Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Staal Brothers Lose Their Right To PAAAAAARRRRRTY(!!)

Eric and Jordan Staal got arrested for underage drinking (Jordan) and causing a nuisence and disturbing the peace in Cook County, Minnesota this past Saturday morning.

Overall, I agree with the sentiment that the event that caused the brothers' arrests really sounded no different from most other hockeydom boozefests (they *do* happen, people, get over it). BUT, I have to disagree with
a few who say that it is no different from the tailgate parties outside of the RBC Center...seriously, getting flaming drunk AND heckling oncoming traffic? Maybe at the HSBC Arena, BUT NOT at the RBC Center...unless I have passed through and by the wrong tailgaters during my Canes game frequenting days. o_O

Anyway, after reading
the following (Ooh!! Mug shots!!), which got released a little later after the N&O's above linked piece, me thinks the Staals just had the misfortune of falling asleep in the wrong place at the wrong time...

"Curran said the brothers were among several partygoers who went to bed when authorities first gave the group a warning, and when authorities returned to kick the entire party out of the resort, they first had to wake the Staals up.

"What is unfortunate is at the end, the entire group was asked to leave the hotel, including Eric and Jordan and some of the others that had gone to bed when the first warnings came in," Curran said. "They were asked to go to bed, and they did. ... A couple of the kids kept going. That's what caused the continued disturbance."

That said, I think I feel very safe in conjuring what this mess would have been like if it was a Beastie Boys music video...

*cut to a wilderness resort, where Eric and Jordan Staal are in a room decorated with pure white walls, artwork, and furniture*

Jordan: "Hey you like parties?"

Eric: "Yeeeeeah..."

Jordan: "We can invite all our friends...and have beer, wine*, and pie!"

Eric: "Yeeeeeah!!"

Jordan: "I hope no bad people show up."

*cut to the two or three guys who were still cutting up when asked by the police and/or resort staff "to go to bed"...and uncannily enough, they are dressed to the nines in clothes similar to the Beastie Boys', right down to one of them wearing a Def Jam tee, and another wearing a 'bling bling' chain, AND in an all red room*


*insert an electric guitar strum...only to be interupted by a record scratch here*

Hmmm...I think we better stop there. This could turn out to be just as bad as the time I had the Carolina Hurricanes' five largest stars at the time turn into Twisted Sister over Paul Maurice's griping about Josef Vasicek playing hockey stick guitar...

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* - We know the only 'soda' served at *that party* was Rum 'n' Coke.

Edit as of July 26th, 12:50 AM: It appears that both Mr. DeCock and ESPN missed a rather interesting detail, which was pointed out by one Eric McErlain...

"I've just gotten hold of the official press release from the Sheriff, and the entertainment factor just went way up. As it turns out, the entire party was actually warned that if they didn't knock it off, they faced deportation from the United States..."


Just goes to show that while most bachelors go bar hopping, others (try to) go international border hopping...

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: The Canes Roll Out the "Welcome (Back) Matt!"

Ladies and gentlemen, *her voice suddenly gets deeper and takes on a Carribean accent* it is a beautiful day...yes, a beautiful day!! And that is if one could not tell from the title...

"Jim Rutherford, President and General Manager of the National Hockey League’s Carolina Hurricanes, today announced that the team has acquired center Matt Cullen from the New York Rangers in exchange for defenseman Andrew Hutchinson, forward Joe Barnes and a third round pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft."

As much as I have knocked Mr. Rutherford around for "reunion moves/trades" since last year, *this* is a good reunion move. As opposed to the others being for guys from 2002-03, this one is not only for a guy from the FAR BETTER 2005-06 season, but also a guy who is EASILY the best thing the Canes have ever had going for them shootout-wise thus far.

God, it feels good to finally laud Jimmy for a GREAT move instead of the complete opposite...'cause really, I am not *that bad* a fan AND person. I just want to see some good moves made and/or players coming to my most beloved NHL team.
And I certainly know I am not the only one...

Speaking of former Canes players know it is a slow news day at the Raleigh News and Observer
when they decide to touch upon the fact that the Raleigh/Durham/general Triangle area is, *gasp*, home to celebrities!! As I found out from here.

It is certainly one of those 'don't get me wrong' sort of things...while I am glad to be informed on and off of how my birth/original home area has become quite the hotbed for my most favorite of sports, at the same time, I think articles like the one I've linked to are unnecessary. Especially in regards to celebs, like the ones mentioned in that particular article, having a hard enough time finding at least a little privacy as it is.

Though, despite my saying that, I cannot help but touch upon something I read at that Score Boards link...

"I think Tom Barrasso can be added to the list. He was in town looking for a house around Wake Forest. He wants his kids to go to school here."

I certainly hope Mr. Barrasso is looking into sending his kids to a private school or two instead of what Wake Forest has to offer on the public school route. Being a former Wake Forest area public school pupil, I know of what I speak...and you more prudish readers may want to briefly look away because I just cannot say this in a mild manner: Wake Forest area public schools SUCK. With maybe, MAYBE an exception or two or three, since I am talking about AND went to WF Elementary, WF-Rolesville Middle, and WF-R High...never had the opportunity to attend the Wakefield complex, despite the fact that it was closer to my family and I's house. But anyway, from what I have heard lately, at least one of the schools I attended is not getting any better...specifically WF Elementary, which is possibly getting ready to lose its Magnet School status (scroll down to "You have to pull in magnet status debate").

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

It Is Christmas In July!

Well, for admirers of the one, the only Ronnie yours truly, anyway. ;P

Today, Mr. Franchise had a press conference about his being elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame two weeks ago at the RBC here (courtesy of WRAL-TV 5), text there (courtesy of the Canes' official site).

Also taking a gander at Ron's Hall of Fame induction are ESPN and Luke DeCock/the Raleigh News and Observer.

As if this month could not get any better for this Francis nut...first, I won what is quite possibly the new crown jewel of my collection (and therefore won't be revealed until it actually arrives...all I will say is that it'll knock the current crown jewel, my 2001 Canes season ticket holder lithograph, out of its position), AND NOW all of this!! *happily sighs*

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Sunday, July 08, 2007


I happened upon this tonight while keeping an eye on my DVD files' processing*...and if you ask me, Red Stripe** is *really* missing the boat on how they could have AND should have marketed that site: An instant sporting event sign generator.

Seriously, what ever-lovin' sports fan could say no to a sign that boos their least favorite team, certain personnel within the team and/or league, certain sports networks, etcetera; AND says hooray to the nectar of the sports gods? Not to mention that such a sign would beat the all-too typical "Go Team!" or "______ is HOT!!" signs.

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* - Yes, I am STILL working on that DVD trade project...but I think I am FINALLY close to having a desirable product. The trick is getting the setup on my computer *just right*, and that includes finding (and possibly buying) the right software and all, so kinks of all sorts can be worked out. So to anyone waiting on a copy AND reading this...don't worry, I certainly have not forgotten about you.

** - If Red Stripe sounds familiar, they are the fine beer outfit behind such ads like this and that (my personal can find a TON more on YouTube).

BTW, a question to any beerheads reading this place: Is Red Stripe any good? I cannot help but ask because I have read quite a few comments at various places saying that it is a pretty decent brew. But, I would love to hear from at least one or two who have actually had at least a sip or two of the stuff before I go out and grab a six pack...if I can find one around here, that is.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy (American) Independence Day!

Whether you're at the beach or elsewhere, may your BBQs be fun and delicious AND your skies free of these.

Obviously, I'm not dead...just been very, VERY BUSY lately. While I'm still having fun with my commercial-less game DVD project, I am very, VERY close to something that will revolutionize this blog...thanks to something I won from here and which arrived yesterday. Just have a couple of things I need to play around with and work out. But hopefully, my big plan will make its debut either this weekend or next week. Again, stay tuned...

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