Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 30th, 2007 - Canes vs. Leafs: Random Musings and Observations

- Except for just one thing, yesterday/last night really, REALLY sucked, despite the fact that I actually kind of like the Leafs... *dodges rotten veggies*

- Even the "grand return after three weeks of crap" episode of House MD was awful...yeah, the clinic scenes were entertaining. But then, along came some philosophical/"intelligent" discussion BS that made me constantly utter "David Shore, THE CREATOR, wrote THIS?!". I watch TV to be entertained, not be bombarded by emo stuff...if I want emo, I'll go waste twenty bucks on a Coldplay CD, thank you.

Please, PLEASE bring back the "mystery disease of the week" plots...though, for some reason, I feel like that might be asking for too much. *sighs*

Oh, and Wilson still frickin' gets on my nerves.

- Erik Cole's absence last night makes me really wonder if he could be up for a trade. Making that all the more eerie is the fact that over at 850 The Buzz's blog, a week or two ago, I predicted that if Jimmy Rutherford goes for a big gun or two, he might unload Colesey because of his weakened neck.

- Because it needs to be said, especially with the rumors I've been seeing lately: JUST. SAY. NO. TO. FORSBERG.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gary Bettman Is Evil

OR, David Stern is make the call.*

"Everyone has a favorite conspiracy theory about the NBA. Some like the idea that David Stern fixed the 1984 draft lottery. Others favor his supposed secret suspension of a star player for gambling problems.

Mine dates back to the early 1990s, when the NHL was white hot with fans and never better on the ice. Wayne Gretzky was in Los Angeles. Mark Messier was with the New York Rangers, who were on the verge of ending their Stanley Cup drought. Mario Lemieux, Steve Yzerman, Ray Bourque, Patrick Roy and many others were hitting their prime.

Anyone who doesn't think hockey can work in America is forgetting this era. All of a sudden, hockey was challenging, if not beating, the NBA in a number of major U.S. markets – including New York. It's almost impossible to imagine now, but it happened.

As the conspiracy theory goes, Stern sensed the potential trouble in 1993 while the NHL was in search of a new commissioner. So he looked around his own office for someone so incompetent that if they got the job, the NHL would be marginalized by their mismanagement and never again be a threat to the NBA.

Naturally, Stern recommended one of his assistants, Gary Bettman, for the job."

Ever since I became a Canes/NHL/hockey fan in 2002, I have always known about Bettman's coming from the NBA and all. But, I never thought about him coming because of David Stern being worried about "that Canadian sport" ousting his precious band of hoopsters. It is something to think about...afterall, as the article points out, the NHL had a top of the line product before Bettman got his filthy mitts on it.

I am well aware that if it weren't for Bettman and his reign, Raleigh, NC would not have an NHL team to call their own. But, that's the only good thing I can say about the one that so many hockey afficionados "lovingly" call "Buttman"...though, I realize that quite a few Hartforders would not really agree with me on that.

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* - I love giving my readers a sense of deja vu... ;P

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Monday, January 29, 2007

American Idol Is Evil

OR, ESPN is make the call.

Per John Saunders on ESPeeN's Sports Reporters:

"I needed a psychic, hypnotist (and he mentioned about 3 other people) just to find the NHLs All-Star game this week which was on Versus. This isn't to mock the coverage that Versus gave it because they did a real good job on the 3rd period. I was only able to watch the 3rd period because I was watching American Idol with my daughters during the first 2 periods. YES, they put the NHL All-Star game opposite the most watched show on TV."

I don't know what flabbergasts me a guy who practically grew up around hockey could watch that crap (even if it was with his touching *rolls her eyes*), or how the NHL is pulling at the straws for a decent All-Star Game timeslot. Weeknights certainly do not work...why Bettman thought they would as of this season is way beyond my comprehension (as are a good-sized chunk of the man's ideas). And the NFL, bless their hearts, have basically stormed in and took over the "traditional slot" of the first weekend in February with a little thing called the Super Bowl. What was wrong with the last week in January? There certainly was not anything wrong with it for almost forty years...why the change? NFL, we know you are the most high and mighty sports league and all that crapola...there was no damn good reason for you to muscle in AND take over what was practically the designated weekend for the NHL's big event outside of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Nor is there a damn good reason for TWO FREAKIN' WEEKS of coverage of the Super Bowl, featuring everything from the speculation of who bought sponsorship/ad time, to the players' favorite flavor of Gatorade, to which team plans to watch Honey cartoons* after they win the Lombardi Trophy.

Not to mention that, as much as I like the NHL, even I know that they've never been a threat to the NFL. Hell, not even the MLB or NBA have ever been able to top the Pigskin League. Therefore making the NFL's taking over the NHL's traditional All-Star Game weekend all the more flaming stupid, and really, just plain old...well, evil.

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* - Major couch potato and/or cartoon geek points to those who get the reference.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Why talk about what a highly on and off team the Canes have proven themselves to be in all-out fashion the past two days, when today is a holiday of least for moi. ;P

Today is the one year anniversary of the last Canes game I have attended thus far AND quite a special event for this nut...Ron Francis Night. Viva #10!!

In celebration, I have launched a blog to announce, among other things, updates for my Francis collection AND site about it.

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Stormbringer's Weeks In Review: January 15th-28th, 2007

Does it really make me mean to admit that the first thought to enter my mind upon reading this article was how there once were, ironically enough, Tom and Jerry jam jars?

Even though I've never heard of it, I am a bit surprised that Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot didn't climb any higher on the list. I'm also shocked that Titanic found its way onto there...where's You Got Served, Plan Nine From Outer Space, and/or Manos: Hands of Fate?!

Hmmmmm...the Cesar Romero Memorial Church? It'd have a nice ring to it, anyway...

I don't know which is worst...being the girl who dropped the mirror OR the man who owned it.

I don't think they could make it anymore obvious that Ananova is based in Great Britain/United Kingdom than with that headline...

I hope the incident made the man feel younger...

I wish the Mucinex...well...blob would do what's being described here to get his stupid AND nasty ads off the air.

I wish they said what some of the other ideas were...

I wonder if the "Asbo" looks like a pointed finger with wings...

If this thing (amazingly) works, I hope it doesn't play a "cutesy" theme song about your family and/or life every time it starts up.

Note to self: Never wear my Pittsburgh Penguins hoodie to York, England.

Of. All. The. Flippin'. Articles. To. Have. A. Picture. Accompanying. It. O_O (Possible PG-13/Work Safe/Bad Taste Warning)

Only on Ananova AND with Manchester United...I highly doubt that such a thing happening with even Detroit Red Wing or New York Ranger tix would garner such attention.


Sausage! Sausage! Sauerkraut! Sauerkraut! Pepsi! Pepsi! article about "Fart Prevention Underwear" gets a picture, BUT NOT THIS?! Oy vey...

So much for Friar Tuck being one of his Merry Men...

Somehow, I am not surprised, especially considering all of the money that must have gone into that project...

Um...forgive my ignorance, but WHO THE HECK is Gordon Brown?!'s not every day you can say you were involved in the very first crash on the road that was made because of you and your group. (Say that five times fast.)

WEREN'T given an opportunity to console her?! You had fifteen FREAKIN' minutes!!

When football/soccer is involved, nothing shocks me. (PG-13/Work Safe Warning)

Where's Spuds McKenzie when we *really* need him?

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ruff Stuff

I didn't watch the NHL All-Star Game last night (surprise, surprise), but I was somehow not shocked by reading the following over in Lord Stanley's Blog, brought to you by the Raleigh News and Observer, this morning...

"No one ever accused Lindy Ruff of being unable to hold a grudge. The Buffalo coach and Eastern Conference boss for the All-Star Game stuck Carolina's two representatives, Eric Staal and Justin Williams, on the fourth line Wednesday with Jason Blake."

And THAT, my dear readers, is why I groaned upon reading the news that Lindy-Boy was going to be the head coach for the Easterners. Silly me, I thought after all that trash talk getting him and his then Goatheads* no champagne or Stanley Cup, he would have learned his lesson. Instead, his apparent wittle grudge against the Canes may have very well cost the Eastbounders an All-Star Game win. Especially as well as Eric Staal and Justin Williams played, earning three points (Two goals and one assist) between the two of them, which was just as good, if not better than everybody else around them. Heck, they must have been doing something right, since Sidney Crosby didn't even get a point, and Alexander Ovechkin landed only one goal. *gasps* Weren't those two projected to completely blow the stars out of Dallas? Further proof of why I tend to not give a hoot about the All-Star Game/Event...

Oh, and just one more thing...

This so screams "Caption Time!!!".

Eric Staal: "Well, the way they make shows is, they make one show. That show's called a pilot. Then they show that show to the people who make shows, and on the strength of that one show they decide if they're going to make more shows. Some pilots get picked and become television programs. Some don't, become nothing..."

Alexander Ovechkin: "And you know what they call a... a... a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris?"

Sidney Crosby: "They don't call it a Quarter Pounder with cheese?"

Eric Staal: "No man, they got the metric system. They wouldn't know what the hell a Quarter Pounder is."

Sid: "Then what do they call it?"

Eric: "They call it a Royale with cheese."

Alex: "A Royale with cheese. What do they call a Big Mac?"

Eric: "Well, a Big Mac's a Big Mac, but they call it le Big-Mac."

Alex: "Le Big-Mac. Ha ha ha ha. What do they call a Whopper?"

Eric: "I dunno, I didn't go into Burger King."

Believe it or not, I was never much of a fan of that movie...just had those quotes embedded in my brain from constant playing on WRDU 106.1 a few years ago.

Current Music: "Fight the Good Fight" by Triumph

* - My term for the Sabres' old red and silver logo...which was coined by a couple of LiveJournal Hockey-ers, who happen to be Sword fans. So can't get on me about that one Buffaloers... ;P

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Only Reason I *Might* Be Watching the All-Star Game... because I want to see AND hear the following being played after every goal scored.

"grr...oo oooh oo ohhhhhooo oohhh oo oooh oooohhhhhoo oooh oo ohhhhh..."

I know I'm much more than likely the only one AND at the risk of sounding like I have a dirty mind, the thought of a "song" like that being played whenever someone scores strikes me as an arena control room in-joke sort of thing. In addition to how funny it must sound (for at least the first two or three goals, anyway), the thought of the A/V nerds sounding strangely like Beavis and Butthead as that "song" rings throughout the arena makes me cannot help but snicker on and off myself.

Of course, I could be taking such a thing way out of context, and the "song" could turn out to be a "today's version" of "Papa Oom Mow Mow"...which would be more annoying than funny.

Speaking of annoying, I think the only other real noteworthy thing about the All-Star Game/Event (besides the fact that Williams, Staal, AND the East overall did quite well in the Skillz Competition) is that
Gary Bettman seems to constantly prove that he is very much the most easy to make fun of guy in the universe. And for those of you who actually care, here is my part of the mayhem...

And now for something completely different...a very cool tidbit posted at The Score Boards Canes MB this morn: When you live in Raleigh AND know the (former) coach of your absolute favorite NFL team*, life is pretty danged good OR (to take a cue from Rocky and Bullwrinkle's show) Reason #31 Why Raleigh Rocks. Roll over Cleveland, rock on Pittsburgh! Starbucks...wait-a-minute, they don't have a slogan, do they? Rats. But, at least they have damn good coffee...which probably means that the Starbucks in Twin Peakes is probably the most damn good coffee in all of the world.

Yes, I'm bored...and insane. But, in all honesty, that's really nothing new and has been for sometime. ;P

Current Music: "You Get What You Give" by The New Radicals

* - GO STEELERS!! That is, whenever they're not facing my homestate AND NFC favorite Panthers. As for right now, GO BEARS!! We must not let the Peyton Manning reign of terror begin...Tom Brady's was/is bad enough.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mario Lemieux Has A Glass of Whine

Which is nothing extremely new...and I say that as a fan of the Penguins and their history. But, in this instance, Mario doing such sampling is rather infuriating...

In this corner: Mario is 'very disappointed' in the arena deal.

And in this corner: Pittsburgh politician(s) say that it's the best deal they can conceive AND they could get the NHL to intervene if Pens reject offer.

I may be just a fan and blogger, and not the most business savvy person in the universe, but wouldn't it not be a bad idea for Mario and the Pens to take what they can get at this point? I cannot help but think they better...especially if #66 wants to keep the boulevard in the middle of Steeltown named after him.

At this point, I don't see how taking the offer could be any worst a business decision than any one made by Howard Baldwin. Isn't it ironic that BOTH teams ever owned by the guy have fallen victim to the threat of moving, one way or another? Things that make you go "Hmmmmmm..."...

That said, the biggest difference I see between Hartford and Pittsburgh is that the Pens have a bit more history AND Stanley Cups won than the WhalerCanes did at the time of their exodus from Hartford. Should the NHL have to intervene, I hope they keep Pitt's history AND TV ratings (top 20 in the country, beating out Kansas City, who's in the top 35) in mind.

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Not Another New Uniform Movie!

Yes, another update about Reebok's new defangled unis. And a very good one at that...

First off,
ESPECIALLY after my post about someone's cockamanie idea for the Canes' new duds, the Raleigh News and Observer and Jim Rutherford state that such will not be the case...

"Some clubs are looking at it as an opportunity for a redesign or identity change," Jennings said. "The Original Six teams have an identity and a tradition, and we don't want to tinker with that."
The Hurricanes aren't one of them, general manager Jim Rutherford said. They objected strongly to the original, tucked-in concept because it would have taken away the hurricane-flag motif along the bottom of their jersey, but think their look will transition easily to the new style.

"Our jerseys may look a little different because they're more streamlined," Rutherford said. "But for the most part they won't change that much."

But the launch of the new uniforms will delay the introduction of a third, alternate Carolina jersey -- black, with the secondary flag logo replacing the swirling-storm logo. The Canes were hoping to unveil those this fall, but Rutherford said they'll be pushed back to fall 2008 at the earliest.

While they still leave up in the air how the Canes' new clothes will look, such comments from J.R. *do* make me feel better.

As for the third jersey being delayed, I always could give or take the Canes' having a third. I'm completely fine with just the red and white jerseys.

Also worth mentioning is that fact that the new look has its own website, like just about everything and everyone else these days...

Check out the 360 view of Sid the further demonstrates what I was saying about this new look being possibly nothing more than a high-tech version of what the NHLers are already wearing.

Current Music: "Days Go By" by Dirty Vegas

Edit as of 3:40 PM: Here are two more demonstrating the new threads...

Justin Williams:

And Zdeno Chara:

Current Music as of the edit: "The Boy In the Bubble" by Paul Simon

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Blogroll Update

One of the nice things about hit counters is that they let you know who is kind enough to link back to your online abode...thanks to a hit this morning, I found out about the following blog:

A Theory of Ice

And as a thanks to its linking to moi, it now has a presence in my blogroll. :)

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Florida Panthers' Coach, Jacques Martin, Accuses Canes of Diving

The only reason I'm posting about
this crap (Jacques? To quoteth Jay Leno whenever he talks about celebrities b****ing about ridiculous stuff...OH, SHUT UP!!) is because of the accompanying picture...

I don't know what is more funny about that thing...the overall concept, or how Lavy looks like a roadie for some rock band with 'diving' in the latter half of its name.

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*does her best Eugene from Hey Arnold* "I'm OK..."

No updates in the past couple of days 'cause of my having fallen victim to a little touch of the flu. And I will say that if primarily feeling lethargic (and thus spending most of the two days napping in bed) is the worst thing I put up with this flu season, then I got pretty danged lucky.

No Random Musings and Observations for the Lightning game due to my being overdue for a "break game"...and what better time to take that than the game before the All-Star Break?

No Week In Review either...figure I can take care of this previous week when I do the WIR for this week this upcoming Sunday.

Even if this is one of the weakest flus I've ever had, I would not wish it upon's to hoping that all of you, in the Caniac Nation and beyond, stay as flu/cold-free as possible.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

THE New Canes Uniforms?

I was originally going to do this as another edit to the below post, but thought this is possibly pretty damn important, and warranted its own post.


Well, boys and girls, I may be rejoining the new uniform haters union if the following is for real...I really, honestly hope it is a Photoshopper's momentary lapse of reason, and nothing more. O_O

Yo ho ho...I think we're all gonna need a bottle of rum.

I mean, I know the overabundance of red uniforms in the NHL has been a minor concern for some, but holy Jack Sparrow... O_O

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Friday, January 19, 2007

New All-Star Uniforms Revealed

Again, a day late on this...but as I say a bit, better late than never.

Yo, Sid, get in here!

As some of you more frequent visitors/readers of mine know, I've been quite the fervent complainer about Reebok's proposed new uniforms. So when I first saw the above pic yesterday, I was rather pleasantly surprised. Still am upon further glances...the only real drastic changes are the material of the jerseys (something more "high-tech/futuristic" than mesh), the hockey shorts (seemingly less bulky than the hockey pants being used AND have been used for sometime...don't see how the players will turn the new ones down), and socks. Unlike one or two, I don't have a problem with the socks if the players don't. As much as I like the traditional socks (heck, I own a pair of Canes (red with a black and white stripe) ones), let's face it, they would not look all that great with the new jersey, especially with the new material of which the jersey is comprised.

But, all of that said, I'm reserving my real judgement for when the Canes, Pens, and Leafs' new clothes are revealed.

Current Music: "Unerasable Sin" - Fullmetal Alchemist's Second Closing Theme

Edit as of 5:25 PM: Even though I'm starting to somewhat like the unis, the mean girl in me will find it hilarious if the following words, mentioned in The Toronto Sun, blow up in a certain infamous NHL commissioner's face:

"The NHL's new uniforms are about player comfort and not fan merchandising. It was about getting the players into a uniform that would be better, that would enable them to have a better range of motion (and) would keep them cooler."

Current Music as of the edit: "TV Dinners" by ZZ Top

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January 18th, 2007 - Canes vs. Capitals: Random Musings and Observations

I'm going to take a cue from my Carolina Hurricanes, and be lazy in my putting this together. There are not one, but TWO comments at a couple of places I visit that *really* sum up last night's affair...the first one coming from
VinnieBagADonuts at The Score Boards:

"No single play, no matter how stupid, meant the difference between winning and losing last night.

Washington played better than we did, worked harder than we did, and got the deserved result. Honestly, I don't have any problems with Grahame's work. He may leave some rebounds, but he also makes some pretty remarkable first saves. He got beat on a fluke deflection by a defender, and two world-class bullets by Alex Semin. Can't really fault him for any of those.

I think the Canes' current problem really comes down to lack of urgency, and I think it traces to a Stanley Cup hangover. They really think they're better than they are. They think they can turn it on and off at will, and games like last Friday's six-goal third period aren't helping dispel that thinking.

Somebody's got to get across to the guys in that room that coasting through the regular season, winning games on talent alone, is going to earn them a quick exit in the playoffs. They can't just assume they'll start playing hard in the playoffs. They have to combine their talent with hard work STARTING NOW, or it will be a long summer.

I love the talent on this team. I love the skill. But the work ethic has been embarrassing. We're getting outworked on a nightly basis, and I'm tired of watching it."

And this one from moi, in response to
here...yes, I wasn't going to not completely get in any input. ;)

For sure, I could not be the only one waiting for Laviolette to say “Where’s the Tylenol?!” after he slammed the door. :D

Anyway, I know the Canes have a hard time when “Olie the Goalie” is in net, but geez. That, and really anything, is no freakin’ good reason to practically fall asleep on the ice. No wonder Lavy was/is so ticked…the Canes might as well have given him a “Jelly of the Month” Club invitation for a coach appreciation gift.

Heck, the only thing *real amazing* about this game? Apparently, the Caps' Chris Clark can blog AND score empty netters off Dennis Seidenberg at the same time. ;P

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Odds and Sods

First, and least,
Mark Messier is getting yet another ego tune-up, this time courtesy of, who else? The Edmonton Oilers.

I say 'who else' 'cause remember, these are the same guys who have a locker room located in an uber-secret underground cavern that is not too different from the Bat-Cave, or so it appeared during last year's Cup Finals coverage on NBC. Not to mention that fancy-smancy opera singer AND flaming oil rig replica...

How much do I dislike The Mess? Let me count thy ways...actually, if you replace "Sam I Am" with Mess in at least two-thirds of that marvelous literary classic, Green Eggs and Ham, that sums up my feelings about the guy rather beautifully.

And not only would I not want to eat green eggs and ham with Marky-Mark, I wouldn't want to eat green eggs and ham, period. BUT, I bet The Mess would eat green eggs and ham if it meant getting his bald mug on a TON of Cold-FX billboards, magazine ads, and Internet ads; AND/OR his own international holiday. Just a hunch...

The Admirals of the American Hockey League are having a beach party AND beer belly contest.

Which Admirals, though? Well, not the Norfolk, VA I would have initially thought. Instead AND obviously at this point, it's the Admirals who hail from Laverne and Shirley's home sweet home.

Enough to make you let out a "BZUH?!". Thought it was.

What? That wasn't enough? Then how about that beer belly contest? Um, yeah...the only other time I have ever seen such a thing proudly advertised was WAY BACK when a show called America's Funniest People (For sure, I can't be the only one who remembers that...) was on the tube. The only difference between that and the Admirals' wittle stunt is that AMP's contest involved the bellies having "funny" faces painted on them. Either way, ugh...

Last, but not least, found another new blog for ye olde blogroll over the past day or so...

Hockey's Ladies of Greatness

Oh, and a post mentioning Mark Messier is just not complete without the following...

Sweet dreams. >:D
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thinking Inside the Box

Whether or not I get the John and Tripp Show on Center Ice tomorrow night, there is a feature returning from a few games ago...

"The game is a 7:00 start and is scheduled for coverage on FSN's TV package ... and I understand they're going with the split booth featuring Tripp Tracy once again holding down a spot at ice level between the benches ... and hopefully wearing a big ol' target for the odd loose puck. Tripp's always more fun when he's taken a couple to the head."

Grrrrrreat. From what I remember of the last time they had Tripp Tracy trapped in the box between the benches, he would not shut up for even just five minutes. What was sorely needed then was another color guy in the booth with John Forslund to give Tripper a reason to pause every now and then. Maybe, just maybe the Canes have corrected that shall (hopefully) be interesting to see.

Current Music: "Party At Ground Zero" by Fishbone

Edit as of 3:30 PM: I don't know what is scarier...the plan for tomorrow night's John and Tripp Show, or this.

As I said over there, I laughed way more than I should've at that.

Current Music as of the edit: "Cheeseburger In Paradise" by Jimmy Buffett

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January 16th, 2007 - Canes @ Panthers: Random Musings and Observations

- Yet another game where I don't know if I should be frustrated with the Canes' overall play, or just happy to get the win.

On the frustrated front, I know I'm not the only evidenced by a few posts
here AND Chuck Kaiton voicing his displeasure with the Canes at certain points of his broadcast.

- I think the Canes' saving grace tonight is that
the Panthers apparently don't read the local paper.

"It was a fluke. We should have won that game. But they showed there is a reason they won the Stanley Cup last season," said Panthers captain Olli Jokinen. "It's good we face them right away. We don't want to let that happen again."

"This is a huge game for us," Jokinen said of tonight's 7:30 game at BankAtlantic Center. "We need the points more than they do. Every game is big for us."

Well, you and your boys sure didn't play like you said any of that, Captain Peachfuzz*. :P

- What is it about games against the Puddytats and their being so danged boring, no matter how much scoring happens? No wonder they can barely draw a crowd down there near the Vice City.

While I'm usually not an advocate for teams moving, all of the talk of my beloved second favorite Pens possibly moving makes me want to say that if any team is ripe for shipping out, it's Florida. And I think
PackNCanes at The Score Boards said it best...

"Two random thoughts:

- Games against Florida are, on their own "merits", enough of an argument to cut back on divisional games.

- I know that we're not world-beaters when it comes to attendance, and I'm a little leery of being accused of living in a glass house, but if the Panthers moved to anywhere tomorrow, would anyone south of Toronto notice...and would anyone in their "market" care?"

And 'cause you can never have enough Chuck and the Letter K, something tells me that he may not necessarily disagree with PackNCanes and moi...

"If it seems quiet here, it's because seats don't make noise."

Current Music: "Sure Know Something" by KISS

* - "Captain Peachfuzz" is my (playful) nickname for Olli Jokinen, and has been ever since 2003-04, when he attempted to grow a goatee that just...well...didn't really work out that great.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

New Blog Acknowledgements

As much as I dig "old-school" hockey and the overall history of the sport, I cannot believe I haven't happened upon the following blog sooner than now...

Joe Pelletier's Legends of Hockey Network

For those of you having a drinking game based on this here place, take a big gulp that makes what a 7-11 store offers like nothing: That place makes me wish that a certain former WhalerCane and Penguin would get inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame sooner...just so he'd get a profile at the above linked place. :D

Current Music: "Eleanor Rigby" by Stanley Jordan

Edit as of January 16th, 7:20 PM: And for you baseball's a blog focusing on stats...

On the Forecheck

I'm actually am only half kidding with that's my observation that those who LOVE stats tend to love baseball too. It certainly would explain why 99% of Trivial Pursuit's Sports and Leisure questions are about "America's Pastime". I don't know what gets on my nerves more...that, or in my more recent editions of TP, all of the freakin' Friends questions.

Current Music as of the edit: "Editions of You" by Roxy Music

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January 13th, 2007 - Canes vs. Thrashers: Random Musings and Observations

Better late than never, right?

- Like quite a few people, what stood out to me the most about this affair was Erik Cole's attitude and idiotic decision making in the last five minutes of regulation. Such crap reminds me of a quote I read from the one, the only Ron Francis in one of many articles I've scanned about the man.

"(Terry Crisp, former Soo Greyhounds coach) told me to keep my eyes and ears open in Hartford, and my mouth shut."

Ronnie went on to say that Crisp's advice was some of the best, if not THE best, he ever received in his playing career.

It *is* good advice. So good, that I think most, if not all NHLers could benefit from it. Especially this year's Carolina Hurricanes, AND ESPECIALLY Colesey. If anyone could and should benefit by the bolded part of Ronnie's quote/Crisp's advice, it would be Cole. His tendency to shoot off his mouth is why I say that while I respect Erik for all he has done and still does, he will never quite be the favorite for me that he is for others.

Just think, if Erik had kept his eyes and ears open, he could have kept his mouth shut, AND been able to hopefully help out with the shootout...

- ...That said, I would have hoped that if Erik did participate, his attempt would have been better than his "penalty shot" a week or two ago. Ugh.

- Come to think of it, I'm not sure Colesey would have been able to help out with the shootout. Forget offense, forget defense...the shootout is where the Canes are ROYALLY struggling. I am glad, as all get out, that the NHL All-Stars were not determined by shootout performance...though, I think Eric Staal and Justin Williams were pretty danged lucky to get in like they did. Erik Cole, attitude and all, and Rod Brind'Amour should have definitely gotten in over those two.

Anyways, losing Matt Cullen to the Ranjerks is looking more and more dumb with each shootout the Canes get themselves into. *sighs*

- Where was SportSouth last year? This feed and its broadcasting crew are WAY BETTER than the Turner South dribble Center Icers had to put up with during certain games last season. Thanks to SportSouth, all of the Southeast opponent feeds are now at least tolerable or better when the John and Tripp Show is not available.

- It never fails...I do a post about Sir Bob of Hartley and my concerns over how he gets his boys revved up, and practically nothing happens in that regard.

But, something did happen...that post got acknowledged by somebody over at The NHL Arena.

That mentioned, I hope the Thrash afficionados got a jolly good laugh...I'd like to think that unlike Monty Python's colonel, they can enjoy such a thing.

Current Music: "Clues" by Robert Palmer

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Stormbringer's Week In Review: January 8th-14th, 2007

Forget music, money, and's complaints that make the world go 'round.

I think he/she just wants a Tootsie Pop...

I'll take "Why Would Anybody Want To Steal That?!" for $2,000, Alex.

It's got everything but the bathroom sink.

No doubt that it will find its way into an eBay auction...

Reason Number Umpity-Ump It Rocks To Be Born Under the Year of the Pig/Boar: We have the best tasting/smelling postage stamps.

The Ghostbusters did not vanquish Gozer...he just took a little trip to China.

This lends new meaning to "Idiot Box"...

Well, whether or not they like to bounce, tigers do have a high tendency to be aggressive...

Current Music: "Are You All the Things?" by Bill Evans

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

(Dr.) Bob Hartley Is Angry

And while I'm not all that fond of the guy all the time, I am especially not fond of him when he's angry...

"Tonight is very simple," Thrashers coach Bob Hartley said. "It all turns around [Ilya] Kovalchuk's giveaway. We have the game under control. We're playing the perfect game. Why does he fool around the blue line with the puck, I will never know."

A frustrated Hartley continued.

"It's definitely frustrating when you see supposedly your franchise player playing like this," he said. "It's just a matter of knowing how to win, plain and simple."

Hartley's comments were made after Kovalchuk had addressed the media and left the locker room.

This is exactly why the idea of playing the Thrashers after a loss, especially like the one they had last night in Joysey, is one that does not exactly give me warm fuzzies. With two points AND a four point Southeast Division lead on the line tonight, you know Hartley is most likely going to have his team turning up the goonery to MAX...ESPECIALLY considering how the Canes are undefeated against the Birds thus far this season.

Dudeman has a high tendency to be a nutcase, and that may or may not get revealed in the game plan tonight. For the Canes' sake, especially in regards to the injury bug, I'm hoping for the latter.

Current Music: "Fat Man In the Bathtub" by Little Feat (Live - Waiting For Columbus Version)

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Friday, January 12, 2007

January 11th, 2007 - Canes vs. Panthers: Random Musings and Observations

- Games like this one can be tricky to write about...on one hand, I could lambast this Canes team on the gawdawful first two thirds they played last night. But on the other hand, I could practically worship this team over the FANTASTIC third period they somehow managed last night. That would have been a bet I would have lost big time.

That said, one could argue that with that last sentence, I was breaking my cardinal hockey fandom rule of a game ain't over until it's over. Bet'cha a lot of people who left the RBC during the second intermission wish they followed that rule...even with all of my complaining, (cat-calls) I wouldn't have left! I wouldn't have left! :P

And trust me people, with all of the Canes games I got to attend when I was a Raleigh native, I had ample opportunity to leave early, but I never did. And I never will, cross my heart and hope to die.

- After reading the game thread at The Score Boards, I guess I'm the only one...I just don't find the Florider* Puddytat announcers to be that bad. Yes, that includes Denis Potvin. Who I *did* find annoying during the First Round of the 2003 Stanley Cup Playoffs. But, I think a lot of that was because John Forslund was Potvin's play-by-play partner, and I somehow missed Tripp Tracy's inanity.

- Dennis Seidenberg has proven to be a lot better than I thought he'd be...and I was/am one of the rare few who thought he would be not too bad AND an overall slight improvement over Kevyn Adams.

- 'Cause Jes Golbez ranted about it regarding the Wild/Canucks game last night, I cannot help but bring up the aspect of stupid "anthems" being played at NHL games. AND, you know one of these had to have been played at last night's rumble with the Cats. So it shouldn't be completely off-topic...if it is, well, it's my blog, tough noogies. ;P

What he said: "Anyone who partakes in the “Day-O” chant. Yeah, there are people who actually dig that crap. Do us all a favour and commit suicide, would you please."

What she said: "How the absolute hell did "Day-O" become one of those "anthems" that you almost always hear at NHL games? I can understand "Who Let the Dogs Out", as stupid as it is. But "Day-O", "Thank God I'm A Country Boy", AND in *very rare* instances, the Spongebob Squarepants theme?!

Obviously, we've got bigger fish to fry than the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. o_O"

Really AND truly, the Spongebob Squarepants theme has gotten quite a bit of leverage in sportsdom the last few years. The first time I ever heard it at a sporting event was at the only Durham Bulls game I've ever attended, in June of 2004. And boy, it was hot crap then...everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY joined in the sing-along to it. I'll admit that I joined in because...

1. I did not want to come across as a fuddy-duddy.


2. I don't know if it was the vapors from the beer and Red Man, or what, but I did not realize that I was contributing to the rise of a phenomenon that wasn't for the better.

Seriously, at the time, I didn't think that I would hear a cartoon theme, that makes the presence of Tripp Tracy seem intellectual, be played at NHL games. But, thanks to the Wonderful World of Center Ice, I have heard about "who lives in a pineapple under the sea" during at least two or three, if not four NHL games this season. And probably a few times last season too. I never thought I'd say this, but such stuff makes me practically clamour for "Cotton-Eyed Joe", "Thank God I'm A Country Boy", "Day-O", and even the Vengaboys!!

Well, so much for not coming across as a fuddy-duddy... :P

Current Music: "What I Am Is What I Am" by Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians

* - There's more to speaking Southern than saying "y'all" and "Git R Done" really master such an art, replace the "a" with "er" in words and names ending with "a". Examples: "Florider" (as you may have heard in the Florida's Natural orange juice TV ads), "Caroliner", "Atlanter", "Ottawer", "Bates Battaglier", etceterer.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January 9th, 2007 - Canes @ Leafs: Random Musings and Observations

- Whether it is CBC, Rogers Sportsnet, or TSN, the latter being received last night, I LOVE Canadian feeds. And it can never be repeated enough: I really, REALLY wish there was a way to get such feeds 24/7 instead of just during games featured via Center Ice. As entertaining and interesting as Canadian shows seem from just the (WONDERFUL) ads alone, I just don't see how a "CBC America" wouldn't work here in the States. If pulled off right, I know I'd watch such a channel more than BBC America...which, really has been going downhill the last couple of years. They need to bring back that AWESOME remake of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), dagummit.

- While we're on the subject, Canadian ads absolutely rock too. Particularly the Pro Line ads (
this one I saw a few months ago)...unfortunately, I couldn't find the one I saw last night about the hockey team forced to wear very, VERY OLD throwback uniforms AND gear. But, when it finally gets posted to YouTube or Google, you can bet your sweet bippy it will get mentioned again here.

Another ad I saw last night AND LOVED that's not on YouTube or Google, unfortunately: Sidney Crosby's Timbits Hockey ad. Folks, it takes a lot to make me go "Awwwwwww!!" like a teenybopper...and that commercial did it. THAT is how precious the promo is. Again, like the Pro Line hockey ad, the Timbits commercial will get mentioned again here when a video is up somewhere. But, in the meantime, you can read about Cros' Timbits endorsing
here, there, and in between.

- Not only did the Canes' visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame yesterday apparently pump them up enough to win over the Leafs last night, it reminded me of how much I *really* wish to be in attendance for a certain absolute favorite ever former player of mine's Hall of Fame induction, quite possibly this year, IIRC. But, thanks to passports being a royal pain to get now, among other things, one of my dream trips there is looking to be a bit out of reach. *sighs*

- Admittingly, I did not watch at least half of the game because of the "grand" return of House MD...grand being used loosely 'cause of House's going back into Limbo for three weeks because of the WAY OVERBLOWN Star Search a.k.a. American Idol a.k.a. what should have been only fifteen minutes of fame for Simon Cowell and his (former) honey. I would include Randy Jackson in there...but after reading
his Wikipedia entry, I think he is way too talented to have somehow gotten involved with such a music corrupting machine, especially considering who he's done session work for.

Very needless to say, if there is anything I actually don't miss about living in Raleigh, it's how you could/can never escape the frickin' Clay Aiken hype, even after at least two years (at the time I moved) since he placed second on AI. Not helped by the fact that WRAL thinks anything involving AI is actually news. Did Star Search ever get acknowledged by news outlets during its heyday?! I could be offbase here, but I honestly don't think it did. Simply ridiculous.

Speaking of stuff being that...I *am* glad that House MD finally wrapped up the highly annoying Officer Tritter storyline. As much as I dig David Morse and his acting, that is officially the role of his I highly dislike the most. Good riddence.

- I hope the Penguins really, REALLY wear out the Kitties down in Florida tonight...not only for the Guins' chances of finally snatching a win, but also the Canes' getting to continue their win streak tomorrow night.

Current Music: "Voices" by Russ Ballard

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One For the "Oh, This Is RICH!!" Files

"...There's an amusing poll on's front page right now. I can't link to it and it'll probably disappear after a certain amount of time, but it reads a little something like this:

Which player will lead the Southeast division in scoring?
Martin St. Louis
Alex Ovechkin
Ron Brind'Amour
Erik Cole
Marian Hossa
Vincent LeCavalier
Erik Cole
Ilya Kovalchuk

In addition to making me LMAO, this makes me simply want to point my finger at the person who created the poll, and utter "Bad."...nothing more, nothing less.

And I thought this was bad enough...

Also worth noting is how Erik Cole gets mentioned not once, but TWICE. But hey, at least they spelled his of my bigger pet peeves over the last year or so being all the people who insist on spelling Erik's name with a "c" instead of a "k".

While I'm at it...I think the Canes should forget about Stormy, and make Bruce Campbell their new mascot.

That said, Laviolette should so make Bruce's words in this a locker room speech.

Current Music: "Bad" by Michael Jackson (Believe it or not, that came up on my WinAmp playlist as I was typing what's above... o_O)

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Wii-eeeeeeeee! Part Deux

Due to the news of Kevyn Adams having been traded/the acquisition of Dennis Seidenberg still being very fresh and all, please click here for the latest news about my Nintendo Wii addiction.

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Edit as January 9th, 12:18 PM: Edited to remove hideous grammar.

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Ever since the infamous brawl during a practice between Kevyn and Bret Hedican, is it really any surprise that Kevyn finally got traded? Thanks to Laviolette cutting down on Kevyn's ice time to the point that he practically became non-existant before his wrist injuries AND the fact that he was a no-show for the honoring of Brindy during (what else?) Rod Brind'Amour Night, I think it was made obvious who started that fight.

For the most part, I cannot complain about the trade...we got rid of a potential disgruntled player AND got in a return a much needed defenseman.

And don't get me wrong...I will miss KAds and do wish him the best out in the desert. But, if he did start that brawl, as all signs seem to point towards, I think a change of scenery was the best thing that could happen for the guy.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Stormbringer's Week In Review: January 1st-7th, 2007

After a holiday hiatus...rejoice! It's back!

As horrible as it sounds, I've always wondered about the possibility of this happening at a wedding...

For sure, this guy must be a Frasier fan...

How is this 'weird news'? This is actually pretty flippin' cool...

I cannot help but wonder if roast duck with mango salsa was ever served on it.

I don't know what is making me laugh more: The situation the article describes, or the article title.

If the "map" was done in crayon, it could have been Tingle* who sent it for all we know...

Only in France...

Regardless of the country, our tax money seems to always go to something very stupid and/or just plain miniscule...

Straw houses are apparently no longer a fairy tale...still don't think I want to live in one.

This UNC fan cannot help but get a good laugh out of seeing this article's title...

Yet another one for the "Articles That SO Need Accompanying Pictures" files...

Current Music: "Angry Young Man" by Billy Joel

* - Awful, AWFUL Legend of Zelda series character for the non-video game geeks out there.

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

January 6th, 2007 - Canes vs. Islanders: Random Musings and Observations

Unlike the Phoenix, game, some things finally stuck out to me about this game...

- When you get John Forslund to belt out his trademark "Hey hey, what do ya say?!" after oh so many games, you *are* truly doing something right.

- That said, if anybody was doing something right, besides Cam Ward, it was/is Erik Cole. Dudeman played the most aggressive game any Cane has ever played thus far this season. That aggressive game netted Colesey two goals...something not only the Canes, but I too desperately needed in my Fantasy leagues.

- Speaking of my Fantasy players, Staal also, at long last, woke up tonight and had a goal for the Canes. Now, if Jonathan freakin' Cheechoo could do the same.

I swear, whoever instated the rule about players being drafted at a high rank can't be dropped needs to be slapped...hard.

- With her cowgirl get-up, I could not be the only one who kept expecting Cory Stillman's daughter to try to offer a half-eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich to John Forslund and/or Tripp Tracy.

Anybody who gets what I'm talking about, give yourself as many couch potato points as you feel are deserved.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Canes Blog Alert

Somehow, this morning, I came upon a new Canes blog that also happened to have a link up to yours truly. And I decided to return the favor, both in the blogroll AND here. So without further ado, here's...

Paperwhites In Season

Current Music: "Express Yourself" by Charles Wright and The Watts

Edit as of 11:50 AM: Also happened upon this one...

Puckhead Thoughts

Current Music as of the edit: "It's Time To Party/Party Hard" by Andrew WK

Edit as of 12:25 PM: Also found and added a smattering of blogs devoted to my favorite guilty pleasure team (I.E. the team I shouldn't like, according to a nice chunk of my Canes brethren AND hockeydom), the Toronto Maple Leafs:

Bitter Leaf Fan

The Blue Bud

Bud Blog

Leaf Club

The Mad Hockey Blogger

Pension Plan Puppets

Also added links to The Hockey News, Scarlett Ice, and Wild Puck Banter.

Current Music as of the edit: "She Brings the Rain" by Can

Edit as of 3:08 PM: Also added a couple of Pittsburgh Penguins blogs to ye olde blogroll...

The Confluence

The Pens Blog

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

January 2nd, 2007 - Canes @ Penguins: Random Musings and Observations

- Ok...I don't know what is more screwy: The Canes' play as of late (especially keeping in mind that this was a team that somehow beat Anaheim...something that's proving to be more and more of a fluke, even after just two more games) OR this whole "Vote For Rory (Fitzpatrick)" (into the All-Star Game/Event) campaign.

What? You're one of the extreme remote few who has not heard about the "Vote For Rory" campaign?! Well, well, well...lemme enlighten you with a wittle something I posted at the Score Boards:

In what I've read/heard about the Rory Fitzpatrick joke, AND it was/is meant to be a joke, it was started by a dude over at a place called And if you know anything about like I do, they royally go for "funny stuff" such as a guy like Rory getting into the NHL All-Star Game/Event, despite having almost zip points.

I don't know how to feel about the "joke" overall...on one hand, I like the idea of something showing up the NHL All-Star Game/Event for what it really is: A "contest" based on supposed fan popularity as opposed to talent and/or production for that season. But, on the other hand, I too don't like seeing a more deserving player getting pushed out by someone that started out as a mere message board gag.

And yes, whether some of you like to read it or not, the NHL All-Star Game/Event *IS* a popularity contest AND has been such since at least the beginning of Bettman's reign, if not before it.

- Considering the circumstances AND score of last night's affair, I'm glad that I happen to be a fan of the Penguins in addition to the Canes.

- When it was constantly mentioned that Brindy was losing his face-offs, I knew the Canes were in deep doo-doo.

- Cam Ward was the only reason the score was a semi-respectable 3-0, and not any more worst than it could have been.

- Just like the Bruins and NESN, I am jealous of the fact that the Pens have at least one or two player interaction TV shows on FSN Pitt. Something the Canes (and FSN South) desperately need outside of the in-game least IM(not-so)HO.

- Say what you want about Sid the Kid...but dudeman's already growing up. Sixty points already?! Hot. Damn.

- Eric Staal's younger brother ain't looking too shabby himself, either. Also dug the coverage AND actual attention FSN Pitt gave both siblings.

- As if any of you needed more proof of how easily amused I tend to be: Last night, FSN Pitt had Ryan Malone "mic'ed up"...and these were his golden words...

(Remember, the following was repeated two or three times to a neighboring teammate on the bench.)

"I think this mic is on."

Seriously, who the heck thought it was a great idea to "mic up the players"? When it's not stupid comments like what Malone uttered, it is the typical (I.E. boring) stuff that can actually be allowed on semi-national TV.

I get the feeling that such mess is one of those things we can thank ESPeeN and their coverage of the NBA and/or NFL for. What's next? "Below the Ice" cameras?

This should have been cited in the "What Were They Thinking?!" book about the 100 most dumb TV ideas, which I just finished last night. My only disappointment with it? Jerry Springer didn't make numero uno like he and his pathetic (putting it very, VERY MILDLY) show should have. But, at least the idea of halftime shows, intermissions, stadium names, football bowls, etc. being sponsored did.

Current Music: "Soulfinger" by The Barkays

Edited to add: Oh, and a "Thank you!" to Igloo Dreams for acknowledging my blog AND my newfound Nintendo Wii fandom.

But, to somewhat quote Columbo, just one thing: The next time you acknowledge this here site, please remember that I am a "she", not a "he". Thank ya very much. ;)

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Monday, January 01, 2007


May it be a good plentiful one for you, your loved ones, the Canes, the Caniac Nation, hockeydom, and beyond!!

I'd say more, but I am quite amazed that I was able to type that as plastered as I am at the moment.

Now I know how the Match Game panel felt near the end of the week's worth of episodes...

RM&O will come tomorrow...that is, if I feel like writing about the Canes' proving ONCE AGAIN how freakin' mediocre they are. I mean, seriously, how can you go from beating the League-best team 4-2 to LOSING to the League-WORST team, 5-2?!

Holy schnikes...

Current Music: "Auld Lang Syne" by the Barenaked Ladies

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