter of fact, my brother told me today (4/19) about how Melrose was constantly praising the Canes during SportsCenter's look at the Eastern Conference side of the playoffs...this was/is the same man who considered the Canes a joke during their 2002 run? I can't help but feel that, in addition to the other mediot praise, is going to make for bad mojo. Afterall, I don't think Melrose's track record of favorites picked to win the Cup actually winning Lord Stanley has been good.

But then again, I could very well be wrong...and believe it or not, I hope I am.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cat Adoption Update

No, I have not gotten my kitty-kins yet...found out yesterday that the tortoiseshell cat I wanted, in addition to having already been adopted AND was going to be picked up, she was/is highly territorial. And therefore, was really not recommend to people with other cats and/or dogs.

So as of today, I am still searching...and it's looking highly likely that if I get a cat in the near future, it will be sometime next week. I plan to take a look at the nearby Pet Haven and Rescue Center in Falls Mills, VA (about six miles outside of Bluefield) and/or the Tazewell County Animal Shelter this Saturday. We'll see what comes out of that...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Bunny Day!

Or Happy Easter! But hey, if we can call Thanksgiving "Turkey Day", then why not "Bunny Day" for Easter? :)

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about wascally wabbits, as the title may indicate...but instead, I'm going to announce the following:

As of sometime this week, I will be the proud owner of a cat OR be owned by a cat...take your pick. ;D

Depending upon how the adoption process goes and/or what will need to be done to the cat or kitten, I will hopefully be in procession of one before the week's end. So far, the kitty I have my heart and mind set on is an almost fully grown tortoiseshell, obviously a female (calicos and torties can only be female). She is such a sweetie AND *very beautiful* to boot...and she has *really* lit up around me everytime I've seen her in the two-three visits I've made to Mercer County, WV Humane Society. And unless she gets adopted in the next two or three days, I think the chances are good that she will be my cat...and I just got that feeling anyway.

Regarding names, here's what I have come up with in case I happen to not like the cat's given name...

Francis (of course! ;) ), Soo Marie, Amber, Autumn, Cheshire, Chessie, Duchess, Felicia (the cat-woman from the Darkstalkers fighting game series), Kirara (pronounced key-la-la, the name of Sango's cat on Inuyasha), October, Sade (pronounced shar-day)

Of course, I'm open to further how 'bout them, y'all? :)
Stormbringer's Week In Review: April 11th-16th, 2006

But really, the cats wanted Meow Mix and/or Nine Lives...

Crunk? Is that anything like jam? And do you pump it up? Whatever it is, I'm sure it has Lord Stanley turning in his grave...

I would say "Only in America.", but surprisingly, this in in Germany...

Ok, I sure hope she has a 1,001 stories to tell Osama...

Who wants to bet that her dad tried to make her eat Brussel Sprouts or something similar?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Overclocked Remix AND YTMND of the Week!

This track, from Sonic the Hedgehog, has gotta be the one oozing the most "cool" on the entire Overclocked Remix site...

Here's to the Canes becoming like Chunk AND Picard in the playoffs...

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Tori Amos did a cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit"?

I can't figure out which is funnier: My just finding out that or watching Tori go all Sarah MacLachlan and get all dramatic and crap with the said song.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ch-Check It Out!

Inspired by my latest gaming addiction, SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash, I created the above image today.

For those who like AND are interested, I will create more CFC cards based on usernames, personalities, favorite players, etc. if asked nicely. ;D

Monday, April 10, 2006

Stormbringer's Week In Review: April 3rd-10th, 2006

As I say quite a bit...better late than never.

And no doubt that if it wasn't from TV/movies, it would have been from a video game...

Apparently, this "laughing" must sound quite maniacal...

Further proof that you can sell just about ANYTHING on eBay or similar sites...

Hey, if disaster movies have always done somewhat well...

Simply put, I guess they didn't want to be the "Cultural Capital of Europe"...

What, exactly, is new here? We *are* talking about New York City...

While others are reminded of Wallace and Gromit, this makes me think of Monty Python.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Overclocked Remix AND YTMND of the Week!

Not a huge Django Reinhardt fan...but this remix is some tasty stuff that is totally in the Django vein from the music to especially the title.

To quote one of the reviewers for this site...Wow, that's either really awesome or really creepy.


Now, if only someone could come along and make a site just like that with know the one I'm talking about.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Again, bathrobes?!

If this takes off as much as people want, then nobody, I repeat, NOBODY better get on me about my mask and stick warrior get-up ever again.

I hafta admit that if Commodore would change his number from #22 to #64 overnight, I *might* be tempted to get one of the bathrobes supposedly going on sale at The Eye. But as it stands right now, I'm afraid that #22 will always make me think of Sean Hill...yeah, I'm nostalgic like that.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Why, exactly, is "Sweet Caroline" the "anthem" for the New York Rangers right now?As someone whose name is in that song AND a bonafide hater of the Blueshirts, it completely baffles me.

If anyone should use "Sweet Caroline" as an anthem, even a secondary one, it should be the Canes...since afterall, they *are* based in Carolina.

Of course, it also doesn't help that I still have fond memories of that song being played at the very end of the absolute best Canes AND overall hockey game I've ever attended...curse you, Ranjerks, for making that song "your own"...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Stormbringer's Week In Review: March 27th-April 2nd, 2006

As huge as this universe is, I highly doubt we are alone...

Despite the mention of Morrissey, I like the title of this article... :D

Dude, that's not a ski suit!! That's something one would wear if they cannot decide they want to be a skiier, a luger, or the Rocketeer...

I really don't know what to say about this much as I find idiocy funny, it can sometimes be just as, if not more so scary. o_O

I'm surprised that you can get kids to like beer with that bitter taste...sodas may be too sweet, but sweet *is* what most children prefer.

Now, I am waiting for the "Ghost Bride" movie previews/ads to appear...

The scary thing? This actually makes me admit that I once enjoyed Problem Child 2 (and found it better than the prequel)...of course, that was about ten-fifteen years ago.

This is news?

"To have to obtain sewage seems embarrassing."...well yeah, ya think?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Calling All Center Ice Subscribers and/or Canes Fans In the Fox Sports South Broadcast Area... an admittedly odd request: If anyone reading this recorded tonight's Canes game at the Thrashers, please respond to this. Thanks a bunch in advance! :)

Edit: This is too damn funny...Cartoon Network's Adult Swim is making their anime characters have a *very bad* case of "the wind", as the British would say. Go. Go entertain your inner ten year old NOW. :D
Overclocked Remix AND YTMNDs of the Week!

THIS is the BEST OVERCLOCKED REMIX EVAH!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!111!!!!

If you've ever been aware of a certain YTMND drama incident that happened earlier this year, then you should find the following amusing...

...but it will only be available for a limited time (as will this week's OC Remix), so click on it NOW!!

Personally, if I was in charge, I would have changed YTMND over to PTKFGS for a day...

Oh, and may need this link for a few message board threads on this particular day...