Monday, July 31, 2006

*insert the belch from the very end of Aerosmith's "Eat the Rich" here*

Ok, I cannot help but issue a challenge...what does FHM (the magazine behind the above jewel of a photo) mean? Or better put, what *should* it mean? Post your ideas, and try to keep them *somewhat* PG-13. ;)
And if you can't come up with an interpretation of FHM, a caption for the above OR below picture will do just as nicely. :D

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Nothing Could Be Finer...

...than to wake up in Wisconsin in the mooooorning!

Ever wondered what a real life version of Andy and Opie's house would look like?

I can't say as if I have ever done that.

Also reminds me of a story I heard on the radio quite a few years ago about this man from North Carolina who went up to either Wisconsin or Minnesota to work for either a phone or electric company in a very small town there. Well one morning, a woman called acting like she had a problem with her phone line/electricity. But it turned out that she faked the call because she *had* to find out from the "North Carolina slicker" if there really was a Mayberry. It was all the man could do to stifle his laughter (and I suspect his being a little irritated that the nut was clogging up his phone line). And I thought it was hilarious too (of course, I was about eleven-twelve years old at the time)...though my mother, a HUGE Andy Griffith fan, has never known what to make of that story.

Perhaps that woman is one half of the couple behind that Mayberry-themed bed and breakfast inn.

Not to mention that, speaking of my mother and her TV fandom, if only they could move that B&BI down to Mount Airy, NC...I bet I know where she then would love to go for her and my dad's wedding anniversary (which took place just this past Friday). Yes folks, she's *that* big a fan of the Barney Fife Show (at least, that's the era I prefer to watch).

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

*does her best Weird Al impression* Syn-di-ca-ted In-cor-po-rated!

This here blog is now syndicated! On not one, not two, but THREE different feeds!

Atom (XML) -

Feedburner (RSS) -


LiveJournal -

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Little Late To the Party, But Not Too Late

The Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed is having a twenty-four hour Blogathon to raise moolah for charity...specifically the Canuck Place Children's Hospice.

So get yer butt over there and check it out and/or donate some dinero!!

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Edit as of July 30th, 3:37 PM: Lookie who got to be one of the features during the last few hours of the Blogathon. :D
Matt Cullen and Aaron Ward's Pieces of the Lord Stanley Pie

Fine article, as have been most of the other 2006 Stanley Cup World Tour articles. But, I hafta admit that this one tiny part irks me a wittle...

At 1 a.m., a limousine took Ward and the Cup back to his house. "I'm going to sleep with the Stanley Cup," he told his friends. "I slept with it in 1997 when we won it in Detroit and the next year, we won the Cup again. This time, if I sleep with the Cup, maybe the Rangers will win it next year!"

I know, I know...moving onto different teams is all part of the NHL experience and all that. But I don't want the Ranjerks, my second most hated team after the Red Wings and before the Flyers winning the Cup!! Ugh...

If the Rangers and A. Ward do win Lord Stanley, I just may have no choice but to sic
Tim Robbins and the Public News Team on those Blueshirts' ever lovin' rear ends. And yes, I'm including the former Hurricane himself in there. No commercials...NO MERCY!! *takes a puff of a pipe...and then chokes and coughs on it*

BTW, the title of this particular article may the best EVER...Briefs Edge Boxers To Win Stanley Cup! So much for their being Hanes and leaving it at that...

Unfortunately, because YouTube does not have the ad I'm referencing, I will just instead close this with some gentlemen performing the Hanes Underwear Dance(TM).

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Overclocked Remix of the Moment!

If you can get over the rather tacky "HEEEEEERRRRR SKIN(!!)..." opening lyric, this is a pretty danged cool heavy metal ballad, especially for Legend of Zelda series nuts like moi.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chad LaRose's Outstanding, Wonderful, Very Good, Great Day

Indeed...any day Lord Stanley gets shown off in Detroit by anyone OTHER than those involved with the Red Wings organization is a great one.

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Ron Burgundy vs. ESPN

I can't decide which comment is more classic: "This thing's going to be a financial and cultural disaster." or "This place is run by children." :D

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hello, My Name Is Caroline, and I Am A Game Show Geek

As you will learn while there is not much Canes stuff to talk about, for someone who really, honestly does not watch *that much* TV, it's scary how much I know AND will talk about it...

Behold what is already becoming an absolute joke of a Top Fifty Best Ever Game Show List. Of course, I realize that this is GSN we are talking about here, so their somehow screwing up what had (and still has, though I'm not holding my breath) GREAT potential is *really* no freakin' surprise.

But, I think Blockbusters being stashed in the dregs of the latter twenty-five is a big, fat, hairy "Nuff said!" for this thing...especially considering the shows ranked "better" than it thus far:

Shop 'Til You Drop
The $1.98 Beauty Show
(Was this even a game show?! Sure, a parody of beauty pageants...but an honest to goodness game show?!)
Whammy! The All New Press Your Luck

I'm scared to think what else will be added to that AND the list in general...Poker/Blackjack, Street Smarts, Dog Eat Dog, Lingo, and/or Playmania?! And I haven't even touched the "reality" crapola... O_O

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Monday, July 24, 2006

It's Official: I Am Mountain Woman.

Hear me roar.

Seriously, I just got through riding around on my fiberglass horse* and picking wild blackberries for my mother to use in a cobbler tomorrow afternoon/evening.

And it should be a darned good cobbler's Paula Deen's recipe for cripes' sake.

* - Click on the black tile to reveal how my ATV appears.

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Monday Miscellany

Starting things off by getting the bad news out of the way first...Mark Cuban and Dan Marino's Penguins bid did not go through. Boooooooo...

I think JeffBear in the above link said it best for moi...

"I'm hoping the Pens figure out a way to stay in the Steel City. I don't like team movement despite the fact that I have personally benefitted from same."

Such stuff has already sparked talk of who from the West should take the Pens' place in the East...

Speaking of our black, white, and golden friends...

...the Wrecking Ball has gone back to them. Just like Doug Weight returning to the Blues (who, pathetically enough, feel they need a fake blog to drum up support), I am not surprised at Recchi becoming a Penguin again. MUCH BETTER that Rex goes back to my second fave team than the Flyboys, who were rumored to have been glancing at #8/18.

Kicking off the Canes addition to his Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe Trophy, Cam Ward now also has a ball and chain as of this past Saturday.

Surprisingly, Lord Stanley nor Conn Smythe were not guests at Wardo's wedding. But according to the groom, he did not want all of the attention taken away from his bride. *insert a crowd going "Awwwwwww!" here*

A month and four days ago...nothing happened. Oh wait,
this did. I've seen that, and I raise it with a...

...which gives me ample opportunity to present the latest addition to my LiveJournal Ronnie Francis icon collection, inspired by this. Thank you,, for inspiring me to finally make an "amused" icon to contrast my "We Are Not Amused" one.

And last, but certainly not least, if you can completely read the translations presented in this post, which is (supposed to be) about Niclas Wallin's current times and possibly future... will win a Mitsubuishi Pie(!!).

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Skate Forrest, Skate!

Nah. Just doesn't have the ring to it that "Run Forrest, Run" has. *snaps*

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Y'Know It's A Slow News Day In Canes-Land When...

...this is the biggest news story thus far.

Once again, what is up with Kid Rock (and now Pamela Anderson) and his involvment with Peter Karmanos and the Canes?!'s not exactly great when your best song ever is "I Am the Bullgod". And upon listening to that song recently, I think my liking that was my middle school age musical taste more-so than anything else.

Also, Pamela Anderson...PAMELA ANDERSON?! I sure as hell hope she doesn't get involved with the Canes, somehow someway. Though, I'm sure a lot of my male readers/fans will disagree with me on that. All I will say at the moment is if my worker friend at The Eye thought the rumors of Jenny McCarthy getting to have a role in the marketing way back around 2003 were bad, those were nothing compared to what could AND might happen. O_O

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

To Carolina: Scott Walker, To Nashville: Josef Vasicek

Boy, I'm good...something told me the Canes were going to get rid of the Czech Condor, as John Forslund likes to call Josef. Happy trails dude.

And killing two birds with one stone...Shane Willis has also happened to return to the Canes today.

*Very glad* to see this happen. Especially as someone who never got to experience Shane's golden Cane days before his concussion and being traded to Tampa.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Just When You Thought That You've Seen/Heard Everything Hasselhoff... find out that he has made a Knight Rider music video. O_O

Forget this, the above link is THE ultimate insanity test. Though, that may be a little unfair to everyone considering how hard it is to not laugh at the Hoff.

BTW, I was LMAO at the video about ten seconds in AND turning off the damn thing at 46 seconds. I think the only thing that would have kept me watching is if KITT kept interrupting with a snooty comment or two about having to deal with Dr. Victor Erlich every morning at St. Eligius Hospital in Boston, MA.

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All Aboard the Lord Stanley Express!

Where are the O-Jays and/or the Gap Band when you need'em?

First, but certainly not least...some more on Glen Wesley's excursion to the U.S.M.C. @ Camp Lejeune...

And now in chronological order thus far...Eric Staal and Cam Ward's days and nights out on the town in the Big Apple:

Peter Laviolette's Magical Mystery Tour(!)...which started in Raleigh and ended in Franklin, MA. Roll up!:

Always good to see Wally doing well...just like just about everybody else on the Canes, it's hard to not like the dude. And especially after having the opportunity to talk to Wally a couple of times when I lived in Raleigh AND was able to attend Canes practices more frequently, I must say that if there is any equipment manager truly deserving of Lord Stanley, it's him.

Of course, that jolly C.E.O. of Compuware and owner of the Canes, Mr. Peter Karmanos Jr., had to get in his licks against a certain Hockeytown owner AND rival, and take Lord Stanley on a grand tour of Detroit.

Dude...Compuware has a Hard Rock Cafe?! Flippin' sweet. Learn something new every day...

And, if you don't count the sidetrip back to Raleigh for the 2006 Stanley Cup Champs DVD premiere, the Prize practically just went from outside of Detroit to outside of Toronto thanks to it then being Justin Williams' turn with it.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

You Just Can't Make Up Stuff Like This

Terrell Owens is saying that he was misquoted in his own autobiography.

Somehow, I am not at all surprised. *does a Muttley laugh*

The only thing that would make this all the more rich is if T.O. actually sues himself.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ronnie Francis Collectible of the Moment!

The following, which I am showing off, Carol Marol-like, came today!!

It's a six foot, three inch (Ronnie's height!!) long advertisement for milk AND Connecticut agriculture. No, I'm not six feet tall*...the way the poster is positioned just makes it look that way.

* - 5.7 feet, to be precise.

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2006-07 NHL Schedule Released!!

Here's the Canes' piece of it.

Particularly like how the very first home game is against "Linda" Ruff's team...should we or should we not break out some champagne on the ice while we raise the banner? >:D

Unfortunately, I don't know if I will be able to attend the home opener in person or not. I *am* more than likely going to be in town for a friend's wedding that week, and if there's any game I definitely can attend, it will be the 10/6 one vs. the Devils. But, as I look at a calendar, the opener does appear to be quite makable...stay tuned.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Glen Wesley Hangs Out With Gomer Pyle

Well, not exactly...but he *will* visit the U.S.M.C. later today.

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While I Look Highly Forward To Seeing the Canes' Official 2006 Stanley Cup DVD...

...even though I don't expect to get it before the end of this month, the following is proof of how I shouldn't do my message board lurking before I have breakfast and/or coffee...

"The DVD was well done...much better production overall than the Raising Canes of 2002, Universal seems to know a thing or two about making movies...overall I think the DVD could have shown more footage of the fans and the tailgating atmosphere for the playoffs...many great moments to enjoy overall though!"

With all due respect to CanesVision, the ones behind Raising Canes, of course the production is going to be better when Warner Bros./Universal* is at the helm. Duh!!

That said, I still love to break out Raising Canes AND always will, seeing how that covers the season/playoff run that got me into hockey. Considering that...

1. CanesVision had not been around too long (only a year or two at the time RC was made).


2. The production goodies they had then were limited, especially compared to the toys they have now. (Seen the clips of "The Rising" game psyche-ups CanesVision did during this year's playoffs? There's something wrong with you if those did/do not get at least one "Wow." to leave your mouth.)

...I think the production values of RC weren't *that shabby*. That said, I have fully expected this year's DVD to be better because of not only the Canes having won Lord Stanley this time around, but also because of Warner Bros./Universal* putting the thing together instead of CanesVision.

* - The Store claimed that Warner Bros. were the ones behind the 2006 Stanley Cup DVD, but Universal would make more sense since they and NBC are one and the same.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Stormbringer's Week In Review: June 25th-July 9th, 2006

Awesome! Cary, NC (along with the N&O) gets mentioned in the Ananova quirkies!

Did they let the crook buy them doughnuts too?

Either somebody at Ralph Lauren was having a very bad day OR wanted to put their sense of humor to use...

Forget soccer...THIS is the real contest (and it read/sounds like England is winning!)...

He works for MTV? Nuff said.

*insert "She wasn't getting enough iron." joke here*

Isn't it obvious? They didn't want to protest! They just wanted to hold their own twisted tribute to the Beatles' Abbey Road! (PG-13/Work safe warning)

*Just a little* out of control?

Just goes to show that you need to watch what you do, for chances are that it will end up on the Internet somehow, someway.

Once again, eBay gives eHarmony a run for its money...

Some people will do what a sign says, no matter how suspicious and/or stupid it looks...

Suuuuuurrre the TV wasn't on...

Wanna bet a bunch of people clicked on this thinking the article was talking about the e-mail device?

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Saturday, July 08, 2006


This song to which I'm listening, Brian Eno's "King's Lead Hat", seriously, no, ROYALLY KICKS ASS.

That is all.

Not quite...hey, if John Buccigross can talk music in the majority of his hockey columns, then I certainly can talk it here. Especially considering how there's not a whole lot going on in the Canes-World lately, apart from the boys' wherabouts with Lord Stanley.

Current Music: "King's Lead Hat" by Brian Eno (Fourth listen in a row! Seriously, it's *that good*.)

Canes To Appear Throughout Triangle Tuesday

I don't think I saw the following snippet when I posted the following article yesterday...

"In addition, Tuesday, July 11 Eric Staal, Erik Cole and Mike Commodore are scheduled to make in-store appearances around the Triangle to promote the 2005-06 Stanley Cup Champions DVD.

Cole and Commodore are currently scheduled to appear from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at Wal-Mart, 10050 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh.

Staal is currently scheduled to appear 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at F.Y.E., Streets at Southpoint, 6910 Fayetteville Rd, Durham."

Certainly no rest for the wicked.

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Overclocked Remix AND YTMND of the Week AND A Bonus!

Ooooooh...I don't know which computer game brings back more memories for me...The Secret of Monkey Island, King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow; or The 7th Guest. One of the latter's themes being the star of this week's remix. The 7th Guest may not have the greatest acting*, but it has some AWESOME puzzles, especially for those who not only love a thinking man's game but also like supernatural/horror elements.

Speaking of horror elements...

Earth to Burger King and their ad execs: THAT is how most people would react to waking up with your stupid (and not to mention UBER-CREEPY) King.

There's a bonus? Oh yeah...happened to find this posted in the LJ Frasier community this morning...

If you're a fan of the said show AND/OR Star Trek: Voyager...drop everything you're doing AND click on the above link now!! Even though Frasier's title character is not featured, the skit *really* cooks...and even has an appearance from Eddie to boot for all you animal lovers. :)

Fair warning: The sound is a little out of sync with the video, but not enough to ruin what is quite the little sci-fi/comedy gem. :D

* - One of the greatest examples coming to mind being one of the characters hanging out in the game room, and when you solve the puzzle where you have to place eight queen pieces on a chessboard without them able to legally take out another, the character utters in a voice similar to Gavin McLeod's AND an acting style not unlike William Shatner's...

"They got...THE. BOY!!!" (insert a rather ghoulish woman's scream here)

Also worth mentioning is how, to this day, I swear that the man who does the voice of Stauf (the evil toymaker and villain of The 7th Guest/The 11th Hour series) appears in the middle of Sting's "Saint Augustine In Hell", on Ten Summoner's Tales. Either play a little T7G, or heck, just listen to this week's featured OC Remix (snippets of Stauf's voice are in there...especially at the end), and then listen to "Saint Augustine..."...try telling me that "BREAK'S OVER!!!" middle section doesn't sound like Stauf getting his jollies. Seriously, I dare you to tell me that.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Canes' Official Stanley Cup DVD Release Party To Be This Monday Night

"RALEIGH, NC – Howard Sadel, Director of Marketing and Creative Services for the Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Hurricanes, announced today that the premiere of the 2005-06 Stanley Cup Champions DVD celebrating the Hurricanes’ 2006 Stanley Cup win will be held Monday, July 10, at Raleigh’s Meymandi Concert Hall inside the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts at 7 p.m.

Prior to the 60-minute screening, there will be an invitation-only VIP reception and media availability with Hurricanes players Erik Cole, Mike Commodore and Eric Staal beginning at 6 p.m. Tickets to the premiere will be distributed by Warner Home Video, the Hurricanes and the team’s local media partners. There are no tickets available for purchase by the general public for this event, but fans will have the opportunity to win tickets through radio and television promotions. Fans without tickets to the event can still come to Meymandi Hall to purchase the DVD prior to its retail on-sale on Tuesday, July 11.

The Champions DVD is the product of Warner Home Video, the National Hockey League and NHL Productions, will be available for retail purchase at all locations of the Hurricanes’ team store The Eye and wherever DVDs are sold. The product carries a suggested retail price of $24.98 and contains more than three hours of footage chronicling the Hurricanes’ run to the Cup, interviews with players, coaches and management, and the entire broadcast of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Meymandi Concert Hall is part of the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts located at 2 E. South St. in Raleigh. For venue information, please visit"

According to the top-most link, the DVD is available at And as I've known, it has been AND still is available through the Store. Unfortunately, since I ordered the DVD through the Store, I probably won't be getting it until the beginning of the Canes' pre-season games. *sighs*

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Wesley To Stick Around For One More Year

Honestly don't know how to feel about this one...despite how much I like Wes, I cannot help but a be a wittle concerned about how banged up he was at the end of the Canes' Cup run. But apparently, he thinks he can handle the grind of another NHL season AND not to mention how he has what little is left of the post-season to heal whatever minor injuries he may still have. I just hope Wes' salary is being put to good use when it could have been used for signing a decent replacement for Cullen or (Aaron) Ward.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006 Takes A Swipe At the Buffalo Sabres' New Logo

My personal favorite of the whole bunch?

How could I not pick that one after watching the majority of Sci-Fi Channel's Fourth of July Twilight Zone marathon? Rod Serling AND William Shatner for THE WIN!!! 8D

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Colesey To Remain A Cane For Three More Years

*breathes a sigh of relief*

The lure of Jim Rome and Carson Daly were no match for Raleigh and the Canes...Thank. God.

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Chris Huffine: The Very First Native North Carolinian To Win Lord Stanley

Remember quite a few posts ago how I noted that I used to know Chris through his (still?) being the boyfriend of one of my family's chiropractor's receptionists? Well, this makes my saying that I know/knew the man that much more awesome.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

Taking a moment out from my unannounced 4th of July "weekend" hiatus to wish all a happy Fourth! :)

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day!

My blogs and I would like to wish all Canadian readers AND Canadians in general throughout the Caniac Nation AND beyond a Happy Canada Day!! :D

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Saturday Canes Mish-Mash

Justin Williams has been re-signed for $3.5 million per year times five.

Niclas Wallin gets inked for four years.

And the Craig half of the Adams Family agrees to stay for six hundred grand per year, three years.

And while salaries rise, some players are far, the latter includes Aaron Ward and Matt Cullen.

Wardo surprises me. Thought for sure that the Canes would find a way to keep him...but at the same time, it does not surprise me that Ward may want to return to the team with whom he got his start in the Red Wings.

Cullen on the other hand...I think DrewPiece in the above link said it best...

"He may have scored 25 goals, but he still only had 49 points this season. He'll probably get overpaid by somebody. I hope he's happy with the system he ends up playing in."

With Cullen gone, I feel the chances of Weight or Recchi sticking around become a bit more possible.

And while players are dropped, other players start to voice their demands, like Erik Cole.

Somehow, if it all rings true one way or another, I am not surprised that Erik may want to be in a larger media market. Heck, with all of those Jim Rome appearances AND now a Carson Daly appearance on his resume, I'm more than willing to bet that Colesey might (eventually) be gunning for one of the Southern Cali teams. But, my saying all of that doesn't mean I dislike the guy OR am jumping to conclusions as some of the people act like in the above linked thread...and that said, I royally hope to be wrong for the Canes AND Caniac Nation's sake.

In the more lighter side of Canes-Land, Rod shows off why he is called "The Bod" in the Hockey Hall of Fame's Stanley Cup Journal...which further covers Brindy and Commie's Campbell River exploits...

And Eric Staal and Cam Ward show off their iPod playlists...

*Just* eleven songs?! Surely iPods, even the 1 and 2 GB ones, can hold much more music than that!

Current Music: "Hypnotize" by Gerald Veasley

Edit as of 4:27 PM: And if you thought Canada Day could not get any better, two fine Canadians in Eric Staal and Mike Commodore have been re-signed!

And a rather familiar face in the Southeast Division,
goaltender John Grahame has joined the squad!